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Ji Xuegong is equivalent to the state prison.

However, GuoJian is specialized in studying official road, while JiXueGong is dabbling in aurora and learning everything.
During the Fourth Five-Year Plan, you should dabble in grain farming rather than in business and craftsmanship as a "cheap industry"!
Today, an exam about their future fate is going on here at Jixue Palace.
Ji Xuegong, as well as recruiting scholars, including local officials and ministers, recommended that people gather together and are preparing for the exam with great satisfaction.
At this moment, Shi Min is dressed by himself and often pretends to be a well-proportioned and charming elder brother who is mixed in the ranks of the scholars. Shi Min is very tall and his skin is healthy and wheat-colored, but his face is not rough and crazy, so he looks like an ordinary scholar anyway.
"Brother Ran?"
I heard a sound behind me. Shi Min was stunned for a while and then turned around. Sure enough, it was many days since I saw Yu Wenjun.
I really feel a lot about this Yu Wenjun Shi Min.
Why do women like to dress up as men so much in this era?
Yu Wenjun, alias Yu Wen, was born in Yingchuan. Yu is the daughter of Yu Liang, the late minister of Jin State.
It should still be the time when Yu’s power was strongest. However, after Yu Bing and Yu Yi died one after another, the status of Yu’s ruling family in Yingchuan was soon replaced by Huan’s.
However, Yu Wenjun’s first daughter, Yu Shi’s first daughter, unexpectedly appeared here openly, and even Shi Min had to admire her.
What a pity!
"Yu Wen, you … this is for the exam?"
"Isn’t Brother Ran the same?"
Shi Min shook his head and said, "I’m not like you. You’re from the south. I’m still a free man and there aren’t so many fetters. It’s hard to say whether I can get into the official career or not."
"Hee hee, I believe that your talent will not be buried."
"That it little brother and you? Are you here to take the exam, too? "
"I’m here to have a look. It would be great if I could really win an official position."
Yu Wenjun looked around and couldn’t help feeling deeply. "I didn’t expect so many candidates to come?" Seeing this scene, I am afraid that there should be more than 2,000 candidates! "
"The number of people is not limited to this." Shi Min smiled slightly. "Don’t say that almost all of them have taken the exam, and there are people who have been recommended from the recruitment hall. These people add up to no less than 3,000 people."
"It’s time for them to catch up," Yu Wenjun said with a smile. "It’s not difficult for Zhao to promote the purge of bureaucracy, abolish redundant staff and punish corrupt officials in Wang Wei, and there have been a large number of local officialdom and the DPRK."
"Brother Yu doesn’t know what you think of Wang Wei’s implementation of the New Deal?"
Yu Wenjun thought for a while and finally said, "The starting point is good, but it’s hard to predict after all, but I can be sure that if Zhao Guozhen is capable of carrying out the New Deal from reform to reform, the whole national strength of Zhao will be completely transformed in three to five years, and it’s not difficult to unify the day."
Shi Min smell speech slightly, and didn’t speak.
It didn’t take long for Shi Min and them to be assigned to an examination room.
Because there are too many people and the examination room is not big enough, everyone has to take the exam outside in the courtyard.
The examination is neither the Four Five Classics nor the general plan of governing the country, but it is necessary to study a candidate’s views on the New Deal of not less than 1000 words.
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Chapter 275 Examination
Chapter 276 Short-lived emperor
Out of the examination room Shi Min Yu Wenjun together to find a restaurant to sit down and order some wine.
"What can I get for you two guests?"
"What good wines and dishes do you have here?" Shi Min asked 1.
That fellow threw the rag at his shoulder and smiled obsequiously. "The guest officer asked a good question. There are good dishes such as kung pao chicken, shredded pork with fish flavor, dried fish wings, lion’s head, Longjing shrimp, beggar’s chicken, and so on. There are also old wines such as Daughter Red, Bamboo Leaf Green, Monkey Brewing and Nine-Dan Gold Liquid, which used to be the royal wine of the Han Dynasty and has been in the people for hundreds of years, and Guangling San, which is from today’s Wang Wei!"
"Sir, I don’t know if you know that Guangling powder is famous for its fragrance and its intensity is far better than that of ordinary spirits! This Guangling scattered in Yecheng is also a valuable city! This year, the old cellar in Liyang, Wang Wei produced only 10,000 altars! As soon as it was produced, it was snapped up. Even our restaurant bought 20 altars of Guangling San! "
Wen Yan Shimin smiled faintly. "Then give us an altar of Guangling San and two altars of ten-year-old daughter red bar materials, and then come to fish-flavored shredded pork, braised lion head, beggar chicken and kung pao chicken."
"Yes!" That fellow immediately smiled and Shi Min wanted all the famous wines and dishes in their restaurant, and the price was not too much.
"Brother Yu, what else can you order?"