Yan Muqing stopped and looked guilty at Liu Yichen.
Liu Yichen four smooth sitting on the sofa lightly said "sit down"
"But …" Yan Muqing pointed out that he was afraid that he would have an accident if he went late.
Sue told him that Li Ailing was playing and singing here to protect her.
"Nothing to sit down" Liu Yichen sipped his wine and said calmly that his left leg was superimposed on his right leg.
Yan Muqing blinked to react and sat beside Liu Yichen with a smile.
"So you know everything."
Liu Yichen idiot looked at him. "I will let my wife Lu have an accident."
Yan Muqing took the glass and took a sip of it. "You are still awesome."
No wonder I come to him for a drink every night.
Liu Yichen’s eyes are deep with his glass in his hand, and no one can see what he is thinking at the moment.
The guests in the building called for a wave to rise higher and higher, and they rushed to the stage in the evening.
Li Ailing’s pale face is retreating step by step, and the man is also pressing.
The man’s eyes looked at Li Ailing with a wretched smile on his mouth.
In a panic, Li Ailing asked for help and looked at the black suit bodyguards in Taiwan.
But they didn’t seem to see what was in front of them.
Li Ailing felt desperate.
Seeing that Li Ailing was slowly approaching Sue by men, the feeling be nasty shouted "Aileen quickly ran to Taiwan …"
But there was too much noise around, and no one could hear what she was saying.
Taiwanese people are interested in watching Taiwan as if they had taken stimulants.
A game of eagle catching chicken, and Li Ailing is obviously the chicken.
Li Ailing’s hands tightly tugging at the skirt is very helpful.
Sue took one look at the bodyguard nearby and had a brainwave.
Sue’s late love made her efforts to attract people around her to approach the stage.
Attract a lot of abuse all the way
Sue turned a deaf ear and walked on.
A rascally young man grabbed her. "What are you squeezing, little girl? Don’t also want to drink a toast "
"Watch your mouth," Sue roared.
The man touched Ba and teased, "Yo has a big temper but I like it." Then he stretched out his hand and wanted to touch her face.
Sue gave him a backhand slap with a wave of her hand.
Men are furious with pain. "Who are you hitting, bitch?"
"I hit you," Sue said, giving the man a shoulder throw while he was unprepared.
The man bounced up from the ground in a second and stared at Sue’s late love nose. "Bitch, I think you are tired of living." Then he waved his big hand at Sue’s late love.
Sue punched and kicked the man when she was flexible and escaped.