"Brother means that there will be a lot of robbing people?" Shen Xintong asked carefully.

Shen Han vomitted a smoke turn and said lightly, "Everyone else is afraid that one person will be our strong opponent."
Shen Xintong’s face changed a few times and his eyes flashed a trace of pain.
This man’s brother knows who it is without telling her.
Mood steady Shen Xinshi bit his lip and said, "It depends on who’s in big trouble."
Shen Hanjun eyebrows slightly closed his eyes and the sword light brushed past "Tong Tong, are you sure?"
Are you sure you want to rob this piece with Mo Jun at night?
Shen Xintong slowly clenched his hand into a fist and his long eyelashes trembled slightly but didn’t speak.
She knows very well what the price is if Shenyang wants to grab this land from Mojun Night.
After all, the initial investment will not be less and the income will be less after five years.
But so what?
Shen Xintong fist slowly loosen mouth coldly say with smile "I’m sure"
Shen Han stubbed out cigarette butts and went to the table to pick up the phone and dialed the words "Help me invite the mayor to dinner later"
A man’s voice is very low, just like a humming harp, which is sexy in magnetism.
Shen Xintong looked at his brother adoringly, but he couldn’t say for sure.
It turns out that this world has made her forget not only love but also brotherhood. Her brother is better than all men in this world.
Shen Han hung up and his deep eyes showed a little excitement.
He is a soldier. Soldiers pay attention to taking the lead in marching and fighting. He must be quick.
Since my sister wants this land, he wants it!
Xishan hot spring resort
Gu Zhengting’s birthday banquet is to be held, so the resort is completely packed and will not receive other guests.
Gu Guhe Chang Xi came early in the morning. Young people can’t help but want to play while they are busy.
It’s really strange to soak in hot springs early
Nai Chang-hee and his other two daughters are very active. Even Gu Shu joined Gu Yi to go back and change clothes.
Outside Gu Hanting held out her chest, her body was wrapped in a bikini with very little fabric, and her figure was full.
"Gu meaning how so slow? We won’t laugh at her if she is in poor shape. It really makes so many people wait for her. "
"Sister didn’t mean it. Will she come or not?"
Gu Yue is very cute in a bathing suit, and the pure polka-dot pattern makes her look youthful and beautiful.
Gu Han smell speech cold hum a "to what don’t want to go? Isn’t it because of the figure? Cut this and hide it. "
Gu Han insisted that Gu Yi didn’t want to go to the hot springs because he was afraid of losing face.
Come on, how can a woman who has given birth be in good shape?
It’s best for her to wear a bikini so that the belly fat and stretch marks can be exposed, and brother Xi can lose his appetite!
Gu Han maliciously hoped to see the door pulled later.
Gu Yi figure slowly walked out from the inside.
A few people waiting outside looked at her with eyes wide open and disbelief.
Gu Yi is a little uncomfortable. Is it inappropriate to tug at your skirts?
"It’s so beautiful, sister. You should come to the hot spring earlier. Brother Xi must have been fascinated by you."
Gu Yue tone surprise aside Chang Xi very cooperate nodded "He said makes sense but it’s not too late now"
Gu Yi is not wearing a bikini, but the swimsuit is not much conservative.
She chose a dark bathing suit to set off her skin as white as snow and as transparent as light.
The body lines are beautiful and smooth, and the protruding place is protruding and the warping place is not a trace of fat, and the shape is just right.
Gu Han gnashed her teeth and looked at her waist. How could there be no trace? How can she keep up so well when she has already given birth?
Just want to say a few words, stab and stab Gu Yi. Chang Xi has held Gu Yi in a gentleman’s hand. "Let’s go to a hot spring."
A few people walked to the hot spring pool, leaving Gu Han behind, and his eyes were full of gloom and cruelty.
You can laugh now, but wait until later when you can’t laugh!
No one can steal the engagement if her brother is her. Is there no such thing as breaking off an engagement?
They are all family daughters. Who married in the past is different? We’ll see!
Gu Zhengting’s birthday dinner is in the evening
A dinner party is actually a family gathering and inviting some people who know each other very well. It is a small family dinner party.
Gu Yi changed into a simple and elegant little gift, and her hair hung loosely and slightly, which looked elegant and pure.
Gu Zhengting saw Gu Yi’s eyes flashing and amazing.
His daughter really surprises him all the time. She looks more and more like her mother, and her temperament is getting more and more confusing.
It is no wonder that the Chang family will be fascinated by it.
"You look beautiful tonight."
Chang Xi walked beside Gu Yi with unabashed admiration in his eyes.
Gu Yi smiled lightly. "You are handsome, too."
"Well, my fiancee has such a good eye."
Gu Yi was amused to laugh, which made Chang Xi’s eyes shine even more.
He doesn’t want to let such a bright woman out at all, not only because she used to be a woman of Mojun Night.
Suddenly Chang Xi’s previous lips gently pressed against Gu Yi’s ear and lowered their voices.
"You are so beautiful, I may have to change tonight."
Gu Yi blushed and turned into a werewolf? Or a pervert?
She gently pushed Chang Xi Chang Xi was fascinated by her red cheeks and stretched out his hand to hold her.
The interaction between the two people fell into the eyes of another person and could not help but pinch the cup in his hand.
Hate to teeth itch Gu Han fist clenched tightly in her palm holding an important thing.
She bit her lip and slowly turned and walked towards the wine table.
Taiwan Gu Zhengting is talking.