"This is an arrest warrant! We are going to invite your master to Yecheng for tea under the orders of Tingwei Mansion. "

"What? !” The master so stupidly outside your honour directly kicked the door and then threw himself on the ground. A group of people asked the direction clearly and swaggered over where the bedroom of the county magistrate was! ビヤ? 1 Chinese website Ω Ω Ω ⒏ 1z щм
"What are you doing? What are you doing? ?” This plain county magistrate is still sleeping with his concubines in his arms. A dozen people suddenly broke in and pulled him out of the bed directly.
The officer took out the arrest warrant and said in awe, "Zhao County has arrested you. Please come with us!"
There are countless such things in various parts of Zhao, and many corrupt officials have been directly arrested. They have irrefutable evidence, but they need to be detained back to Yecheng for trial after thorough verification. After waiting for irrefutable evidence, one great head after another will be beheaded!
This time, in just one month, more than 700 officials have been removed from prison for investigation, which is so serious that they have to be beheaded and property confiscated. Officials have to be detained in Yecheng for careful trial before they can be completely convicted.
For those corrupt officials who are not guilty of death, they are directly removed from their posts, fined or sentenced to several years in prison (sent to the frontier) and never recorded.
It can be said that Shi Min was involved in this purge of bureaucracy, and there were very few 5,000 people involved, among them, heinous officials were directly sentenced to beheading or implicating three families!
But Shi Min is still not satisfied with this. "It’s too slow! Yuan Liang, the efficiency of your Tingweifu and Yushitai is too m1zw. "
Smell speech Tingwei Cui Hao has just been pulled out of the suggestion. Cheng Ranwen is ashamed and stands there with his head down like a good baby.
Ran Wen’s heart is a little angry, but it’s not easy to show it. He lowered his hand and said, "Your majesty is not my censorate and Tingweifu, but he is understaffed! All the censors at the Eye Censorship Station have gone out to make unannounced visits to search for evidence of corrupt officials, and the Tingwei House of Cui’s adult is also busy. It’s really hard to allocate enough manpower to punish those corrupt officials for a while! "
Shi Min swept RanWen one eye sink a way "this is not your TingWei mansion and censorate inefficient excuse! Shortage of hands? Didn’t I give you some of the hanging mirror department and the dark side? It took a whole month to catch more than 700 corrupt officials? This is still the case that some corrupt officials have long been found guilty by the secret department! Do you explain this? "
"This ….." Cui Hao and Ran Wen are right about this.
Glancing at his two confidant ministers again, Shi Min couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. "Forget it. Maybe it’s a mistake to give you Tingweifu and Yushitai to deal with these things. It’s just that many corrupt officials have been taken back in Yecheng. Let Yushitai and Tingweifu come to trial. You all go back to Yecheng."
"This ….. your majesty that local bureaucracy?" Cui Hao is worried.
Shi Min sighed, "I have my own opinion that you don’t have to worry about this matter."
When Cui Hao ran Wen retreated to Shi Min’s face, there was still some rain or shine. Finally, he glanced at the beam in the palace and "danced lightly"
At this time, a graceful figure dressed in black but unable to hide the peerless beauty appeared on the beam.
Yes, this woman was none other than Mo Qingwu, a female assassin who assassinated Shi Min at the Chitose Banquet, and one of the top ten famous beauties in nirvana in fire.
Don’t dance lightly. It’s rarely that you kneel down behind Shi Min and don’t see any expression with your head down.
"During this period, how well did you hand over the dark things?"
"I’m already familiar with the dark side."
Shi Min, who is slightly familiar with the operation of the dark side and has his own esteem and belief in not dancing lightly, can replace Jing Zhan as the new leader of the dark side.
And Mo Qingwu has become his pillow person. For the innocence of his family, he can control her by relying on Mo Qingwu Shimin!
"Good day, I will let Jing Zhan take over the mirror company. Then you will take over the dark mirror company instead of him. I hope you can be responsible for the dark outside!"
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Chapter 273 Official management
Chapter 274 A Royal Guards
After the promulgation of Shimin’s decree, two vigorous movements were launched in the whole country, one was to rectify the official administration, and the other was to demolish evil temples and maintain religious beliefs.
Shi Min’s prestige is very high when he came to Rao for two national movements, which can be seen by people in the ruling and opposition circles, but Li Shu is talking about it, and there are different opinions about Shi Min’s new policies
Even so, the decree was still issued.
Due to the intervention of local officials, Shi Min may send troops directly to assist the censors of Yushitai and Tingwei Prefecture to send officials to investigate and arrest those who dare to oppose.
And another movement to demolish evil shrines is also a vigorous cultural movement!
Many corrupt officials, local tyrants and evil gentry have also been found out by tracing the trail of the demolished evil shrine government, and they have been convicted of property theft one by one.
After Xun Ji estimated that in the past month, from these two movements, the imperial court confiscated property and wiped out the money, which definitely exceeded 300 million yuan! Get food not less than a million stones!
What kind of concept is this?
According to Zhao Junjun, this 300 million yuan is enough for Zhao to raise another 1 million troops and tens of thousands of officials for three years!
And millions of stone grain is enough to Zhao for two years!
It is conceivable that this number is far more than that.
Follow-up Shi Min will also dig deep into those corrupt officials who hide deeper to get more money and food!
Being the master for so long, Shi Min finally tasted the taste of deep pockets!
When Shi Min was angry at the Great Court, he threw a memorial directly into the red carpet among the ministers.
"A month the court found out more than seven hundred corrupt officials! There are as many as five thousand people involved! These people have plundered more than 300 million yuan! Food is enough for the court for two or three years! "
Shi Min flew into a rage and said, "I know that there are still many corrupt officials in the DPRK and China who have not yet been brought to justice. This number is far more than that."
"Your majesty, calm down!" All the ministers were so frightened that they all knelt down.
"You let me calm down?"
The ministers all dared not reply when they heard the news, and they all bowed their heads.
After a while, Shi Min seems to have lost a lot of anger. "I believe that among the tens of thousands of officials in Zhao, there are more than 700 people in this area. The rectification of official management has only been going on for a month, but the efficiency is still too slow. Do you two explain this, Ran Wen and Cui Hao?"