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Chapter 25 Huaiyin War

Huaiyin is a very old place where people lived as early as the Paleolithic Age. Huaiyin was the center of Xu culture in the pre-Qin period. It is located in the Huaihe River. The ancient Huaihe River came from the south. Today, the abandoned Yellow River in Yangzhuang East is the southern bank of its sea passage, and the old mountain north and the water south are named Huaiyin.
According to Yugong, the Huai River boundary in Huaiyin in Xia Dynasty belongs to Xu and Yang States, and the historical records of Shang and Zhou Dynasties are called Dongyi and Huaiyi.
At the end of the Spring and Autumn Period, it belonged to King Zhending of Yue Zhou in the 24th year (445 BC). When Huaiyin of Sishui River Basin was occupied by the State of Chu, it eventually belonged to Chu.
Twenty-four years ago, Qin Wangzheng established Huaiyin County in 223 years ago, which belongs to Sishui County (also known as Tan County). Huaiyin County was established in Fuling County, southwest of Huaiyin County in Chuzhou District at the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty (now Hongze Lake, Hongze and Xuyi)
In the sixth year (the first 21 years), Emperor Gaozu sealed Huaiyin, Han Xin, and in the eleventh year of its fiefdom, Han Xin was killed. The state of Huaiyin was cancelled, and it was still called Huaiyin County. In the sixth year (the first 117 years), Huaiyin County and Fuling County were set up.
Wang Mang usurped the Han Dynasty to change Huaiyin Jiaxin and changed to Huaiping County, Huaijun County.
At the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Linhuai County was merged into Huaiyin County, Donghai County, and its land was removed from Fuling County to Huaiyin County. In 15 years and 72 years, Linhuai County established Pi State.
In the 11th year of Jian ‘an, in the 26th year, the name of Pi was abolished and Huaiyin was still in Huaijun.
The system of Wei, Wei, Cheng and Han in the Three Kingdoms period has not changed.
At the beginning of Emperor Wu of Jin Dynasty, it still belonged to Linhuai County.
Taikang moved to Guangling County for three years, and moved to Guangling County for thirty-four years when Emperor Jinyuan of Huaiyin crossed the river.
In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the general of the northern expedition and the northern town was the secretariat of Qingyan State or the secretariat of Huaiyin Town of Xuzhou, which was an important town in Huaiyin.
In the year of Yonghe, in 352, Xun Xian, a northern corps commander, was guarding Huaiyin in in Xuzhou. He believed that the terrain of the old town of Huaiyin was "easy to see and understand by land and water, and the fertile fields were cultivated and the ark was transported" but "stationed troops", so he built a new city in the old city of Qin and Han Dynasties, that is, a mile south of Gan Luo. Later, the old town of Huaiyin was near the wharf town, and since then Huaiyin has been a national defense important place in the Southern Dynasties.
Shi Min led hundreds of elite divisions to Huaiyin, but he didn’t even see the Huaihe River valley in front of him, which was enough to make him look and sigh!
It’s true that the taken wing made Huaiyin and Shouchun Jin army stand firm and clear the field, but the Huaihe River can also rely on favorable terrain. According to Cao, a huge camp was built on the south bank of the Huaihe River, but Zhao came too fast. In a few days, the camp was completed, and its substantive defense ability was very poor
Is it so easy to talk about how to stop the Jin army from crossing the Huaihe River?
"At the end of the King, he will lead his troops to cross the river!" Li Xin was the first to make a statement.
"At the end of the king will also be willing to go!" The generals present were all ready to try.
Shi Min shook his head and said, "The Huaihe River is dangerous without a strong warship crossing the river to camp! Everything will wait until our warships arrive in Huaiyin! "
Military orders can be changed.
Zhao immediately camped at the Huaihe River.
Shi Min is really a far-sighted person who doesn’t prepare for the war. He has long known that the warships in the south are far bigger than the war horses. Shi Min had all the warships and naval divisions in the north dispatched early in the morning and was ready to make a big fight.
Jiankang Xianyang Palace
The night is deep.
Sima Yue, who has been lying on the bed and can’t afford to be ill, immediately found his five ministers of life, Yu Bingzhong Lingchong, Wuling Wang Sima Xi, Huiji Wang Sima Yu and monk Zhuge Hui.
Sima Yue was lying in the hospital bed, and she was so weak that she said, "If Zhu Qing and Zhao Jun really invaded our border in the south, Shi Shimin and his elite division of 100,000 people had already confronted our Jin army in Huaiyin, but Yu Yi asked for more troops for fear of insufficient strength."
Yu Bing didn’t hit the nail on the head, but he said, "Zhao Jun, a courtier, is powerful and the limelight is strong. It is not difficult to resist Huaiyin and Shouchun positively. Moreover, the city high pool deeply expects that Zhao Jun can’t attack Shouchun and Huaiyin, so it is not difficult for General Yu Yi to send more troops to defend the enemy from abroad."
Sima Yue nodded slightly.
Has always advocated the northern expedition taken ice can’t help but frown, "positions I charge adults said wrong not to break the fortified city barrier again strong city pass also has been breached! It can have a temporary effect if Zhao’s hundred thousand soldiers attack me and defend me to death, but if Shi Min is really determined to cut Huainan, he will lose it sooner or later, and once Huainan falls, I will be exposed to the enemy’s soldiers! "
Yu Bing advocates sending more troops, but he is opposed to sending more troops.
Chong added, "It’s important for adult Yu Bing to Huainan, but it’s more than enough to have tens of thousands of soldiers with general Yu Yi. Although there are still many imperial troops, it’s necessary to defend all parts of the country for a while. According to reliable information I got, Zhao has secretly contacted Cheng Han Li Shi to ask him to send troops to invade our border! Seeing that the State of Jin can deploy 30,000 to 40,000 troops in Liangzhou and Dongchuan, once these troops are transferred, Li Shi may not be afraid to send troops to the south! "
"It’s right to be an adult," said Sima Yu, the king of Huiji, a moment ago. "Zhao Jun also cut me down several times, but all of them came back because our soldiers were brave, the city was strong and the water network was dense, and the terrain was steep! So Shi Min have this time, I think it will be almost the same. There is no need to rush things. "
Smell speech Sima Yue nodded approvingly. "I can trust Shi Min’s ability to unite troops to fight. Although it is excellent, it has the title of Zhao God of War, but I believe that Yu Yi and Huan Wen are as good as his Shi Min! We should firmly hold Shouchun and Huaiyin. No matter how strong Zhao Jun is, no matter how strong Shi Min’s ability is, I can’t believe it! He, Zhao Jun, can really break the Huai River defense line in Jin State! "
For Yu Yi and Huan Wen Sima Yue, they are really very confident.
Huan Wen and Yu Yi, who is not in the unified army war, also performed exceptionally well.
Yu Yi’s appearance is elegant and graceful, and Wei Wei had a general understanding of the world when he was young.
When Su Jun was in chaos, Yu Yi’s white identity was guarded by Stone Town and he fled to Wen Qiao with Yu Liang.
Afterwards, Qiu Tao Kan enlisted in the army, engaged in general Zhen Wei after Zhong Lang, turned the prefect of Poyang to general Jian Wei, ordered Yu Yi, a captain of Nanman, and the prefect of Nanjun to guard Jiangling when preparing for the Northern Expedition to help defend Shicheng.
After Yu Liang’s death, the court ordered Yu Yi to be the commander-in-chief of Jiang, Jing, Si, Yong, Liang and Yi, and the general Anxi of Jingzhou to succeed Yu Liang in guarding Wuchang.
At that time, people suspected that Yu Yi was too young to inherit the achievements of his brother Yu Liang.
However, Yu Yi devoted himself to the management of the army and the government, and for several years, the government and private funds were enriched. Everyone praised his talents, and the people in the territory of the Yellow River and the South of Zhao all joined the heart.
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Chapter 26 Enemy attack
Report-Your Majesty, General Wang Ping, reported that his navy division had arrived before noon! "
Maoshi is the sunrise, also known as the sun, the dawn and the rising sun. It refers to the time when the sun just appeared and Ran Ran first rose. The word sunrise was first seen in The Book of Songs, the wind and the lambs. The ancestors told future generations that it would be sunrise.
In ancient times, at this time, officials had to go to the court early and count the number of people, which was called "counting the bases"
Shi Min, who was sitting in Zhongjun’s tent, nodded slightly and let this small school retreat.
Looking at the map of the console table, Shi Min touched the black beard and seriously pondered it, and his mind flashed.
Then Shi Min wrote a letter to Wang Ping and called the generals to raise the account for discussion.
"Let all the soldiers go to the army to bury the pot and cook rice, and then everyone will go to bed at noon except for the need to prevent foot soldiers, waiting for the army to attack the enemy Huaihe defense line tonight!"
Fighting is a surprise!
Shi Min has decided to attack the Huai River defense line of the Jin army. At that time, both men and war horses were already sleepy and exhausted. This is definitely the best time to attack. Besides, Shi Min has let the men rest and save their strength before, which is better than the Jin army in spirit.
Moreover, Shi Min has written a letter ordering Wang Ping to lead the navy to Huaiyin around the time and then try to launch an offensive against the Jin army along the Huaihe River to cross the river!
Cao, the champion general who was still in a deep sleep, was startled when he heard shouting and killing. He woke up from his sleep and hurriedly put on his clothes, picked up his weapon and walked out of his bed.
It is reasonable to say that during the March and the war, all the soldiers and soldiers can’t be disarmed, because once there is any emergency, they will oppose it, but Cao never imagined that this would be a confrontation. But how did Zhao suddenly attack on two days?
But he couldn’t think more. The situation was quite critical. According to Cao, he quickly ran out of the bedroom and took his QinBing to the Huaihe River.
"retreat! Ming Jin retired! " After losing more than 100 bodies, the Zhao army, who was still threatening to cross the river, hurried away.
There are still a number of cold bodies floating on the river.
"No," said Cao, puzzled by the tunnel, "Zhao is feinting? Do they want to paralyze us with a tired plan? "