Chapter 313 Cishan War

Shi Kun already believed that Ran Min led the army to the south, but to be on the safe side, he carefully sent Han Bao and three thousand military men to enter Handan first.
According to Ningji, his master, the county magistrate of Handan, Ningchang, has taken the opportunity to control the city of Wei Jun. At this time, Handan is full of Ningchang’s own department, but Shi Kun didn’t believe it. Instead, let Han Bao take his men into the city to test it. If there is an ambush, Shi Kun can also dispatch it.
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When leaving, Master left a mantra for Wen Tian, saying that diligent practice will work wonders. All the techniques, tactics and secret skills in ps come from those who can’t be true, so don’t practice yourself.
Remember, remember! Be careful!
Chapter 1 Seeing yourself cremated
"I’m sorry, we’ve tried our best to prepare for the funeral."
Outside the ward, the doctor’s voice was very low, but Lin Yu, the hospital bed, could hear it clearly.
Maybe even people’s hearing will become particularly sensitive before they die, especially when their mothers cry sharply.
Lin Yu was not the first to give his life for being brave. He did not regret it, but felt sorry for his mother.
His father died early, and his mother dragged him to the point where he didn’t know how much he had suffered. Now his excellent grades have been admitted to Qinghai People’s Hospital, and his mother’s life is about to light up. Unexpectedly, this accident happened.
"Damn it, God."
Good people really don’t get what they deserve. Lin Yu cursed a eyelid and closed it slowly no longer.
"My son!"
A piercing cry suddenly woke Lin Yu. When he opened his eyes, he found himself at the end of the bed and his mother was crying on the bed.
"Mom, why are you crying? Am I here?"
Lin Yu was overjoyed that she had recovered magically. She reached out and patted her mother and found that her hand had actually passed through her body.
Mother still threw herself on the bed and cried without any response.
Lin Yu looked up and saw that the bed was still lying, and his face was shriveled and blue. Obviously, he was not angry.
Am I dead?
Lin Yu looked down at her eyes at the end of the bed and found herself a little white and slightly transparent.
Lin Yu was shocked that people really have souls after death! Xinyi m1zw
No matter what he says or does, his mother can feel it.
After the nurse helped her mother to put on a shroud, the nurse transported his body to the funeral car.
Mother followed the car and sat next to his body, clutching his hand tightly, and tears kept pouring out of his eyes. "Feather, don’t worry, go. Mom will accompany you as soon as things are done here."
For her, it is meaningless for her to live even if her Ministry is dead.
As soon as I heard that my mother wanted to commit suicide, Lin Yu was anxious to learn the scene of resurrection in the shadow and lay down on the body, but she didn’t have her own soul every time she sat up.
The car soon arrived at the crematorium, and the workers simply put on a makeup and handed Lin Yu’s mother a number plate. Then the incinerator pushed Lin Yu’s body to the incineration hall.
Lin Yu collapsed instantly when the incinerators pushed his body into the incinerator.
With the burning of the flesh, Lin Yu feels that her consciousness is weakening, and there are several light spots scattered around her body, and her soul is slowly fading away.
At the same time, another world flashed before his eyes, and all he saw was darkness mixed with red flames and piercing screams.
This is the first thought that flashed through Lin Yu’s consciousness. Strong fear instantly engulfed him.
His soul consciousness is rushing about in the middle, and the light spots are still floating out of his soul body and the speed is getting faster and faster.
In his eyes, the hell world is becoming clearer and clearer, and he can hear a mysterious hoarse voice calling him.
At this time, the incinerator Lin Yu’s body almost burned out, and a jade pendant in the ashes suddenly shone brightly in the fire.
This was left for grandpa Lin Yu when he died. His mother deliberately didn’t pick it when he was wearing the shroud since he was a child.
The pendant was getting brighter and brighter, and then it burst with a bang. A ray of bright green light and shadow suddenly jumped out of the pendant and attached to Lin Yu’s soul.
Then an old voice came to his mind, "I am your ancestor and saint. From today on, you are my person. I have to practice medicine and Taoism to help the world and help others."
Then the sound dissipated, and the huge amount of information suddenly flooded into Lin Yu’s mind, and some travel experiences flooded into Lin Yu’s mind.
Lin Yu felt very excited with the information in her mind, as if she had opened a new world door.
But this excitement is fleeting, and I am already a horse, and I am going to hell.
This idea flashed through Lin Yu’s mind and suddenly jumped out of a memory with resurrection.
Memory shows that people who are still alive can be reborn with their bodies after they die through resurrection.
However, Lin Yu’s body has been reduced to ashes in the fire, but the good thing is that the method of reviving the body after being damaged has also been recorded.
Lin Yu gasped, which means that if he wants to be resurrected after his body is damaged, he can find someone else’s body possession by reincarnating ghosts.
You know, in human consciousness, ghosts are evil incarnations. Besides, if you are someone else’s body, isn’t it equivalent to depriving others of their lives in disguise?
Hesitant kung fu Lin Yu’s soul has become more and more pale, leaving a phantom ear sound more and more clear
Lin Yu gritted her teeth and looked at the bodies being pushed into the incineration hall one after another. Suddenly, she came up with an idea. The dead can’t. Should the living dead be ok?