The eulogy is engraved with the sacrifice of panda Doudou. If you want to hold Doudou in your arms for Wu day and want to sacrifice Wu day, you can’t help saying such an eulogy. It’s really bad to feel out of control.

But it feels really good to get power. Wu Tian looked at his hand and squeezed his fist. He felt that it was nothing if he wanted to rub the earth to play. This is different from the game. This is a reality that is more intuitive than when he has power in the game.
When I thought about it, I flew up in five days. You don’t need to release the card after the heartbeat. This is level 1 to have skills.
When it was in the process of collapse, Wu Tian waved a hand at the coconut number at random, and a gale mixed with several cards blew to the coconut number, with white, blue and purple almost exhausted.
The coconut number quickly became ten times bigger, one hundred times and one thousand times, and then it was reduced to its original size again, and then it became bigger again and again.
After this process, the Coconut has become stronger than everything in this world. Wu Tian immediately threw a card at the Coconut again. This is a territory card that surpassed the purple card and silver card. Penglai Island was rewarded for defeating the sun to dominate the Jade Emperor when Wu Tian was level 1.
The Coconut has turned into a floating sea, and even the bottom of the boat is gone, and inside the Coconut is the One Piece World, which is thousands of times bigger than the whole One Piece World in Penglai Island.
With another wave of his hand, dozens of purple, silver and gold cards flew into the Coconut Department, forming buildings with different shapes and styles in Penglai Island.
Chapter 1 Abnormal Everything Melting Furnace Type 4
Magic is not enough, even 99999 magic can support too many cards to be liberated permanently, but it is good to liberate the last one. Black cards are the melting pot of everything.
After the magic was exhausted, Wu Tian fell to the Coconut. Now the Coconut has changed a lot, but Wu Tian insisted on making this old-fashioned and connected with this ship. Perhaps the name is to commemorate the mini island full of coconut trees!
However, Mei Kelou, who had been transformed into Coconut by Wu Tian, and Cocoa were able to come out at this time.
Because of Wu Tian’s special care, Yue Er and Mei Kelu have both advanced into purple, and their appearance has also changed.
Mei Kelu used to have a short green head, and it has become a long hip hair, and it is full of temptation. Green eyes, melon face, cherry mouth and mouth are well developed and can be called a treasure. The body can be said to be full of temptation.
Meruko is wearing a light blue shirt with a green suit jacket, and a very, very short green skirt with a pair of green canvas shoes looks very lively and capable.
But now it has become a green dress, and it is a little different because there are many falling parts in both cuffs and skirts, which don’t look messy but seem a little light.
Moon’s face is round, her eyes are tender and black, and she seems to be talking. She is dressed in a white and pink maid’s costume, but she doesn’t wear shoes. Yes, the shoes are still in Wu Tianfang.
Now the moon has grown up, but her face is still very typical. Lori’s face and wearing a maid’s dress have given Wu Tianyi a fatal temptation. Imagine putting a queen mother in kindergarten for a week and then how she will react when she meets a mature woman.
There is bound to be a goat-like reaction!
As far as the deck is concerned, the size of the deck can be comparable to that of a hundred football fields, but to outsiders, it is just a strange ship, a floating boat without a bottom for no reason.
Strictly speaking, the Coconut is more than just a ship. It has become a magic weapon that can ride the wind and waves into the ground, and there is still a vast expanse in it. Except for about 100 football fields, the original cabin is divided into four floors, and now the fourth floor has become a vast world, which is the territory of Ka Penglai Island.
On the deck, I don’t know where the panda Doudou came out. Sitting on three women, I occasionally eat moon cakes, occasionally flirt with a plum dew, and occasionally forget about disturbing cocoa to eat lollipops.
In an instant, when the sacrifice was about to pass, Wu Tian also recovered a lot of magic in this hour, so he secretly strengthened his nine pieces of equipment, and then got up in the confused eyes of Wu Tianyue, Mei Kelou and Cocoa.
Looking at Wu day walking towards the cabin, Moon and Mei Kelou followed, while Coco left the deck. Coco didn’t know how to express her loyalty to the master and was ashamed to say her love for him.
But she will express these in her own way, just like now, holding peas and monitoring everything on the sea surface to prevent things that may threaten dominance from appearing
Wu day, a line of three people went to the bottom of the cabin on the fourth floor and followed the ladder to another world. Wu day, when they came to the stairs, it was like a loophole suddenly appeared in the world.
Wu Tiansan looked at this vast world, and the scattered buildings everywhere in this world couldn’t help but sigh. Mei Kelou and Yue Er thought it was beautiful here, but Wu Tianze saw what buildings were once more familiar but unfamiliar.
Penglai Island is the most beautiful place in the sun. Although the scenery here is unique, it seems to have a different aesthetic feeling. The sun dominates the island and the Jade Emperor has waged wars. It is conceivable how beautiful the island is. It is not surprising that the moon feels beautiful here.
And the buildings scattered all over the world are the buildings that Wu Tian once owned, which can produce and manufacture all kinds of life. The buildings that are unfamiliar and familiar are all unfamiliar because Wu Tian once had something strange, because these are all things that Wu Tianqian once owned in the game, because the game is far less spectacular than the real thing.
Approaching the nearest building, this is a building similar to a Greek temple. On the front, it has thirty-six huge white columns. Wu Tian knows it all too well. The golden building card prophet union parliament hall was once home to several prophets. They are the most intelligent people in the world and the commander of Wu Tian’s army.
Putting one’s hand on the pillar of the Prophet’s Union Council Hall, a little magic was poured into the hall of the Prophet’s Union Council Hall, but it didn’t produce anything at present because of the lack of magic.
Moon and Mei Kelu have been attracted by the fine house here, cheering and jumping around, and recovering the proper appearance of children.
Wu day, a man walked to another building, a tall tower made of a big tree and several vines. The golden building card elf tower can create elf scholars, elf wizards and elf sacrifices.
Put your hand on the elf tower wall, and a little magic is input by Wu day as before.
Wu Tian once again went to a brother building, purple building card jungle campsite (archer hunter), silver building card storm tribe (druid), silver building card galaxy third army factory (mimicking robot laser sword laser gun galaxy guard standard battle), and gold building card Xuantianzong (then-born fixer)
A list of various buildings, a total of more than 100, are input with a little magic according to the original practice, and this is to control these buildings.
If you want these buildings to be able to give birth to corresponding life or create corresponding weapons and tools, you need the most important thing, the Melting Furnace 4.
There are five types of melting furnaces. The magic of type 1 melting materials can also be transformed by magic. Type 2 melting energy can also be transformed by magic. Type 3 melting power can also be transformed by magic. Type 4 direct melting can also be transformed by magic.
Chapter 11 Encountering a Pheasant
The melting pot of everything is not a simple magic tool. From the melting pot of everything, we can see that the melting pot of everything type 4 is a staff.
The rod body is a crystal rod with spiral patterns, the diameter is about 3 cm, and the top of the rod is three pairs of crystal wings pieced together by several rhombic crystals.
The whole staff is made of polar crystal, which is also a magic wand with great power.
Wu Tian put a little magic into the right hand of the Everything Melting Pot to establish the 4-type couplet of Everything Melting Pot, and then saw Wu Tian’s right hand waving the Everything Melting Pot and a tree quietly disappeared in the distance, just like nothing, but then where did it come from? It has become a bare ground with a touch of green, and it has become a ten-centimeter-high sapling in an instant.
The melting pot of everything can take time and give time, but it has no ability to erase the matter in time. That’s enough.
After the deck entered the cabin from Wu Tian Yue Er Mei Kelou, Coco sat on a beach chair with peas in his arms. When Wu Tian entered the cabin for about ten minutes, Coco suddenly saw a white line in the distance.
The white line is approaching gradually. It is a cyclist. There is a frozen passage on the sea. This man is the three generals of the One Piece Admiralty, a green pheasant.
In a blink of an eye, the pheasant has arrived next to the Coco on a bicycle. He said lazily to Cocoa, "Hey! Little girl, can you give up your boat? I need the past one. "
"No, uncle, I won’t leave this boat, but you can bypass it!" Coco is honest when it comes to
Before the Coconut, it relied on the roots of the trees at the bottom of the ship to sail with power, but the roots of the ship were rebuilt by Wu Tian before it was ordered by Mei Kelou and Wu Tian. Now, even in the root sea, how to get the goods to move the Coconut, in other words, it takes Wu Tian to control the Coconut.
"When can I go? I’ll go there after you leave," said Qing Lang, and got off the bike. A large area of the sea at his feet turned into ice, so he lay here and took a nap. He deserves to be the number one slacker in One Piece.