As early as before the war in the tripartite battlefield, Shallow Water Qing had already sent fast horses to Ji Kuanglong, and he would personally adjust Yi Xinghan’s main battle to Tianshui area and ask him to send troops to help.

Just when everyone focused on the area around Daliangcheng, no one thought that it was still far away from the Sanshan Plain. The Central Legion had already secretly sent the main force to Tianshui. Yi Xinghan was temporarily crazy and didn’t Huiyuan Daliangcheng. Even if he Huiyuan Shallow Water Qing, he would drag him behind his back. He couldn’t easily let him go away from Shallow Water Qing, and he didn’t expect Yi Xinghan’s attack to be so violent and crazy.
These days, the shallow water is too hard to keep, but I don’t want to taste it. I secretly scold the Central Legion for coming too slowly, saying that they just arrived, rather, the shallow water is clear and can hold on, and finally it has reached this last moment.
But he can’t say these words or tell a brother around him.
Because Fang Hu will fly into a rage if he knows.
He doesn’t understand what shallow water Qing wants to give Ji Kuanglong the credit for the final annihilation of the People’s Protection Army, and he almost swallowed himself up by the People’s Protection Army at such a big risk.
How can he explain to Fang Hu?
Tell him that Mu Xiu will urge the truth in Lin Feng?
Tell him the story of shooting a bird in the head? Or is it the truth that birds do their best to hide rabbits and dogs?
Or do you want to analyze to him that the Central Legion went all the way to make an expedition, but in the end, people didn’t win a decent war and didn’t make a decent contribution? Ji kuanglong and his officers will treat him like he does? Thank him for taking all the credit?
Be a man when enough is enough! There is no harm in giving a great contribution to others once in a while. Tiefengqi has benefited from the war. There are enough names or benefits. They need everything now, but they don’t need to be sworn enemies in officialdom.
In this way, it may not be white before the shallow water is clear, even if it is white, but now he is finally white, smooth and smooth after that rough experience. His wrist is also an indispensable and important quality for a famous person. People like fierce flame must finally learn how to deal with interpersonal situations.
Those who are self-reliant in their work and look down on the heroes of the sky are already heroes who want to die, and they will never make enemies lightly even if they are heroic.
He is shallow and clear, if Daliang City is Yun Ni.
Iron flag is fame and fortune.
Now that everyone has got what they want, they have to let go when it is time to let go
Of course, he let go for a while, not only became Ji kuanglong, but also became himself. If he really went to fight this war as planned, then he was afraid that his bones would be cold at this moment.
It is these words that he doesn’t want to and can’t tell Fang Hu.
Fang Hu is a soldier who doesn’t understand the sinister shallow water of officialdom and doesn’t want him to indulge in it. If he can, he hopes that Fang Hu will always be the Rectal Fang Hu.
It’s enough for an understanding person to have one Ji Ruozi, one Bi Qing and one Chu Xinlin.
At this moment, he can smile and say, "Sort of. Brother Qi has been blessing me."
Fang Hu sighed, "It’s a pity that Yi Xing Han ran away."
Shallow water will continue to laugh.
He whispered, "It’s no big deal that Yi Xinghan ran away. Now that our army has lost him, he can’t afford any more storms. Speaking of Yi Xinghan, because of his recklessness, he almost sent the whole man who stopped water and was still hot-blooded together in this war, which helped me a lot. Since then, it is bound to be a good thing to rule this place with much less resistance. If he is not angry, he can come to me again. If not, he will stay in one place and plow and graze farmland and be a good citizen. Otherwise, he is afraid that he will have even a chance."
Fang Hu gawked at the shallow water. "You didn’t deliberately let this small one go again, did you?"
Shallow water gave him a punch. "How?"
Fang Hu scratched his head shyly.
At that moment, his shallow eyes drifted into the distance, and he thought to himself, I’m sorry, Tiger. Now I’m facing a more dangerous battle, in which you can’t help and the less you know, the better.
Yi Xinghan didn’t run away.
A rider flew from the rear and came to the shallow water. "Excuse me, but is the shallow water general?"
"It’s me"
The cavalry gave a respectful military salute to the shallow water at the horse, and then respectfully said, "I’ve heard a lot about the general’s name, and I finally got to meet the general today. Ji Shuai, please invite the shallow general to the handsome account."
Shallow water smiled. "Thank you. I’ve heard a lot about Ji Shuai, too."
The cavalry left with a smile.
Soldiers in all directions of the battlefield are cleaning the battlefield and greeting each other the same. They greet each other in a tough and proud tone.
The soldiers of the Central Legion, Storm Army, are obviously different in armor system. They wear all-in-one gold armor. Huang Cancan Jin Guangyao is a fancy eye. This is the special garrison of the Central Army. They are the best talents chosen by the emperor guards, and even the armor must be the most noble color.
The reason why they took the Storm Corps into the First Corps was that the truly outstanding soldiers always grew up in the battle of tempering.
When the white horse riding a white robe stepped out of the leisurely horseshoe in the crowd, the soldiers threw their eyes in worship at the shallow water.
It is always easy for people to admire a flag force to attack a country and create several brilliant achievements.
At this time, I hurried to the Central Legion, and I have to set up a handsome account in the future. At that big flag, several generals sitting on horses are commanding their own hands to issue various orders majestically. The man in the middle is about fifty years old, and a long beard is fluttering, and his eyes are full of wisdom and calm eyes.
He is Ji kuanglong.
On the surface, he is an ordinary old man with a tall body, kind appearance, long beard and vigorous spirit, but from his bones, generate is a powerful momentum.
It is this momentum that distinguishes him from everyone else.
If the fierce flame is a fire, a flaming flame makes everyone feel scared, scared, admired and difficult to get close to, then Jikuanglong is a tall, steady and daunting mountain.
When I came to such a person, I suddenly felt a layer of pressure rising in my heart.
"Shallow water has seen Ji Shuai". In a moment, Shallow water kneels in front of Ji Kuanglong. "Xie Jishuai sent his troops to rescue Shui Qing, so he can survive."
Ji Kuanglong looked at the shallow water for a long time before he said leisurely, "Since our army entered the water stop, the most news I hear every day is that your shallow water is just a few months, but no one can shake the sky like you. Should I praise you? Or should I scold you? "
When I heard this, I laughed and said, "If you want to fight, scold, kill or cut, it’s up to Ji Shuai to decide. I’m shallow and clear."
Ji Kuanglong sighed, "If you don’t say it, you have to say a few words about what I want to say. You should also know that war is a killing. The dead don’t die in ordinary times, but those who take the sky want to talk about it but can’t act. Killing too much will certainly lead to some trouble, but it is still necessary and effective if we can solve the war early to avoid the increase of national consumption."
"However, everything is black, everything is white, everything is black, and right and wrong can change quickly. Although Wu Fu is good at fighting in the battlefield, he is not good at arguing in the court. Therefore, if someone wants to slander me through such killings, it may not be a rare thing. It is not easy for people to cheat you, but it is difficult to hide your blood-scented flag."
"Lao Lie values your many letters and recommendations to me. Being in the southwest heart but stopping water can make him pay so much attention to few people. Your shallow water liquidation is the first time that his lover wants to know heroes and emphasize heroes, so it is not necessarily a reward to see your performance as a hero. I believe that this great victory will come to shallow water soon after your decision. You’d better prepare yourself early and wait for you."
"Blue shine at this time should have taken the girder city? Daliangcheng is when you hit me and give you a day to go into the city and do whatever you want. One day later, I will lead my troops into the city to take over this place. "
Shallow water Qing respectfully replied, "Thank you for your care!"
Ji Kuanglong replied leisurely, "If you want to thank yourself, thank yourself. My Ji Kuanglong met you for the first time. Although it is shallow and deep, I took care of you. First, I owe you a favor, and second, I owe you a favor. Even if you pay me back this time, you won’t thank me. It’s hard to predict whether you will be an enemy or a friend with the DPRK officials in the future."
Ji kuanglong, in the end, is great and shallow, so that Gong can see through it at a glance.
At the same time, the double nightingale finally walked out of this dark and desolate jungle.
At present, there is a vast and beautiful sunshine in the world, which can be freely sprinkled on people without being exploited by the top leaves.
Life’s tenacity is sometimes so amazing that its potential in generate is sometimes far beyond people’s imagination.
No one can believe that two people who even have a problem living can endure the pain and walk out of the jungle together.
Those wolves, insects, tigers, leopards, rugged mountain roads and complex terrain and serious injuries can’t be obstacles to their progress, and the belief of never giving up becomes the source of life motivation.
In this belief, even if it is difficult, the road will always end.
In the open field, the nightingale stroked her pale face and said, "Hang on, we’ll be home soon."
A smile appeared on both corners of the mouth.
For him, maybe life and death are no longer so important. What really matters is that he used to get along.
In the distance, the horseshoe can stand up, and an army is marching here. The banner of the wind is floating in the wind
Probably found one of their scouts rushing towards them and shouted, "But Miss Nightingale and Double General are in front? Our army has won a great victory. I have been looking for you for many days under the orders of General Bi! "