"What plan do you have? What plan do you have? You didn’t tell me anything." As soon as you listen to something that you are hiding from yourself, things are quietly going on in Yanxi, and you stare big eyes when you brush it.

"Wife, do you think we are tired of chatting like this?" The implication is that they find a place to sit down and talk slowly.
Zhou Zichen is not afraid of being tired, but Yanxi still has children in her stomach.
"You must make it clear every word of the original." Gave the man a white look at Yanxi and took a step forward. Zhou Zichen hurried out.
The night is getting deeper and deeper
The sea is getting darker and darker
Ed’s big screen movie was put at the end, and Zhou Zichen also told Yan Xi about the drama that made Cai Xinyan’s family ruin.
"How much benefit did you give that man named Huang Yuhan that he was willing to push his child up the stairs and fell off?"
"1 million cash and an American green card"
"Just a million dollars and a green card for him" was stuck in my throat. Yanxi had never seen Huang Yuhan, but he was curious about what a cruel face such a ruthless man would have.
In fact, Huang Yuhan is not only not cruel at all, but also can harm the appearance at one time.
As the saying goes, it is in his nature to bite people and dogs and not bark.
"Little darling, in your eyes, these may be trivial things, but for Huang Yuhan, he may not get them after ten years of hard work." He bent down to pick them up and fell to the ground, and Zhou Zichen, the remote controller, pinched off people’s viewing shadows.
On the second floor, the ed light suddenly disappeared, and the stars and small lights above the head shone on both sides’ faces.
"I don’t say it’s hard to get a million dollars just for an American green card." Every year in China, several families send their children abroad to study, but they can really stay in the local area after graduation.
Everyone joked that being able to go to America is not a matter of staying there.
"Wife, you shouldn’t be poor Cai Xinyan, right?" Zhou Zichen unconsciously picked up her from a young woman’s tone.
"I don’t pity her. She made her own sins today." Yan Xi is not stupid. It is obvious that Cai Xinyan kidnapped herself and wanted her to go back.
"It’s pathetic that she lost that child. After all, it’s always right to have a child." There is maternity in a woman’s bones. What’s worse, the woman is still a mother-to-be
"Little darling, you are so kind. Compared with when I made this series of decisions, I didn’t consider whether Cai Xinyan’s child is good or not." He thought of one possibility, which is to make Cai Xinyan turn over forever.
"Do you think I’m ruthless?"
"No, I know you’ve tried your best to decorate everything for me." Yanxi is kind, but it’s not what the Virgin will not spare her pity.
"Ha ha, little conscienceless. Today, I have a special conscience." The tense color in your brow swept away, and Zhou Zichen lovingly kissed each other’s smooth forehead and mouth, and did not forget to sigh and tease.
The phrase "I have always had a special conscience" pokes at a man’s lean chest. The light in the room is not very strong, and the hazy shadow makes Yanxi’s beautiful face look particularly tempting.
"Well, if you have such a conscientious husband, if you don’t reward him well, you will seem to have no conscience, right?" Zhou Zichen said that he had climbed his fingers along the other side’s calf with a malicious color in his deep pupil at night.
"Are you rewarding me or yourself?" I am angry and smiling. Although Xixi is satirizing men, he has licentious hands.
"Do you dare to say that you are uncomfortable every time your wife and husband love you?" Zhou Zichen’s body has reacted with her magnetic voice becoming hoarse.
"What are you talking about?" Seeing the little woman’s awkward appearance, the man left the idea of bullying her.
The dense eyes narrowed dangerously, and the palm of his hand was very hot and hot, and a fire broke out everywhere.
"Zhou Zichen" has a red face and watery eyes. Yan Xi’s dissatisfaction and anger sounds more like anger.
"Do you want me to actually force you to say it?" The rough fingertips draw one ambiguous circle after another on the side of a woman’s delicate thigh, and Zhou Shaoshao enjoys this kind of teasing.
"No," the rabbit will bite when she is anxious. Yanxi is much worse than the rabbit when she is anxious. She knows that the more shy she is, the more evil a man is.
Not as evil as she is.
"I’ll come" suddenly leaned forward and jane doe pressed the man from the sofa to the carpet before he could react.
"Husband, give me a smile." Riding on the other side’s waist for three inches makes Yanxi’s beautiful legs exposed to Zhou Zichen’s sight.
"Wife, you are playing with fire."
"I’m not afraid. Anyway, we are really on fire in a room, and no one can run away." The evil spirits have raised the diamond-shaped mouth, and Yanxi secretly feels that this one must make up for the unsuccessful woman and man.
Why is she always tired of being pressed in the face?
She wants to resist.
"It turns out that my little girl can be so active." I couldn’t help but send out a heavy breath, which made Zhou Zichen Toshiko’s face ooze hot sweat.
"Don’t be so wordy today, and let you have a taste of backache." Jade’s small hand explains the man’s button. Yanxi’s surface is very domineering but trembling, but it betrays her anxiety.
"I’m waiting" is full of handsome faces and colorful faces. Zhou Zichen is fighting back the impulse to be fooled by the little woman.
forget it
Think of it as making up for a slip of the tongue.
Honey, you’d better not dally around again, because there is no real progress, otherwise.
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
At noon the next day, I slept in the sun and basked in my ass. Yanxi finally woke up faintly.
Rubbing herself so tired that she was about to break her waist, she angrily bit the man’s neck beside her. "In fact, it’s harder in the face than in the face."
There will be more later