Shi Min pointed to the tens of thousands of Zhao Junrui who were neatly arranged on the shore, and there was a tunnel on the ground. "I am probably full of Han troops! I want to make heaven and man live a happy and healthy life. This is a great ambition, but I will eventually realize it! "

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Chapter 34 Ambition
Chapter 35 Natural and man-made disasters
On the way back to Yecheng, Qin Mu asked for Shi Min.
"Your Majesty doesn’t know that you are going to deal with the chaos in the DPRK?"
Qin Mu’s "chaos in the DPRK" refers to the fact that Shi Zun’s intention is to collude with the governors of all parties to disrupt the fish in troubled waters in the Central Plains. Fortunately, Cui Hao can control this chaos alone.
Shi Min said lightly, "It’s time for a obedient emperor."
"The king is interested?"
"Shi Jian is very talented and outstanding in strategy, but he lacks some courage to let Shi Jian take the position. This is indeed a good choice. What does the king intend to do with the deposed Shi Zun?"
Shi Min made a gesture of wiping his neck.
Qin Mu frowned and said, "Although Wang Shizhun has lost power and has become your palm, he is the unified monarch of Zhao after all. If he does not handle it properly, he will be criticized!"
"am I the kind of person who is afraid of gossip and criticism?" Shi Min scoffed at this.
Now Shi Min’s intention has been exposed, that is, to usurp the throne in Zhao Dynasty!
For this kind of thing that both wants to set up a memorial arch and want to be a bitch, Shi Min disdains it and can’t do it!
Sima Zhaoru?
There’s a proverb that is very popular-Si Mazhao is well known to everyone!
In those days, Cao Mao Gong Wei was shocked and led hundreds of servants to go straight to Sima Fu to kill Si Mazhao. Unfortunately, blood spilled on the palace wall and he died on the spot!
Cao Mao was the first shirtless man in Chinese history to assassinate the minister emperor himself, but he failed.
Another individual heroic emperor in ancient history was Yuan You in the Northern Wei Dynasty.
Although he killed the minister, he did not solve the problem of being a minister in the country. Compared with being a minister in the country, the greatest weapon for the emperor to grow up in a deep palace is his own blood.
The gold-lettered signboard of "Emperor" can still scare most people, such as Cao Mao, whose emperor shines quite brightly in the fight.
Unfortunately, this is their only weapon and it is a weapon that is constantly being passivated.
With the consolidation of the minister’s position and people’s disappointment with the royal family, the emperor’s light gradually dimmed. What’s more, for those ministers and followers, their interests are the opposite of those of the emperor.
Cao Mao defended the emperor’s prestige and dignity by relying on his majesty and dignity. The biggest reason for his failure was that he attached too much importance to the identity of the emperor.
This little emperor, who was cal "that great grandfather of Chen Siwu", ended his life at the age of two in this rare but understandable noble and humiliating way.
To be honest, Shi Min admires this passionate Emperor Cao Wei.
Cao Mao came because of the throne, but only because of the noble township.
In the sixth year of Cao Wei Jiaping, Cao Fang, the Wei emperor, was deposed by Sima Shi, and Cao Mao, the king of Qi, was chosen as the new emperor because he was the grandson of Cao Pi. At that time, Cao Mao was only 14 years old.
Although he is young, he shows that his age is far from mature and sophisticated because he has prematurely witnessed family changes, court battles and the decline of the royal family.
Zheng Shiyan called him "talented and successful" and "accomplished"
Cao Mao not only speaks and does things, but also has outstanding personal ability. The important way to examine a person’s ability in ancient times is to look at his understanding of Confucianism and his accomplishments in painting. Although Cao Mao was young, he was able to talk about the Book of Changes, Shang and Li Ji in the Imperial College, and he could also talk about new ideas.
At the same time, Cao Mao is also one of the most famous painters in ancient history. Critics say that his "characters are really superior to those of the Wei Dynasty".
Perhaps it is the high personal quality that makes Cao Mao feel that he should bear the responsibility of reviving the royal family
In order to recover the politics that had been distracted, Cao Mao sent attendants to observe the customs and comfort the people to picket the dereliction of duty officials at the beginning of his accession to the throne, but he changed the luxury and enjoyment atmosphere of his grandparents’ great construction, "reducing the number of rides and palaces, and going to the harem to stop the imperial palace."
In order to win the favor of the army, Cao Mao repeatedly sent a letter to mourn the casualties of the army and appease those places that have been scarred by war
But what he can do is only these symbolic measures. Si Mazhao firmly holds the imperial court and Cao Mao can’t escape the fate of parrots in golden cages.
The huge gap between ZTE’s desire and reality repression caused Cao Mao’s psychological imbalance and his blood was strong, so he played the scene of being killed and martyred shirtless.
The little emperor died suddenly and violently, and he was killed by himself. How did everyone treat this matter? Si Mazhao was uncertain
He first ran to the palace and cried loudly at Cao Mao’s body, and then asked the nobles to discuss countermeasures.
Si Mazhao crying Cao Mao is this kind of thing that wants to set up a memorial archway and be a bitch!
"If your majesty really wants to execute Shi Zun, there is a plan here, but you can clear away some obstacles ahead."
"Go ahead."
Shi Min know Qin Muzhi meter if demon didn’t expect to come up with countermeasures so soon and asked a.
Qin Mu said, "If you kill Shi Zun, you will give Shi Zun and the princes of other countries a name of crusade. Then I will be in war. It’s all against your will."
"Since the king wants to kill Shi Zun, he must make an example and be quick! It’s so fast that the gangsters dare not move! "
"What should I do?"
"Tingwei’s adult is not cut stone according to the secret imperial edict sent to the stone? Your majesty might as well give it to the stone to reveal his intention before the stone. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wait for him to rise up and rebel and then suppress the rebellion with thunder? "
"So good! Haha! "
"Peng Zuer doesn’t worship me when he sees me?" Shi Min is sitting in a dangerous position, not angry and arrogant.
Peng Zuer snorted coldly. "I, Peng Zuer, am a seven-foot man. My parents will never kneel to Virtue Jun!"
"Bold!" The court minister reprimanded Peng Zuer.
Shi Min waved his hand and said, "Peng Zuer is alone and asks if you want to rebel?"
"If the days get by, do we want to put our heads on our belts and rebel?"
Peng Zuer this sentence is really enough to plunge into the heart.
Shi Min was silent for a while and let people take Peng Zuer to the meridian gate and behead him.
Yeah, but if the days get by and people have a bite to eat, why should they rebel?
Whether it’s drought, flood, earthquake or something, it’s the people who are the first to suffer the most. The biggest instant they get hurt is ten thousand seconds to kill ァヤ⑧ 1 Chinese network ⒏⒏ ⒏⒏щм.
Ordinary people are often displaced and have little food and clothing. When this happens, complaints will turn into complaints and complaints will escalate into abuse again.