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Si Zhou Xiang Guo fu ya

Wang Shi, a newly-emerging king, is sitting on the throne and standing on his own. His civil servant, military commander, Shi Di had a government instrument and three divisions early in the morning, so among the princes of Zhao, it can be said that he needed soldiers, advisers, turf and territory. It was Shi Di’s bad luck. He missed several opportunities to seek the usurpation of the throne.
Now, on the throne, Ruyin Wang Shikun is telling all the new things in Yecheng with sorrow and sorrow.
"B-brother he Shi Min is really cruel! I think that when his father Shi Min was just a dog that I Shi raised, now the dog is out of control and strong, and it will bite its owner! "
Squinting his eyes, Shi Yan picked up a letter from the console table and said, "Can this secret letter from Brother Kun be true?"
"This is indeed the secret edict of the late emperor!"
"The first emperor?" Stone only froze.
Shi Kun suddenly burst into tears. "B-brother didn’t know that Shi Min had killed the emperor and changed to Shi Jiandi! I also managed to escape from Yucheng and give you a tip! "
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Chapter 37 Changing surname
Chapter 3 is palace change again
I heard that Shi Zun had been killed by Ran Min and was shocked.
"How dare Shi Min, a traitor, be so bold?"
"What else does Shi Min dare not do?"
Shi Kun tearfully tunnel "b-brother now things have come to the point of law to save! The late emperor will not be oppressed by the traitor Shi Min! I’m waiting for the first emperor to ask for a thief’s secret edict. You want brother. There are still tens of thousands of soldiers in his hands, such as Pu Hong and Yao Yizhong. When the time comes, Shi Min, no matter how powerful the soldiers are and how afraid the tigers are, can’t stand the attack of wolves! "
Stone is silent.
Then a captain ran into the room.
"The king Yecheng urgent report!"
Stone only hurriedly took the urgent report and was a little out of breath.
"What happened to brother?" Shi Kun left and right civil and military officials all looked at the stone.
Shi Yi sighed, "Shi Jian has ascended the throne in Yecheng, and Shi Min should not say that Ran Min has changed his surname to Ran and accepted the worship of his ministers at the Wei Palace in Daliang!"
"How dare Shi Min, a rebellious thief, be so crazy?"
Some people present who are loyal to Jie Zhao Wenwu can’t help but become angry and have a bad temper have already cursed Ran Min.
Stone only finally unbearable up "Ran Min inverse thief regicide treason can forgive! I will invite heroes from all over the world to crusade against unfaithful and unjust Ran Min! "
Ran Min, who has just released an appeal for thieves here, has got the news, and Ran Min immediately returned to Yecheng with 100,000 elite divisions ready to go, just waiting for Ran Min to order them to eradicate rebellion and eliminate all forces that are not from Wang Wei!
It is said that Shi Jian acceded to the throne and implemented Amnesty.
He ordered general Ran Min to seal Wang Wei, Li Nong, Sima and Zhang Caisi, the former secretariat of Qin Zhou, Liu Qun, the former servant, and Lu Zhan, the former assistant.
Zhang Cai, Liu Qun and Lu Zhan were all Shi Jian’s original cronies and belonged to Shi Jian’s school of ministers. Now Shi Jian has just succeeded to the throne and is busy monopolizing Ran Min, where he is very dissatisfied. He also went to see Shi Jian before going out to war.
"Where are you?" Ran Min entered the palace to see Shi Jian, but no one was taken to Kunhua Hall by a eunuch.
This eunuch looks unfamiliar. It seems that Shi Jian himself arranged his confidant in the palace. Ran Min just killed Shi Zun and eradicated all the forces that Shi Zun left behind, including Queen Zhang, Tai Shiyan and the original Yan Wang Shi Bin.
But at that time, Ran Min couldn’t manage Shi Jian, so Shi Jian took advantage of this gap to plant his confidant in the palace.
The eunuch bowed his head and said, "Report that Wang Wei is still bathing and changing clothes and will arrive later."
"Oh," Ran Min nodded and looked at the eunuch several times and said, "My father-in-law looks unfamiliar, right?"
"Xiao Ceng works in Yiyang Wangfu"
"So that’s it." Ran Min simply found a futon to sit on without asking more questions.
To be honest, it’s really not a taste to stay in Ran Min in this Kun Hua Dian.
Ran Min used to be a theist, but it’s a pity that his original worldview was broken through what really happened to him!
The world doesn’t know whether there are ghosts or gods.
But as the old saying goes, there is a god when you look up three feet!
It’s always right to be in awe. Not long ago, Shi Zun, the first emperor, hanged himself in this palace of Kun Hua.
Of course, Shi Zun died because of him, Ran Min.
Shi Zun can’t die and Ran Min can’t sleep well!
As far as Ran Min knows, Taizai Zhao Shu, Qiu Zhang Ju, Zhongjun General Zhang Chun, Guanglu Doctor Shi Yue, Fujun Shi Ning and Wuwei General Zhang Ji all belong to Jiezhao, who are loyal to each other, and their interests have been directly linked to the Jiezhao royal family, so they will definitely not support their regime change.
It’s good to keep the status quo yourself. Once you go too far, these people will jump out and resist!
It is said that Shi Zun was hanged from this beam. Ran Min couldn’t help but look at it a few times. What a horror!