"xi he, why are you here!" Looking at xi he all one leng.

"You mean that all the ancestors of the demon gods were crushed into the lock demon tower?" Brocade scales caught the topic key.
"Yes, I saw it with my own eyes." xi he smiled coldly. "What’s here? My son, I can’t be a mother here. "
With that, xi he turned away.
"Since you saw it with your own eyes, you didn’t wake everyone up." Cow fiend was depressed
Xi he steps a pair of eyes looked at the cow god looked "pavilion is very proud to face a group of robbers who took my son, I wish they were all dead".
With that, xi he has disappeared, watching xi he go far, brocade scales sullenly, watching the waves roll and chaos. "This time, we are in big trouble! SIRS ancestor, demon god didn’t come out really very likely as Aole said that everyone has suffered an accident. "
Twelve fiend suddenly eyes a bright "bad luck! If something happens, good! This day’s territory belongs to our brothers. "
Say that finish after twelve fiend laughing face upwards rushed out of the chaos.
"No brain you draw god only eat for nothing! Now Shinto Daxing is so good and cheap that it can be given to you. "Aole turned his eyes and turned away." Now it’s hard to protect himself. "
Brocade scale smell speech with a sigh didn’t say much as Aole came out of chaos.
Jade Duxiu in the Jade Jingshan Mountain looked at the Prime Minister and Amitabha in front of him and smiled. "When Daxing machine comes to the Buddhist gate, you can take the opportunity to completely say that Kyushu will crowd out the nine grandfathers, so don’t stay and kill them all."
"This kind of thing doesn’t bother us, and we won’t let go of nine big doors. We can’t make moves on this kind of thing. If one day nine godfathers turn around and kill people, they will hate me more than God. My Taoist Buddhism will be restless." Amitabha smiled.
"That’s the same reason." Jade Duxiu nodded. "Lingshan has lost its believers. Now, let’s have a chance for the demon race and the Terran Lord. Let’s compete with each other by means of gods."
"This is a great kindness," said the Buddha. "However, dry days may not be able to destroy nine big doors. The five parties and five emperors are still out of nine cases, but feelings cannot be completely dry. If you want to start work, you need to ask the five parties and five emperors."
"It’s true that I forgot to consider this." Jade Duxiu frowned and pondered for a while, and it took a while to be stupid. "Don’t worry about it, the pipeline is afraid of dry days, and the ghosts have their own ideas. This world can’t be peaceful."
"What are you going to do on a dry day!" Shaoyang blocked the dry day, and behind him was Yu Liuyu. At this time, the anger in the eyes of all was rolling.
"Nine ancestors have been suppressed. These nine doors should not be left behind. They should be exterminated and exterminated." Dry eyes with a sneer.
"Many ancestors were suppressed?" Sirs gods smell speech one leng.
Dry day smiled and stretched out his palm, dragging the lock demon tower and saying, "Godfather, demon gods are all over again."
Chapter 2265 Jin scale guess the biggest black hand
"Nine grandfathers were suppressed? Are you kidding me or dreaming? " Qian Zao was startled at the dry words.
"Hum, many ancestors have been suppressed by me in the lock demon tower in chaos, or will you old guys stand by and watch me bully them?" Laugh coldly in a dry day. "The nine great ancestors of flash mob have been suppressed. Today is the day of nine extinctions, and my god should unify Kyushu."
"Wang Ying unifies Kyushu", and the gods shouted one after another, which made the six emperors’ faces crazy.
"We must never succeed. Although we are out of Zongmen, Zongmen still has me as a robe brother. If we call Gantian to destroy nine cases, we will wait like facing our former brothers." The Yellow River was crazy.
"Today, even if you turn against each other and start a war, you must never get away with it." Mitzi said coldly.
Looking at the six royal still block your front without any concession meaning dry day suddenly sullen.
Mitzi smiled coldly. "Don’t forget that most of these gods are my nine brothers. Although they have left nine cases, they still have our brothers and lovers. If you forcibly destroy nine cases, you can weigh the consequences yourself."
If I really heard this, I looked at the surrounding gods without a trace and then coldly snorted. "Let it be! Let it be! If you don’t extinguish nine cases, it’s not impossible, but nine cases need to be closed immediately. If you meet nine brothers in the future, you will kill them. "
"All right, as you said," looking at the six royal faces in dry days, rain or shine.
To tell the truth, it’s really intentional to slay the six royal mowing and uprooting departments. It’s thought that the dragon king hasn’t destroyed the ghost master, and the strong Buddhist who hasn’t moved to Taoism in Jingshan hasn’t slayed Shinto. If it’s chaotic, it’s in big trouble.
There are only nine eyes, but people may not have no feelings for nine cases. If they go their own way, they will have a good time, but the consequences will be irreversible.
"It’s also brilliant." Jade Duxiu sits high on Jade Jingshan and takes everyone’s reaction to the fundus. It takes a while to feel stupid and quickly deduce the wonderful formula. It takes a while to listen to Jade Duxiu’s way, "It depends on how the story is played. If it is not well played, don’t mind adding a seasoning to you."
"Hung-chun! Hongjun! Good, good, godfather and demon god were taken away by dry days. "Jade bodhi old zu raced in."
Jade Duxiu is too lazy to ignore him with his eyes closed to deduce the method of travelling.
"The Godfather and the Demon God have really been taken away." Jade bodhi old zu looked at the chaos between the eyebrows of Jade Duxiu and her hands tickled.
"Take me away!" Jade Duxiu leisurely said that he had never opened his eyes.
Looking at jade jade bodhi old zu gas stamp "all blame me foolishly gave the ghost master calculation SIRS godfather opportunity if you don’t give the ghost master The six great divisions in the wheel of karma array figure can have today’s disaster is my fault! It’s all my fault! "