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Chapter 266 Divination
Chapter 267 Superstition
After contact with Jade Qing reality, Shi Min became more and more awed by God.
It seems that fortune-telling is not necessarily a scam. This jade Qing reality is really something magical! The next day, Shi Min took Mulan and his party out again, but this time he didn’t take Xun’s brother and sister.
This time, Shi Min visited all villages and towns.
Xuchang is really a rich and fertile land with fertile fields. There are many farmers waving hoes in the crisscross fields for thousands of miles.
When weeding day is noon, sweat drops the soil! Who knows that every grain on the plate is hard!
Came to a town and city again, and suddenly there was a noise from the front.
Then a group of people appeared in the city.
"Golden pool mage! It’s Jinchi exorcist! "
"quick! Pray for blessings! "
City people knelt to leave Shi Min and other people stood there.
At this time, the so-called "Golden Pool Magician" team has entered the city. This team looks very strange. The left and right big men are wearing yellow scarves and holding two cards "Out of the General" and "Into the Phase". Behind them, two columns of Han people are also wearing yellow scarves and holding up khaki flags with the words "whatever you want"
In the team, there are also a number of women walking there with their eyes down, surrounded by the most middle step, and there are many big men with swords who are responsible for maintaining order near the team
There are also some people beating gongs and drums there.
In this middle step, there is a curtain gauze covering all sides, but there is a person sitting vaguely.
"Later you hurry up and kneel! Don’t disrespect Master Jinchi! " An old woman who had knelt beside Shi Min saw Shi Min and they seemed to be stuck. They quickly pulled Shi Min’s skirt to make him kneel.
Who is Shi Min? Kneel on my knees! My parents have never knelt before except Shi Hu! Why should you kneel down to an unknown person?
He’s the Prime Minister of Wang Wei’s Great State of Zhao!
"Is this Master Jinchi a human being?"
"epigenetic! Hurry up! " Next to him, an old man said urgently, "Master Jinchi, but our famous exorcist in Shili Township is disrespectful to Master Jinchi, which means disrespectful to Xuantian Emperor!"
Is this Master Jinchi a human being? What the hell is Xuantian Emperor?
"Bold and unruly!" Seeing that Shi Min didn’t kneel, not only the big fellow in the team was angry, but even the nearby people glared at them.
One of them angrily said with a sword, "You unruly people don’t kneel? Collision with Master Jinchi’s driver is collision with Xuantian Emperor’s driver! Do you want retribution? !”
Karma? Joke!
Shi Min almost burst into tears. He is a deist from later generations who doesn’t believe in religion. Why should he kneel down to a common people just because of his current status?
"If I don’t kneel, what will happen to me?" Shi Min light tunnel
Smell speech that big fellow sneer at a way "small if you don’t kneel don’t say XuanTianDi revenge you now I can interrupt your hands and feet, believe it or not? !”
"Bold!" On one side, Chen Changsheng swished out the sword in his hand and the guards around him generally wanted Shi Min to order them to kill them in the past and execute these fucking things on the spot!
That big fellow was really angry when he heard this. He drew his sword and said, "Get them for me!"
Then both sides wrestled together, not fighting, but fighting.
On Shi Min’s side, a dozen people disguised as guards all pulled out their swords and fought hand to hand, while on Master Jinchi’s side, 45 big men rushed in with swords, guns and clubs, but these people were purely enthusiastic and fighting with brute force, so the two sides made a high verdict!
Dozens of people were killed on Master Jinchi’s side, while Shi Min suffered two minor injuries here, and the others were unscathed!
"Kill people! They killed people! "
Anyway, broad daylight
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Chapter 26 flogging
We must vigorously rectify these evil shrines! "
In Shimin’s order, one notice after another was posted in prominent places in Xuchang streets and lanes. Not only that, but teams of messengers came out of Xuchang and rushed to various places with Wang Wei’s imperial edict to order local officials to act according to this imperial edict.
"Wang Wei has made! In addition to paying homage to the three emperors and five emperors, the temples of ancient sages such as Yao Shunyu, Ji Zha, Confucius and Meng, the rest of the temples of Mao Shenmin were demolished! People are not allowed to worship! "
With Wei Wangshimin’s summons, many places have sent military forces to forcibly demolish the temples of Maoshen!
Xuchang Xuantiandi Temple
"What are you doing? Asshole! You will be damned! Xuantian Emperor will be angry! "
Watching the military smash in the temple, even the golden body of Xuantian Emperor was smashed to pieces. All valuable things in the vicinity were looted. People and ordinary people in a temple stopped them one after another, but they were all controlled by the military, so they could watch the temple smashed.
This is generally the case in other places.
Shi Min points out that this imperial edict is aimed at evil shrines of local people.
According to statistics, in this mighty campaign to demolish evil shrines, which lasted for 100 days, more than 4,600 evil shrines were demolished all over the country of Zhao, and the discounted money exceeded 30 million yuan!
This time, the movement to demolish evil shrines has caused widespread indignation and discontent among the people, but for the time being, after all, ordinary people have to live every day. Without this belief, they can change their beliefs.
In addition, Shi Min also found representatives of major families to reprimand angrily to a few words.
Without the support of these local gentry, how can these evil shrines take root in the local area without their support? How can you plunder people’s wealth like this?
After this movement, Shi Min’s trip in Xuchang was completely over, and then Shi Min went straight north to Yecheng and returned.
When Shi Min returned to the capital, Shi Zun, who was still indulging in the gentle township, immediately led his ministers out to Zhengdemen to meet him.
More than 200 ministers at the city gate were neatly arranged there, with their heads down, their eyes looking at their noses, their mouths watching their minds, and their hearts watching them like an old monk sitting in a meditation.
After a while, the patrol team’s standard flew on the road and a touch of black appeared on the horizon.
After waiting for ages, Shi Min’s team finally arrived!
Emperor Shi Zun obviously straightened his posture and walked right in front of Shi Min’s six royal cars.
Shi Zun walked directly to the front of the driver just like welcoming the "father" squad back to Chao Tai, and Shi Min got into the driver with a smile at this time.
"Please" Shi Zun made a gesture of please to let Shi Min go first and then follow.
In this way, Shi Min boarded a carriage with a canopy, and Shi Zuntong took a car to meet the hot eyes of his subjects. Shi Min waved from time to time with a light face and the people along the way didn’t shout long live!