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After several days of continuous attacks, the Jin army’s Yangtze River defense line could not be shaken, and more than 10,000 bodies were lost, Shi Min finally backed out!

"ouch!" Just after boarding the ship, many soldiers of Zhao made nausea and vomited all over the place. They all walked like drunkards, which became a problem, not to mention fighting in the battlefield! Xinyi m1zw
Seeing this scene, Shi Min shook his head and said, "The development of the Zhao navy is really far away!"
Qin Mu said, "Your Majesty, it seems impossible for us to sweep the south of the Yangtze River and unify the sky before there is an absolutely powerful navy!"
Shi Min deep however "it’s time! Order it! The army retreated! "
It wasn’t long before Shi Min ordered the ministries of Zhao Jun to be relieved, packed their bags and converged with flags and antlers to go home.
"Zhao Jun retreated!"
Across the vast river, the soldiers of the Jin army on the warship saw the different appearance of the Zhao army’s battle camp, so they couldn’t help but be overjoyed and quickly sent someone to the Zhongjun tent to inform the general Yu Bing.
"oh? Zhao Jun retreated? "
Hearing this, Yu Bing couldn’t help but "rub" his face from a handsome position. He doesn’t like it or not, rain or shine, and he doesn’t know what he’s thinking.
After a long time, Yu Bing didn’t speak, but on one side, Yu Fang was so youthful that he almost said without thinking, "At the end of the general, he will plead for Zhao!"
"I will be willing to go at the end!"
"At the end of the general will also be willing to lead troops to pursue Zhao!"
People are well-documented. Among the people in the account, Yu Bing, Yu Yi and Huan Wen can judge the situation calmly.
Yu’s brothers are mostly literate and martial, and Yu’s three brothers are among the best.
It is needless to say that Yu Liang, who has died, is handsome and talkative. Hyunri’s behavior is serious and obedient. In his early years, Sima Rui, the evil king of the post, called Xi Cao Yu to join the army as prime minister and Zhonglang was highly valued.
His sister Yu Wenjun remarried to Si Mashao (Jin Emperor), and he and Si Mashao also married in cloth and handed over to Wang Dun for rebellion. When General Zuo Wei cooperated with the generals to counter rebellion.
After Si Mashao’s death, Queen Mother Yu faced Yu Liang’s name, and Wang Dao and others jointly assisted in politics. In fact, they had decisive politics. After he came to power, he rebelled against Wang Dao’s leniency and ruled according to law, and killed the imperial clan of King Sima Zong of Nanton, which caused great disappointment. After that, he insisted on recruiting refugees and handsome Su Jun into Beijing, causing Su Jun chaos.
After the fall of the capital, Yu Liang fled to find the secretariat of Yangjiang State. Wen Qiao pushed the secretariat of Jingzhou together. Tao Kan, the leader of Jingzhou, calmed down the turmoil and chaos. After the death of Tao Kan, Yu Liang left the town, and then he took the place of him to levy a general in the west and lead the secretariat of Jiang, Jing and Yu States as the commander-in-chief of seven States’ military affairs.
In the fifth year of Xiankang (339), Yuliang deployed his generals to the Northern Expedition, but was opposed by courtiers. Soon after, Zhucheng, an important town, fell, causing the Northern Expedition to be frustrated and Yuliang became ill. Finally, he died in the following year at the age of 52.
Yu Liang received "Wenkang" from Qiu posthumous title.
Secondly, Yu Bing’s younger brother Yu Yi inherited the unfinished business of his older brother Yu Liang.
Yu Bing has been paid attention to in his early years. He was ordered by Situ Fu, but he should not be recruited as a secret servant.
Later, due to the crusade against Jiangzhou’s secretariat of Hua Yi in the fifth year of Shen Yongjia (311), he entered the township of Fengdu. Later, Stuart Wang Dao conquered Yu Bing, left a long history of Situfu, and later the history of Wu came out.
In the second year of Xianhe (327), Shi Sujun refused to be recruited by the imperial court and attacked Jiankang, which led to Su Jun’s chaos. In the following year, Su Jun also sent troops to attack Jiankang, and he abandoned the county and fled to Huiji. At that time, Su Jun was in pursuit of Yubing, and Wu Guoling was in Zhejiang with a boat covered with bamboo mats to take him to the South Huiji.
Soon, Wang Dao secretly announced that the Queen Mother had issued an imperial edict informing the officials of Sanwu that they should arise and be diligent.
Therefore, General Shu Yu, the king of Huiji history, led 10,000 troops to cross the Qiantang River to the west, while Yutan, Cai Mo, the new history of the State of Wu, and Gu Zhong, the former prefect of Yixing, all gave way to Cai Mo’s ice-skating history of the State of Wu.
Su Jun sent Zhang Jian, Guan Shang and others to resist Yu Bing when he knew that the three Wu Dongjun had started fighting. Later, Zhang Jianxiang refused because Zhang Jianbing’s generals were afraid to attack Yu Bing, so he led his troops to defeat Zhang Jian and push them to the west to enter health.
At that time, Su Jun was dead, and the Western Army led by Wen Qiao and others was about to attack the stone city occupied by Su Junyu and Su Yi, and save Jin Cheng Emperor Yu Bing. Sima Tenghan was also sent to attack together and all the troops were successfully defeated.
After Su Jun’s rebellion, Yu Bing made great contributions and created a new marquis of Wu County, but after Yu Bing was not affected, Yu Bing became a general and a general.
In the fifth year of Xiankang (339), Wang Dao, the prime minister, died, and Yu Bing entered the DPRK Central Prison, Yangzhou Secretariat, the military affairs of the three prefectures of Yang Yu Yan, the general of Lu, and the holiday.
At that time, Yu Bing received high hopes from the ruling and opposition parties. After Yu Bing, he also handled political affairs day and night, and when he was backward, he respected the sages of the dynasty.
Later, Yu Bing sorted out more than 10,000 records to enrich the population and increase military resources.
When Emperor Jincheng was seriously ill, he was only ten years old at that time. Emperor Jincheng had two emperors, Sima Pi and Sima Yi, but he was still a baby. Yu Bing had been in the hands of the Yu brothers for a long time, fearing that after he succeeded to the throne, he would be left powerless because of the thinning of the emperor’s blood relationship.
Therefore, he often told the emperor that there was still a powerful foreign government in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and that an elderly monarch should be established, and suggested that Sima Yue, the evil king of the Emperor Lang, succeed him and finally agreed.
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After Yu Bing Zhong Ling Chong, Wuling Wang Sima Yi, Huiji Wang Sima Yu and Monk Ling Zhuge Hui were ordered to take care of the minister to assist Yu Bing to enter the left general.
In the same year, Emperor Cheng died, and Sima Yue (Emperor Jin Kangdi) succeeded Yu Bing, who got into the car and rode a general. Yu Bing was in full swing and was afraid, so he repeatedly requested to leave the town.
The history of Yu Bingrong is much higher than that of his brother Yu Liang.
Yu Bing died at the age of forty-nine, and the book was presented to Shi Zhong and Si posthumous title as a ritual sacrifice.
In the end, Yu Yi’s ability and prestige were slightly lower than those of his two brothers, but he was also a great talent of Yu’s family!
Yu Yi’s appearance is elegant and graceful, and Wei Wei had a general understanding of the world when he was young.
When Su Jun’s chaos broke out, Yu Liang assigned Yu Yi to be white and led hundreds of people to defend Shicheng.
The following year, the rebel Su Jun attacked Jiankang Yuliang and failed to resist. Yu Yi, Yu Yi and Yu Tiao fled to find Yang and took refuge in Jiangzhou Secretariat of Wen Qiao.
It was not until the fourth year of Xianhe (329) that Su Jun put down Yu Yi in disorder that he accepted Qiu Tao Kan’s order to transfer Qiu to join the army. After many moves, Qiu was engaged in the post of Zhonglang in the government.
Soon after, apart from General Zhenwei, the prefect of Poyang turned to General Jianwei, and the prefect of Xiyang won their favor in appeasing the people.
Dugu has commented on Jia Xu’s plan in Wei and Jin Dynasties, Jia Kui’s loyalty and strength, Zhang’s political ability, Cheng Yu’s courage, Gu Yong’s dense weight, Wang Hun’s measure, Liu Wei’s jiancai, and Yu Yi’s ambition to be slightly different from the monarch.
Yu Liang, Yu Bing and Yu Yi, the three brothers of Yu’s family, are really fierce. The advanced aristocratic education is vividly displayed in them!
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Chapter 294 It’s three brothers
Chapter 295 Dragon born dragon
Regarding whether to send troops to chase and retreat Zhao Jun, Yu Bing is hesitant.
It’s advisable to chase after the poor bandits with the remaining brave, and not to sell the fame and learn the overlord!
An excellent general with a unified army and an excellent politician Yu Bing naturally knows the truth of pursuing victory, but it also contains great risks. After all, it’s hard to chase after enemies! ビヤ? 1 Chinese website Ω Ω Ω ⒏ 1z щм
Of course, it is clear to Yu Bing that Zhao has not reached the end of his rope, but Zhao has now retreated, and the original rapid momentum has been stagnant!
This morale is like sailing against the current. If you don’t advance, you will retreat!
Now Zhao has lost the battle and wants to retreat, but it seems unreasonable to let them escape without pursuing and taking the opportunity to expand their achievements. But if this is Shi Min’s plan, it will be ice, and this is to jump into the pit of fire with his own Jin army!
Yu Bing has been immersed in political affairs for many years and led troops to win many battles. He knows how to seize the opportunity, but he hasn’t explored Zhao Jun’s reality yet, so Yu Bing dare not make a move yet!
Now, looking at the account, the generals are obviously in favor of sending troops to chase people. At that time, Yu Bing still couldn’t make up his mind
"General, please make it as soon as possible!"
It fork hand way "now Zhao has retreated don’t say it’s a hasty escape, but thousands of troops can’t get away at the moment. Zhao is just a stone’s throw away from Jiangbei, and Huainan is not far from Huaiyin and Hefei. If the cavalry March in a day, they can enter Huaiyin City in three days! Whether it is Huaiyin or Hefei, it is easy to keep it difficult to attack the city! "
"General, this is a golden opportunity! I’m in Dajin, and all the soldiers in the country are here. Nearly 300,000 soldiers and horses are at your disposal! At the end of now, we will need 30 thousand elite soldiers. No, the general needs to ride 5 thousand elite soldiers for the late generals! At the end of the day, Zhao Jun will be killed! "
"Party! Retreat! "
See his son daring taken wing glared at it and immediately reprimanded angrily to a.
It’s good for young people to be aggressive, but isn’t it foolish to be so arrogant and arrogant?