The Yu Jie people can simply be called "cannibal demons"

The Jiezu army never carries food and grass to plunder the Han women’s army food in March. The Jiezu people call it "two-legged sheep", which means walking on two feet like sheep to drive away slaves and livestock. Soldiers rape at night and slaughter and cook during the day.
The establishment of Jie Zhao’s rule in Jie nationality once established Xiong Qin Sheng Han nationality has reached the brink of genocide.
Taken the ice sink a way "Yongjia chaos we should remember in mind dare not forget, but the eye situation is not critical to that point! Although there are hundreds of thousands of Zhao troops, there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the Great Jin State! The diligent king teacher stopped at a million? “
"I’m not only in Dajin, but also in Jianchengkang, where a natural barrier across the Yangtze River runs in front of Zhao. !”
Yeah! We still have hundreds of thousands of soldiers to fight, a high city and a deep pool to build Kangcheng, and a Yangtze River natural barrier to rely on!
Sima Yue suddenly woke up when he heard this. "What Yu Qing said is that he can’t build a healthy city, even if the Yangtze River moat, he can’t get through Zhao!"
Sima Yue coughed and said, "Yu Qing, you are right. When this country is in trouble, I, the State of Jin, should make concerted efforts to resist foreign humiliation! ….. I will take the ice general viceroy outside the military from now on, aiming at the army around him taken wing, Huan Wen, Sima Xun and other armies should immediately arise and meet in health. "
Sima Yu took a sip, "The pursuit of health is an important part of the capital, and our country of Jin should not put the battlefield on health."
Yu Bing immediately said, "I will personally lead troops to build the Yangtze River defense line!"
"Now that the situation is urgent, please take care of everything!" Sima Yue seems to be a little excited, and his face has a morbid flush.
"I will do my duty! “
Sima Yue hesitated for a moment and added, "Zhu Qing asked you to come here today. In addition to discussing the strategy of retreating the enemy, I have to entrust myself with the aftermath."
The five ministers present were afraid to speak with their heads down.
It is well known that Sima Yue’s life will soon be over. At present, Sima Yue may become warped at any time. It is not surprising that he will explain his death to the DPRK etiquette.
"If you are dead, you should establish a successor?"
"This …"
In fact, everyone has long thought about this problem. It is not good to show it in front of Sima Yue. When the latter asks, the five people present suddenly meditate.
Taken the ice first said "positions I should be conferring too Sima Dan emperor! Taijun’s succession in the funeral day is a matter of course. "
Smell speech Sima Yue kept silent and didn’t speak.
However, Chong still holds an objection. "It’s true that I’m too young but I’m still babbling at the age of one or two."? As the saying goes, there were also Sima Pi and Sima Yi in the first emperor, but they were all young and respected because they were too young. "
"The ministers should still select outstanding people from the imperial clan with close blood!"
Sima Yue still didn’t speak thoughtfully.
Since the establishment of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Emperor Sima has always been short-lived. Sima Yan died at the age of 22, and now Sima Yue is going to die at the age of 19!
Sima Yan left two sons, Sima Pi and Sima Yi, when he was alive, but he babbled at the age. At that time, Sima Yan was in Zhang Yubing and others suggested abandoning his second brother, Sima Yue, as heir to the throne.
Sima Yue is Sima Yan, and both his mother and brother have to call Yu Bing "uncle". Their mother was Yu Bing’s sister, and Yu Bing contributed a lot to Sima Yue’s position.
At that time, the situation in the state of Jin was relatively safe, but it was not as critical as it is now, but it still could not be as calm as charging the rest of the imperial clan except Sima Yue’s descendants!
You should know that the ancient consorts were a great force. With the support of the Empress Dowager and the emperor, they could often master the DPRK-China relationship.
The Chinese emperor has a huge harem, which is unique in world history.
In ancient times, consorts refer to people or families with direct relatives of the emperor’s empresses. With the development of history, consanguinity is becoming less and less important. Generally speaking, the emperor favored women’s family members, even if they didn’t have consanguinity, they were considered consorts.
In modern times, it is generally called "nepotism"
The dynasty in which consorts had great strength, long duration and the greatest harm was the Han Dynasty.
After Liu Bang’s death, his wife, Lv Zhi, and his two brothers almost changed Liu Jiashan’s surname to Lu. Since then, the consorts have almost formed a unified system.
By the middle of the Western Han Dynasty, politics was generally in the hands of wang xing’s consorts, and Wang Mang reached its peak. Before usurping the throne, Wang Mang’s image was perfect.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
Liu Xiu, Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Dynasty, claimed to be "soft in ruling the sky". The so-called "soft" means the marriage of powerful people. The political hope is to ensure the long-term stability of the country. Throughout the Eastern Han Dynasty, queens were selected from Dou Rong, Deng Yu, Ma Yuan and Liang Tong.
As a result, not only the political instability, but also the serious erosion of the emperor by the consorts’ forces, even the emperor’s abolition was decided by them.
There were too many people in ancient China who wanted to develop their political families through consorts.
Influenced by the consorts of the Han Dynasty, Cao Cao, the great hero, married all his three daughters to Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty and made himself a consort. It seems that it is logical to do so.
The sixteenth "Jia Yuanchun chose Fengzao Palace" in A Dream of Red Mansions describes the festive scene of Jia Fucheng’s consorts.
Taking care of consorts usually ends badly because they are attached to women. Once something goes wrong, they have to fall with them. After the fall of Lv Zhi, his family was wiped out.
In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Liang Ji was the most powerful consort in history. There were three queens in the imperial court, and it seemed that his family could change emperors at will, and the whole family was hacked to death.
In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, it was also a consort. In A Dream of Red Mansions, when Jia Yuanchun died, Jia’s family immediately collapsed. "The tree fell apart and it was so clean."
I am an emperor of the country, Sima Yue, and I should abandon selfishness as much as my own mother and brother.
But is it easy to do this?
Sima Yue hesitated and was unwilling. Among the five ministers who cared for life, Yu Bing and Chong had already expressed their opinions, as well as Sima Qian, king of Wuling, and monk Sima Yu, king of Huiji, who kept Zhuge Hui silent.
"What do you think?" Sima Yue scanned Sima Xi and other three people.
Sima Yi and Sima Yu looked at each other and saw the greedy color in each other’s eyes.
Both of them are uncles of Sima Yue, and their abilities are outstanding in the royal family. All of them are Si Marui’s blood in their bones!
Except Sima Yue, they are the most qualified to inherit the throne when they are less than two years old! There is no doubt about the choice between Sima Xi and Sima Yu.
Sima Yu immediately said, "I’m so young that I’m afraid I’ll be suspicious of the French!"