"The end will be there!"

"I order you to lead twenty thousand soldiers to be stationed in Shouchun and Xu Shoucheng, and you must not fight!"
"yes! “
"Cao according to!"
"The end will be there!"
"Life you rate twenty thousand soldiers stationed in Huaiyin, also Xu Shoucheng fortified wilderness shall not play!"
Taken the wing added, "will be in xiangyang scheduling horses hay"
The war between Jin and Zhao is on the verge of breaking out.
"hurry up! Hurry up! "
The soldiers of the Jin army in black armor in white are armed with long guns and driving away cattle and sheep, driving the ragged people, all of whom are married with children, helping the elderly and taking care of the young, as if they were fleeing.
Well, they did flee
"Take away food or livestock on the spot! Hurry up! "
Behind this team, a raging fire broke out again. The Jin army tried to burn it if it didn’t even leave a house and a chicken for Zhao Jun!
Looking at the scorched earth, the hometown has already shouldered the burden, and the old people are crying, while the young people are crying. A kind of hatred has bred in their hearts.
Hate it?
Hate who?
Jin army? Or Zhao Jun?
The army of this world destroyed their homes like bandits and made them live a life of wandering.
"Beast! Stop it! "
An angry old man grabbed a pole in his hand and tried to attack the soldier who set fire to his house, but how could the elderly beat the young and strong soldier?
"Shua" an old man was cut throat and died.
Rebels die!
"boomed! ….. "Zhao vanguard troops have arrived at Shouchun.
Wen Tai, the general of this vanguard, saw this scene and couldn’t help feeling deeply. "How did the Jin army win the hearts of the people?"
At this time, hundreds of Zhao Jun are constantly rushing to Huainan Road.
The road flyover Ma Si is dusty.
Wearing black armor in Tsing Yi, the soldiers of Zhao army marched neatly on the official road, marching soldiers, riding soldiers, crossbowmen and other arms were mixed together, and from the past, they saw that a large head was dark and covered the whole earth like a black cloud.
In the center of this huge team, there is a six-horse white horse pulling the carriage and setting up a big banner of Zhao Jun and a red standard belonging to Wang Wei.
Wen Tai immediately drove the horse here and got off the horse while driving.
"What’s the situation ahead?"
"To report that the King Jin has split his troops in Xiangyang and stationed in Xiangyang, Huaiyin and Shouchun respectively, it seems that he has a desperate intention."
"I know you go first."
"yes! "A new m1zw.
Wait until Wen Tai retired Shi Min and sat back in the car. He was silent and frowning and thinking about something.
The storm is suspected of killing and injuring many soldiers.
Shi Min doesn’t want to use his own elaborate army to run out in the tough battle.
But what if you don’t storm?
The Jin army is just like a little puss-head, except for the storm
Yan Shimin’s consideration is to break the tortoise shell of the Jin army at the fastest speed and the least cost.
To break the tortoise shell of the Jin army, we must find a breakthrough.
Huaiyin or Shouchun?
Shi Min decided to hit Huaiyin first!
Shi Min has sent people to visit Huaiyin. The city is not as strong as Shouchun, and the guarding city is Huan Wen, which is based on Cao Cao, but it is better for Huaishui to break through the past and go through Huaiyin. Because Huaiyin is almost occupied by Shi Min, the capital of Jin State, Jiankang will also be exposed to Zhao Jun’s soldiers!
"To go! The army is heading for Huaiyin! "
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Chapter 24 The wind blows up.