Although the brave Zhao army was uneasy, their military orders were like a mountain. They crustily skin of head and continued to run to the place where the standard was headed.

Although Zhao Jun was a little weird, it was a cynical one. He had already been carried away by this easy-to-get victory and plunged into Zhao Jun’s encirclement!
And the direction that this Qian Jin army is riding is hidden and dangerous!
At this time, Shi Min has called people to reach all the military orders.
"Li Xin and Wen Tai listen to orders!"
"The end will be there!"
Being named, the two of them suddenly came out.
"The two of you each led ten thousand cavalry. Li Xin’s department entered Mount Dahan and concealed Wen Tai’s department and walked along Huai River. When you saw the wolf smoke, you two led troops to attack and kill from the enemy’s rear!"
"yes! “
Shi Min scanned the wall and hung this map all over the Huaihe River. This topographic map is very detailed, ranging from mountains and rivers to streams and paths. Every stroke outlines a very important pen and ink. ァヤ⑧ 1 Chinese network ァヤ⑧ щ?м.
Shi Min doesn’t know how many times he has watched this map, which has long been remembered.
In Shi Min’s plan, when the Jin army chased Zhao, he had entered the border of Linhuai, and then Shi Min ordered Wang Ping to lead some Hu Bing bait to flee to attract the Jin army to run into the ambush circle of Zhao, and then gather and annihilate.
Then the follow-up troops of the Jin army will be completely wiped out by Wen Tai and Li Xin with 20,000 fighters!
A ray of heaven was running away, and Zhao suddenly rose up to resist and blocked the powerful offensive of the Jin army.
The sight is narrow, and only three carriages pass through the Jin cavalry in parallel. Here, the cavalry can’t play its role, but it is tied behind your back.
At this time, a large crowd suddenly appeared from the mountain roads on both sides.
"It’s Zhao Jun!"
"Not good! Let’s be pawned! "
"There is an ambush!"
The pursuit of the Jin army finally found something wrong, but it was too late!
"Shoot the arrow!" As Wei Zheng ordered the archers on both sides of the mountain road to throw arrows at the surface from a commanding height!
"wooshing wooshing! ….. "All over the sky, the arrows rained like locusts crossing the border, and many Jin soldiers were shot into hedgehogs at the moment, and even their hip horses suffered. Many horses screamed after being hit by the arrow, and their hooves ran around, causing more confusion!
"withdraw! Get out! "
By this time, it is stupid to make another mistake, and both of them will react, so that the army can retreat quickly!
But how can turtles in a jar get away easily?
There are thousands of Zhao soldiers on both sides of the narrow road, archers and a large number of Zhao troops on both sides of the road. It seems that the fine riding of thousands of Jin troops is doomed
Around this, it is still unwilling to fail, just with the residual Jin attack intention to fight our way out!
At the same time, Huan Wen, who followed Yu Fang and then crossed the river, had noticed something was wrong.
Along the way, the bodies of fleeing Zhao were everywhere. Zhao’s banners, gongs, drums, antlers and so on were scattered on the ground. Zhao seemed to flee in panic, but at that time, Huan Wen still couldn’t figure out what went wrong!
Somehow Huan Wen has a sense of foreboding!
"Stop!" Huan Wen waved a sign for the army to stop marching!
According to the general taken ice command Huan Wen led his own military forces behind it that thousand fine riding at any time to give support to the main force behind the way.
You know, Huan Wen military forces are almost all infantry.
Huan Wen is now a history of Langya (equivalent to a county satrap) and a general of the auxiliary countries. He has 5,000 lean Langya infantry and 10,000 Yu Bing seconded to his military forces.
This force seems to be not weak, even against Zhao’s army of 100 thousand, but Huan Wen is very uneasy
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Chapter 296 Uneasy
Chapter 297 Door Jin Suozhen
When Huan Wen discovered the anomaly and stationed troops to rest, three scouts with blood-stained robes came flying horses.
Watch out for big mistakes!
As early as before crossing the river, Huan Wen knew that Yu Fang led a thousand fine riders to run fast, and his own department followed Huan Wen and sent a team of capable scouts to report the military situation at any time.
But according to the present situation, it seems that something is not good!
Sure enough, a scout rolled the pommel horse and told him, "General! It’s not good! General Yu led the soldiers to pursue Zhao Jun and was suddenly ambushed after entering the first line! The situation is that if I didn’t wait for a quick run and sacrificed more than a dozen brothers, I might not be able to run back now! "
Smell speech Huan Wen tightly locked eyebrows "it is what to eat! You can’t be so reckless when you kill your red eyes! “
Huan Wen couldn’t help cursing it in my mind. This glutton will be brave, and even the most basic battlefield judgment ability is not available!
Nowadays, the battlefield situation is very serious for the Jin army, and Huan Wen is very difficult. When in a hurry, Huan Wen thinks about how to withdraw from Linhuai, not to rescue the ambushed party. Where to evacuate?
If Huan Wen guessed correctly, now Zhao has narrowed the encirclement and is preparing to shoot a turtle in a jar!
"To go! The army retreated! "
Huan Wen bit his teeth and decided to retreat!