Shi Zun didn’t make up his mind, but he already had a dispute in his heart. "Once at the Queen’s Chitose Banquet, I sent Mo Qingwu to assassinate Shi Min. Unexpectedly, the defeat killed me a bunch of cronies, such as Meng Zhun and Wang Luan. Even Shi Pu, Jong Shin and Shen Bian, the ministers of Zhao Jie who were loyal to me, were imprisoned and killed on trumped-up charges."

"This incident is not successful or die! The palace in the eye army is full of Shi Min. I am restricted in my personal freedom and I want to discuss with you what can be done to bring Shi Min down? "
"Dalang (Shi Jianzi), you have always been resourceful. I wonder if you have a good plan to set things right and kill Shi Min, the traitor?" Shi Zun turned his attention to Shi Jian again.
I have to admit that Shi Jian is weaker than Shi Zun in courage, but the wisdom is not bad at all, so it can be said that Shi Jian is the best among Shi Hu!
Shi Jian hesitated for a moment and then said, "It’s time for you to really want to eradicate the forces of Shi Min, the inverse thief! Shi Min is now far away in Huainan, commanding the army to fight for a while. It must be a way to get out of the ruling and opposition parties. Although they are all Shi Min people, Shi Min’s foundation may not be solid. "
"Now, Shi Min has made great efforts to reform and clean up the official administration and ban evil shrines, and has already dispersed many officials’ hearts and minds, making a big fuss about this."
See Shi Jian really have a way to Shi Zun can’t help but shine at the moment "Dalang, you still have something to say."
Shi Jianshen said, "In fact, the practice is very simple. While Shi Min is far away in Huainan, he can write a secret letter and send it to Long Puhong, Yao Yizhong and Zhang Junxu, asking them to send troops to him to kill the thief Shi Min! In addition, Wang Shizhen, an emerging country in Xiangguo, has tens of thousands of elite soldiers who are divided into one side, and he can also give him a secret letter of loyalty to the princes of all parties! "
"diligent king?"
Shi Zun hesitated. "I want to eradicate Shi Min, but I’m afraid that there will be chaos in the past. Ten regular servants called the emperor of heaven to Luoyang, which led to the decline of the Han Dynasty. I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes!"
"hey!" On one side, Shi Kun is full of energy and fork hands. "When it breaks, it will be chaotic!" We have reached the point of last resort! Shi Min, a vassal power in the eye country, is dominant, but it is Zhang Jun, Yao Yizhong, Pu Hong and Shi Yan who can compete! Only by letting them compete with each other can you benefit from it! "
Shi Zun is still worried.
At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, it was really chilling that Dong Zhuo went to Beijing to kill ten regular attendants and then made the 400-year-old Han Dynasty completely decline!
But it’s not what Shi Zun wants to see.
What else can Shi Zun do? Shi Zun is also desperate!
"But …" Shi Zun frowned. "Pu Hong, Zhang Jun and Yao Yizhong have established their own countries and become princes. They are my great king of Zhao Guofan, but will they really obey my imperial edict to raise troops and be diligent?"
Shi Kun sighed, "pursuit, you are a fan of the authorities!" Both Pu Hong and Zhang Jun are disloyal. Yao Yizhong is ambiguous, but these people will certainly obey your imperial edicts. Because they are equally dissatisfied with Shi Min, they all want to take Shi Min down like us! Now that you have given them such a fair reason to unite against Shi Min, a rogue minister and thief, how can they climb the city land? They are all ambitious and fierce! "
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Chapter 299 Conspiracy
Chapter 3 restless
Shi Zun actually agrees with Shi Kun in his heart.
The Great State of Zhao is on the verge of extinction. It is estimated that these imperial families will not have a good event. Now they, Shi Hu, can join hands and be united as one!
Shi Zun is really more and more annoyed. Why did he give Shi Min this huge potential in the first place? ビヤ? 1 Chinese website Ω Ω ⒏ 1z щм
It’s really a tiger!
You know, Shi Hu has mastered a lot of power one by one, and all of them are governors.
Pei Wang Shichong was stationed in Youzhou and was able to control more than 50,000 troops. At that time, Shichong gave orders to respond to more than 100,000 troops. Unfortunately, Shi Min returned to his original shape and defeated the Shichong rebels in one battle!
The emerging Wang Shizhen is also a vassal stationed in Xiangguo, with at least 50,000 troops in his hands. This has to be out of the fear of Shi Min, who has always been established by the central government, because Shi Min, the power of Shi Dan, is equivalent to that of China, has been trying to eradicate Shi Dan, but he has been unable to find a suitable opportunity.
Wang Shibao of Leping, who was loved by Shi Hu before his death, sent him to Chang ‘an to manage Yongzhou affairs. Almost the entire Chinese army, with nearly 100,000 troops, was in his hands.
Nai Shibao is really a straw bag, unpopular, and offended the aristocratic family. This is not the case. He obeyed Shi Min’s advice and sent an army directly from Chang ‘an to Yecheng, making him a prince who can eat, drink and be merry in everything.
However, after several rounds of reshuffle and several mutinies, the Jie people’s forces have already been tossed out in groups!
At this time, Shi Zunbi missed Shi Hu when he was alive. It was the most powerful time for their Jie people. Unfortunately, due to the mutual conquest of Shi Hu, Shi Min and Pu Hong took the opportunity to rise strongly!
Shi Zun wanted to think, but I still don’t think this plan is appropriate. "Now Shi Min is full-fledged and I am weak. Now I live in the bottom of Shi Min’s eyelids every day. I have no freedom and my henchmen can be safe." I am not willing to be a puppet emperor! "
"In other words, once the flames of war are raging, Shi Min will definitely come back from Huainan front. When the time comes, Shi Min’s ability will help him to resist the fighting capacity of the Han army, such as Pu Hong, Yao Yizhong and Shi Yiliu. I’m afraid that Shi Min will get the first-hand news when he gets caught here! What’s more, even if Shi Min is defeated by Pu Hong and Yao Yizhong, I’m afraid these people will become another Shi Min … "
At this time, Shi Zun finally tasted the taste of the last emperor.
Liu Xie, the emperor Han Xian, who was supported by Dong Zhuo, must have been in this state of mind.
In fact, the fate of Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty is not tragic. At first, he was bullied by Dong Zhuo, and then Li Jue and Guo Si went back to Luoyang from Chang ‘an, and then he was led by Cao Cao as a puppet emperor for almost a generation.
If you change hands, you will still be a puppet emperor. You can’t hide from being deposed!
Smell speech Shi Jian, Shi Kun these people can’t help but looked at each other, don’t know what to say.
Shi Jianshen said, "I want to ask you, which is more important, the life of the throne?"
"Nature is life"
Shi Zun answered without hesitation.
Shi Zun, the emperor, has tasted it, but he is wearing an emperor’s coat. In essence, his emperor has already been framed by Shi Min, and he has become Shi Min’s palm.
Is it more precious to follow the stone or to recognize your life?
Shi Zun, who sits on the throne, is really humbled. If only he could save his life!
"In that case, we might as well give a secret edict to Shiwa. Everyone is the first emperor. Is it too urgent to have the same roots? You can make an appointment to the Emperor Shiwa and give him the throne. In this way, Shiwa will definitely appreciate your kindness. With the deterrent of Shiwa military forces and your appeal, Pu Hong and Yao Yizhong will not be afraid! "
"So good!" Shi Zun was finally persuaded by Shi Jian.
Shi Zun chose the latter between the throne and his personal life. As the saying goes, if you give up, you will get it. This emperor has given it up to you. You must always appreciate my kindness, right?
Hum! Idiot!
Seeing Shi Zun do such a stupid thing, Shi Jian couldn’t help secretly rejoicing in his heart.
It’s still a bad move to follow the stone in the end!
When he left Jianzhang Palace and returned to Shijian, he sent his confidant to send a secret letter to Shimin House, which is self-evident.
Almost at the same time, four secret letters were placed on Cui Hao’s console table.
One was sent by Wang Shijian of Yiyang, one was sent by Zheng Yingtao, the queen mother of the dynasty, one was sent by the Royal Guards, and the other was sent by eunuchs Yang Huan and Liu Ba!
It was a conspiracy, but now it seems that this is all pediatrics!
Shi Zun is exposed to Shi Min’s eyelids after every move. What does Shi Zun take to fight Shi Min?
Don’t say that even Shi Zun’s closest mother and brother have betrayed him. What else can Shi Zun trust?
"Yeah, the fox’s tail is leaking out." Cui Hao shook his head and looked in distress.
"What do adults need to do?" On one side, Jing Zhan, the head of the Royal Guards, inquired.
Before he left, Shi Min handed all the political affairs in the DPRK to Cui Haojun and Dong Kuang, who was neck and neck.
Now this happened, Jing Zhan first told Cui Hao.
Cui Hao said with the wave, "Shi Zun is already a grasshopper in the autumn. It won’t be long before he releases a secret imperial edict to contact the governors." Stop his secret edict, but remember not to startle him, and don’t obey the stone for the time being until the king returns! "
With Cui Hao presiding over the political affairs in the DPRK, Shi Min really felt at ease, so Cui Hao sent a letter to Shi Min in Huainan to tell him about it.