"The problem of begging for a living army must be solved as soon as possible," Shi Min said. "It has become a stalemate for our army and Jin army to confront the Yangtze River. Although our treasury is full of treasures and treasures, money is piling up, but there are not many natural and man-made disasters in the grain depot! I want to make peace with the state of Jin and then free my hands to help the victims and solve the national riots as soon as possible. What do you think? " Xinyi m1zw

"So great!"
Everyone agrees.
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Chapter 31 Have mercy on my world
Chapter 31 Funeral Day
Jiankang Taicheng Imperial Palace
It’s late at night, crows are screaming in the branches, which makes people fidgety. So the maids in the palace are afraid to drive away and make noise.
A large palace butter candle lit up the whole palace as if it were day.
As thin as a cicada curtain, a luxurious dragon bed has been pulled up to both sides. A pale-faced young man is lying on this bed and dying. If he is not still with his eyes open and his chest falling together, everyone may have died!
"Big … General hasn’t arrived yet?" Sima Yue asked to kneel on one side.
"The generals are still on their way to Taicheng Road to meet Wang and Zhong Ling, and they are already waiting outside the temple." A new m1zw
"Let them in."
Then in addition to the general Yu Bing, the first emperor Sima Yan left Sima Yue with four ministers, Zhong Lingchong, Wuling Wang Sima, Sima Yu, the king of Huiji, and Shang Linghui, who entered the palace one after another and knelt on the bed.
Sima Yue took out the imperial edict hidden on the pillow surface and said, "You know that your fate is not in the sense that your ancestors have called for too much time. Sima Dan was smart since childhood. After Yijun inherited the throne of Sima Dan, I hope that you will do your best to assist the new emperor and serve the new emperor as you serve me."
Several ministers present were silent with their heads down.
In fact, many of them are opposed to Sima Dan’s succession to the throne. If there is no worry and peace abroad at ordinary times, Sima Dan’s succession to the throne is naturally not a problem. After all, their ability to ask the emperor is not too fatuous or too cruel. A babbling emperor is better controlled.
But what is the situation?
The enemy invaded Zhao, and more than 100,000 troops returned to the north bank of the Yangtze River. Zhao could break through the Yangtze River at any time and arrive at Jiankang City!
It’s not a brilliant idea to set up a toddler emperor at this time of national disaster!
Too bad!
You know, Sima Yue’s brother Jin Chengdi Sima Yan gave up his two sons to become his younger brother emperor!
But now Sima Yue doesn’t want to follow Sima Yan’s example.
Around this, Sima Yue has made his own decision to set up his own son, Emperor Sima Dan. The imperial edict has been written in black and white and the imperial seal has been covered. It is not convenient for everyone to say anything more.
Although Sima Shi’s potential has declined, it’s not as good as before. All the ruling ministers in the south are your singers. I’ve made a lot of noise on the stage, but Sima Shi still plays an important role in the state of Jin-righteousness!
This birthright is enough to make many ministers flinch from Sima’s throne!
"I don’t know who will assist the government?" Crush one’s head and ask this question that everyone is more concerned about.
"Minister of Fuzheng, you have made a charge to add Shi Zhonghui to Ji Wang Sima Yu, a teacher to Wuling Wang Sima Yi, and a crack in the crack. General Yu Bing and Qiu, as well as Situ Cai Mo and Shang Linghui, the six of you are too young for Fuzheng, and the queen Chu is waiting for you to do your best to assist the new emperor."
"I must do my best to assist the new emperor!"
When I heard that Sima Yue had left the list of ministers of Fuzheng, I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and hurriedly agreed.
Wait until the princes receded and a palace beauty finally came out from behind the screen.
At this time, the beauty in the palace is like a pear flower with rain. I see that I am still pitiful. I sit directly on Sima Yue’s bed and cry and talk with a sob.
That’s right. This palace beauty is the Chu’s garlic of Sima Yue’s empress.
Chu garlic couldn’t help crying when he heard Sima Yue say this. "Please rest assured that my son was born by a concubine. I will teach him carefully. I don’t know who can really shoulder the burden after my death?"
Sima Yue heard the words and said, "Empress, are you thinking in your heart that I don’t have your father, Minister Chu Tuo?"
"…" Chu garlic is one of the default.
Sima Yue sighed faintly and said, "Empress, you should know that I am going to die after three years in office. I have to entrust the ministers left by the first emperor with important matters. Your father, Chu Mao, is outstanding in talent and can be trusted, but he lacks certain qualifications. Your Chu family is not as powerful as Yu’s, Wang’s and Xie’s, so now I can’t trust Chu Mao."
"But you can do things cheaply after listening to politics. The brothers Yu Bing and Yu Yi are trusted people, and Zhuge Hui, Sima Yi and Cai Mo are speculators. If you want to give some benefits, you can win over the king of Huiji, Sima Yu, who is ambitious, but he doesn’t dare to defy the emperor. After a hundred years, you have to take control of the bureau and give everything to those ministers who care for life, so that they can compete for profits themselves."
"Good" Chu garlic is not ambitious.
In ancient China, in the era of monarchy, female rulers, such as Empress Dowager, Empress Dowager or Empress Dowager, acted as emperors (that is, they mastered the supreme power of the country and exercised the imperial power), which was called "the imperial system".
According to the viewpoint of Confucianism and male chauvinism, female empresses can stay in the palace but not go abroad, that is, the so-called "men dominate the outside world and women dominate the outside world". If they want to master the supreme power of the country, of course, they must "face the DPRK", that is, "deal with state affairs when the DPRK is in power"
From the order of the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty to call it "the system" and the official document of the "imperial edict" to call it "the imperial concubine", she acted as the emperor’s agent, and her order naturally rose to the level of the emperor called "the system", which means "exercising the emperor’s power"
Together, the two words are called "facing the imperial court", which first appeared in Ban Gu’s "Han Gaohouji" and "Emperor Hui Di collapsed and the young empress dowager called it" facing the imperial court "in the official history.
The so-called "weighing system" should not exercise the emperor’s will. Although the woman is in charge of the DPRK and personally adjudicates political affairs, when issuing orders, she does not directly make an imperial decree, but is still in the form of a young emperor’s nominal system. There are two reasons for this.
First, even if the emperor is young, he can’t be deprived of the fact that he is in power, so the queen mother can act on behalf of the young master’s will and can’t take his place.
Secondly, the Queen Mother will intervene in the government office by an imperial decree after the emperor comes of age, and the Queen Mother can issue a letter in the name of the emperor to put an end to the abuse of imperial duality in the future.
The principle of "the lady in the court" but the young emperor in the name of "the name system" was still followed by Empress Dowager Cixi until the end of the Qing Dynasty.
If the Empress’s husband’s administration is also a privilege of the emperor, even if the Empress’s power is great (for example, Wu Zetian), her status is just an assistant or secret of the emperor, and it can’t be regarded as a substitute for the emperor’s ruling, but it can still be regarded as a manifestation of the will of the emperor.
Therefore, even if the queen "faces the DPRK", it can’t be regarded as a "scale system"
Sima Yue was 23 years old when he was buried that night.
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Chapter 31 Funeral Day
Chapter 33 Break up in discord
In the second year of Jin Jianyuan (344), Sima Yue died at the end of September when he was twenty-three years old, Emperor Kang of posthumous title.
After the death of Emperor Kang of Jin Dynasty, according to the testamentary edict left by him, Emperor Tai Sima Dan inherited Sima Yu, Sima Yi, Yu Bing, Cai Mo, Chong and Zhuge Hui, who jointly assisted the Empress Dowager Chu garlic to listen to politics.
In view of the new funeral of the emperor and the stalemate in the war of Zhao.
After learning that the northern part of Zhao was in war, the six ministers of the state of Jin decided to send envoys to the Zhao army camp on the north bank of the Yangtze River to discuss peace talks with Shi Min.
The messenger sent by the state of Jin was none other than Chu Zuo, the father of Chu garlic.
From a distance on the river, I can see that at the gate of Zhao Jun’s camp, tens of millions of soldiers are standing tall and straight like pines. They hold their heads high and hold sharp swords, and people can’t help but feel mighty and magnificent when they see them!
Zhao Jun is showing off!
These tens of millions of Zhao troops are divided into ten squares with uniform sizes. If they don’t exude Shaqi, they really have a pleasing feeling!