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Chen Yu was about to persuade the stairs to ring "Little Master, run slowly and be careful to fall"

Azeri’s words to him seemed unheard of and rushed to Mo Jun’s night. "Dad, this is for you. You must have a look."
Mo Jun was curious at night and took the padstroke, which seemed to be a blow.
"ten styles of chasing women"
"A good man is like catching up with a good woman"
"What do women think?"
"Men are not bad, women don’t love"
"How to make a woman love you in bed for one second"
Mo Tianze proudly raised his little face. "Dad, if all this can’t help you, then either you have an IQ problem or mom doesn’t love you at all."
"But what?"
"But I think there is no problem with mom. You’d better find more reasons for yourself."
Mo Jun is in distress situation at night.
Isn’t it because you turned a corner and said that his IQ is not good?
Does this smelly little skin itch?
Mo Jun sighed at night, and his big hands are soft and his hair is dancing.
"Are you my Mojun Yeer?"
"I used to be, but if you don’t get mom back, I think it’s necessary to have a dna test."
It may be wrong to have a child as smart as me with your IQ.
Azeri cocked his head and made up for it.
Mo Jun shoved pad into his arms at night and said coldly, "It’s the best proof not to test your face."
"Dad, don’t you see? This is very "Azeri counting the footsteps of Dad’s building is very wronged."
Mo Jun stopped at night, turned around and narrowed his eyes. "Do you think I need it?"
Need it!
Aze wanted to add a sentence, but when he saw his father’s handsome face, he thought it would be better not to say this.
Dad has a better idea?
Or are all these tricks out of date?
It must be so.
Mo Tianze patted his head, and he decided to stay up all night tonight before searching for some information.
For example, chasing girls 36 styles
What’s a woman thinking?
For example, let a woman love you wholeheartedly.
"Ha ha ha ha Tsukiyomi ikuto, are you saying that your son taught you that if you let a woman love you in bed for one second? Ha ha ha ha "
Fu Yunfei couldn’t help laughing.
That little hair hasn’t grown up yet. Little jj is still a toothpick, and he wants to teach Tsukiyomi ikuto about bed.
Hahahaha, you can’t resist making him laugh for a while.
Aly looked at Fu with little recklessness, but he couldn’t help laughing in front of the young master. He turned around and secretly covered his mouth.
Mo Jun gave Fu Yunfei a cold look at night. "What about them?"
Fu Yunfei smiled and shook his head. "You don’t ask these two people to hum."
"What do you mean, hum?" Mo Jun is puzzled at night.
"Hum is that the situation is fierce and the total Qin Fan hasn’t been settled yet." Fu Yunfei shrugged. "You belong to he is my brother."
"Do you have a blind date?"
"Yes, people love me. Do you want it? It’s a pity that I don’t feel it." Fu Yunfei shuddered at the thought of that powdered face.
"It’s a good thing I called you out without saying this."
"Say" Mo Jun’s words at night are concise and frightening
"There is a piece of government in the eastern suburbs. I got the news that in five years, there will be a subway and two large ones will be built there. In the ten-year urban planning, urban construction will move eastward. Are you interested in the future appreciation potential there?"
Mo Jun’s eyes lit up slightly at night.
In fact, he also received the news, and he is planning to make Mohs enterprise a higher level if he can take that piece of land.
The profit is considerable.
Mo Jun glanced at his brother at night and asked, "What do you think?"
Fu Yunfei raised his eyebrows and smiled. "My idea is that the three brothers will not only bring the land together, but also bring all the surrounding pieces, which can be developed into a youth city in the future."
"Good idea!" Mo Jun’s idea of having a light drink at night coincides with his own.