Desire to smell speech know it’s time to speak "good! There are two sentences missing! "

Mu Zuo, the king, said that everyone naturally has to listen.
"Xun, yes, my Xianbei population is millions, and it also occupies the whole Mobei grassland, Liaohe Plain and the northwest Gansu left area, all of which are our Xianbei Rao sphere of influence, but why do hundreds of thousands of Rao Jie people have to occupy a corner of the Central Plains when we are powerful Xianbei people?"
Mu Zuo has a tunnel "because our Xianbei Rao department is not United enough!" There are my Mu clan in the east, Tuoba clan in the middle and Xianbei tribe in the northwest. The broken Xianbei tribe can’t be unified like the sandalwood tree! "
"Imagine that the Han army went to the Great Wall for more than 2,000 miles. I, the leader of Xianbei, Tan Shihuai, ordered three adults in the east and west to lead the crowd to face the defeated Han army separately! Even at that time, the elite of the enemy Han family could not defeat my Xianbei fighters! "
"I am eager to reproduce my past glory!"
All the ministers bowed down and said, "I am willing to do my best to serve the king!"
Guo Xiang Feng Yi even lowered his hand and said, "Your majesty, I, Yan Guo, have successively destroyed Yuwen Department and Duan Liao Department, and the rest of the people are attacking Goguryeo, Xianbei and the unification day is just around the corner!"
Mu Mu clenched his fist and said, "There is nothing impossible for us Xianbei people to unite!"
"Long live the King!" The ministers call way
Seeing this scene, Xun Ji could not help but converge, with his head down and his eyes shining with a look of fear.
If Xianbei people are really United, how can they be spared?
Mu Zi believed himself when he saw all his ministers, and he could not help but nodded slightly and added, "Well, in that case, I decided to establish an alliance between Zhao and a signatory country, Yanzhao, and establish a trade city on the border for mutual benefit."
"King Sheng!"
Now that Mu Zuo has made a decision, it is not good for his ministers to come forward to oppose it.
What’s more, before Xun Ji came, in fact, Yan’s monarch and his subjects had already discussed in private that they would accept Zhao’s kindness to establish non-aggression and mutual benefit.
Mu Mu had long wanted Zhao to fix it, but when Shi Hu was alive, he repeatedly invaded Yan’s conquest and kept passive defense. In fact, Zhao, the side of Yan, showed more aggression!
Yan Yan State has successively annexed the Yuwen Department of Xianbei and Duan Liao Department, and has also levied the northern Fuyu people to become the most powerful force in western Liaoning, Ma Zhuang.
Mu Zuo is planning to destroy Goguryeo with a bang!
Now Yan’s army is still fighting in Koguryo, and Zhao Yi and Yan can make more soldiers and horses enter Koguryo!
Happy but not happy?
What’s more, Zhao can get precious tea, silk, porcelain, salt and other rare things from repairing its trading state of Yan!
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Chapter 21 Personal expedition to Huainan
In Shimin, the state of Zhao successively established a treaty of non-aggression, non-interference and friendship and mutual alliance with Yan, Daiguo, Qiuchi and Chenghan nearby, and concluded trade and set up a trade city on the border.
At the same time, in order to complete the unification of Zhao in form, Shi Min decided to canonize the king.
Mu Zi Yan Wang established Yan Guo as its capital Longcheng; Tuoba Shiyi key generation Wang Li generation country capital Pingcheng; Yang Chu Qiu Chi Wang Li Qiu Chi Qiu Chi, the capital of the country; Li Shicheng Wang Licheng Chengdu, the national capital.
In addition, the Zhao court also conferred titles on Zhang Jun, Pu Hong and Yao Yizhong in Longdi under the leadership of Shi Min.
Zhang Junliang, Wang Liliang, Gu Zang, the capital of the country; Pu Hongqin and Wang Li Qin made Tianshui its capital; Yao Yizhong Yong Wang Li Yong Guo makes Chang ‘an its capital.
Shi Min himself was conferred the title of King Wei, whose capital is the girder. However, Shi Min is different from other kings. He is the Regent and the largest captaincy, so the whole territory of Zhao except Yecheng was incorporated into the sphere of Wei’s influence!
In this way, the situation of Wang Gongzhi’s separatist regime appeared in Zhao State.
Mu Zuo and Li Shi, the former separatist party who claimed to be the king and the emperor, would choose to serve Zhao? You know, Li Shi became a Han (Han State), but he had an emperor’s name. However, after accepting the conferment of the Zhao court, Li Shi degraded himself and became a king.
In fact, there are all reasons for this.
Mu Mao, Zhang Jun and Tuoba Shiyijian are all swing-heads, and they have their own interests at heart. They have accepted the conferment of the State of Jin and the conferment of the State of Zhao, and it is not surprising that they will accept the conferment of the State of Zhao and let the State of Zhao complete the unification of the north.
Yu Puhong and Yao Yizhong, on the other hand, have no choice. They are already rebels. Shi Min is grateful that he didn’t send an army to conquer them. What’s worse, now Shi Min has given them such a justified identity to dominate the country?