Soon Ran Min arrived at the Changqing Hall where Shijian was located with the wine army.

Looking at Ran Min’s appearance in front of his face, Shi Jian couldn’t help but become angry, but then he changed his face as if nothing had happened. "Haha, the king of Wei came just as I was about to see you in the past."
"Aren’t you bathing and changing clothes?"
"Er … ha ha Su smiled …"
Looking at Shi Jian’s miserable appearance, Ran Min said rudely, "Are you wondering if I can still be in front of you now?"
"Where is Wang Wei?" Shi Jian put on a look of consternation. "Why is Wang Wei so guilty?"
"Bring people in!"
Ran Min waved and then Shi Bao, Zhang Cai and Li Song were taken to Shi Jian and knelt down.
Ran Min squinted. "Do you know these three people?"
This time can’t play the fool fully distracted Shi Jian service road "happened? Wang Wei captured King Leping, Zhang and Li? "
"Let’s ask them what they did first!" Ran Min snorted the cold "I was waiting for the position to be summoned in Kun Hua Dian, but Shi Bao and Zhang Li led people to besiege me, and now I have been defeated! Widow skirt is very curious about whether this matter is inspired by you? "
"I really don’t know!"
Shi Jian made a chilling remark, but it’s a pity to abandon the car and keep handsome!
Ran Min didn’t talk nonsense, but directly ordered people to take the three of them to pieces!
"positions! I am embarrassed! "
It didn’t take long for this sound to come to an abrupt end. Soon Shi Bao, Zhang Cai and Li Song were placed in front of Shi Jian. These three people died unsatisfied.
It took Shi Jian a long time to slow down and ask Ran Min, "I don’t know what Wang Wei saw me?"
"I heard you pull out Liu Qun, the former Qin Zhou secretariat, and shot Lu Zhan, the former assistant."
"It does" Shi Jian before as cool as a cucumber nods.
"So positions may know people not I have mastered Liu Qun, Lu Zhan some criminal evidence! Liu Qun and Lu Zhan often take bribes when they are in office and don’t seek their own government. How can such people steal high positions knowing that they are flattering and flattering? "
Ran Min, this is to press the trumped-up charges on Liu Qun and Lu Zhan, but now Ran Min is "pointing at deer and horse", even if he is a blank sheet of paper, no one dares to say that it is a blank sheet of paper!
Ran Min snorted. "And I’ve got the secret information. Liu Qun and Lu Zhan have already colluded with the thief stone, and now they’re fighting in Xiangguo. It’s not appropriate to have these two people to help, is it?"
"I wonder what Wang Wei wants to do with Liu Qun and Lu Zhan?" Shi Jian trembling asked.
"Dismissed and investigated and then … copied with the door!"
Shi Jian almost didn’t slow down, so Shi Jian still crustily skin of head agreed with Ran Min dialect.
Ran Min, who solved the problem of Gongbian, led 100,000 elite division generals Wen Tai, Li Xin, Suochao and others in Zhanghe swearing-in.
I didn’t expect Ran Min to move so fast for a few days and then pull up a hundred thousand Rao Dajun stones, but soon he stabilized his mind and immediately called the nearby military forces loyal to Jie Zhao to tie the knot with Xiang Guo to prepare for a life-and-death war with Ran Min!
At the same time, Shi also wrote a letter to Puhong, Yao Yizhong, Zhang Hedu and other governors asking them to send troops to attack Ran Min as soon as possible.
Stone didn’t dare to take the initiative to stick to Xiang Guo Cheng, but Ran Min thought it was necessary to solve the war here in Xiang Guo as soon as possible. Otherwise, once Pu Hong, Yao Yizhong and Zhang Hedu sent troops at the same time, it is estimated that Ran Min, like the historical king of mourning, must put out fires everywhere and then die of exhaustion!
After all, no matter how brave a tiger is, it can’t stand the wolves’ attack, or it’s a steady stream of attacks!
At the same time, Ran Min also ordered Li Nong to lead 50,000 military forces into Hedong to prevent Pu Hong and Yao Yizhong from sending troops to the East.
At the same time, Zhang Hedu, Duan Qin, Liu Guo, Jin Dolphin and other local governors are watching, but they are afraid that Yecheng and Wei’s elite soldiers will not dare to rush.
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Chapter 31 White robe teenager
Shi Dan has gathered hundreds of thousands of troops in Xiangguo, and the Dalian camp is dozens of miles. But Shi Dan did not dare to rush, but ordered the foot soldiers to strengthen the Yugoslav capital and build barriers to prepare for the upcoming Wei Jun.
Shi Kun, king of Ruyin, and Wang Lang came to meet Shi Jian.
"I heard that Wei Jun is leading hundreds of elite divisions to Xiangguo!"
A good soldier and a strong general? Ishiguro himself doesn’t have this confidence.
Ran Min probably said that they were all hard-fought soldiers, sharp soldiers who had fought many battles, and most of the soldiers and horses in Shi’s hand were old soldiers or recruits who had never experienced the baptism of blood and fire in the battlefield.
Who is strong and who is weak is clear at a glance!
Shi can’t help whispering, "Ran Min is good at marching and fighting, winning and attacking Bike is like Han Bai’s life as a contemporary god of war. I can’t guarantee that I can defeat him."
Smell speech next to Wang Lang immediately said, "the king’s words are poor. You can’t win the field battle. Can you beat Ran Min by sticking to the duct country? I’ve seen Ran Min Wei Jun’s returning cannon as a weapon to attack the enemy. The king is afraid that he will be attacked by Wei Jun in a few days if he sticks to Xiangguo for half a month! When the king will go from? "
Shi Yan is deeply worried about this. "Does the general teach me?"
"Fear before war is a big no-no! Your Majesty is now a famous scholar with the imperial edict issued by your Majesty, and all the heroes in all directions have responded in succession. It can be seen that Ran Min regicide has usurped Zhao’s ambition, but all local governors are not angry with your Majesty. Now you are a famous scholar, but you are afraid to fight against the traitor Ran Min, but you have attacked your country under the banner of crusade against rebellion. So how dare you stand tall and judge the heroes in all directions to follow your majesty? "
Wang Lang said with a sad face, "Your Majesty, although Ran Min’s forces are strong and prosperous, they are not invincible. Local governors such as Zhang Hedu, Duan Qin Liu Guo and Jin Dolphin are still holding a wait-and-see attitude. If you dare not March at this time, you will fall by!"
"The most powerful vassals are Pu Hong, Yao Yizhong, followed by Zhang Hedu, Liu Guo and Duan Qin. Now the king crusades against Ran Min, but he is justified. If he wins, the king can order the king to be defeated, and he can dispatch troops from the country where he is sitting. So the king doesn’t fight?"
When I heard these words, I suddenly felt a tingle and said, "What the general said is that I really can’t be timid at this critical juncture!"
So Shi decided to send troops, but he did not command the army himself.
Twelve Lunatone only Ruyin Wang Shikun’s viceroy Zhang Ju and Wang Lang will lead 70,000 troops to fight a decisive battle in Ran Min Wei Jun Exhibition.
Shi Mao himself continued to stay in the country to accept the military forces who came to various places, and recruited foot soldiers to build weapons and armor to continue to expand his military forces.
Many people shook their heads at this move. It seems that Ran Min is timid after all. After all, the name of Ran Min, the great Zhao God of War, is not blown out but actually typed out!