Just then, an anxious voice sounded untimely.

Shi Min looked up and turned out to be that dude ChuJue just now.
What does he think?
"Brother Ran, can you give me the ticket in your hand? I’m willing to pay 100 yuan for the number ticket in your hand. "
Shi Min shook his head.
See ChuXuan eyes flashed a sullen color and then focus on Xun Ji body "to brother can you let him give me the number ticket? I must be grateful! "
Xun Ji was a little angry when he heard this, but he still patiently said, "Since Mr. Ran won’t give you the number ticket, I can’t be the master. I’d better be myself!"
Words to this ChuXuan should be back down.
However, Chu Xuan is a wan-ku temperament, and with his father and his own queen sister, Chu garlic, Chu Xuan is afraid that no one dares to offend him in this Xuchang border.
But Chu Xuan didn’t think it was in the territory of Zhao, and he never thought that he had offended none other than Shi Min, the current ruler of Zhao!
Chu garlic is the queen of the state of Jin, and his father, Chu Mao, although the official worships General Wei and Xu Yanzhou, they are all officials of the state of Jin, Zhao Guogan?
If Chu Xuan offended ordinary people, then the famous family in Yingchuan might shield him from offending Chu, but now Chu Xuan offended Shi Min!
With a flash of yoshimitsu in Chu Xuan’s eyes, a dozen followers around him waved their hands and surrounded Shi Min, who was afraid of getting into trouble.
Chu Xuan sank, "Ran Min, I’ll tell you one last time. Either hand over this number ticket now and I’ll give you a hundred dollars or I’ll have it snatched by myself!"
When I heard this, Shi Min almost smiled. Xun Lihua had giggled and laughed from ear to ear!
That’s funny! This public ChuXuan unexpectedly spoke wildly to rob him of Shi Min’s things. Isn’t that a death wish? !
"What are you laughing at? !” Chuxuan is very annoyed!
Chu Xuan, who came from a noble family, should not be so brainy and cruel.
Is it not just a ticket? No, no cherry blossoms.
But this time things are different!
Chuxuan secretly returned to Xuchang in addition to managing the family business and gathering Yang Zhai Chushi’s heart. The second is to ask Jade Qing to be a real person. When he came, he had promised his father!
And in a few years, he will go back. Today, Chu Xuan will have another chance to get Yu Qing’s forgiveness. Chu Xuan is hard to worry about!
Chu Xuan’s father, Chu Mao, can be described as a true disciple of Jade Qing.
When Chu Zuo was still in Xuchang, he once got the idea that Jade Qing was a real person and that he would rise to the top in the future.
Later, the real jade Qing saw Chu garlic and decided that it was the queen’s life. It turned out that the real jade Qing was a psychic who knew five hundred years before and five hundred years after. These things were all fulfilled one by one!
And this time ChuXuan is to ask jade qing reality to calculate a divination for his family fortune!
Xun Lihua laughed at a "what am I laughing at? I laugh at your overreaching! "
At this time, Xun Lihua disguised as a man and Chu Xuan didn’t recognize it, so she was even more angry!
"Call me! Hit hard! I am responsible for something! "
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
The accident happened when everyone was watching this scene with rapt attention or gloating, wondering how badly Shi Min would be beaten.
"Stop it!"
An ethereal sound, which seem like that outside world, sounded from the side hall.
"It’s Jade Qing!"
"It’s him! It’s really jade Qing! "
See in a group of Taoist priests surrounded by a sage-like, very fairy-like and serene old man came out.
The "real people" saw that the real people present at Jade Qing didn’t salute, even if they just held their heads high and ordered their followers to beat Rao Chuxuan, they had to salute.
Xun Ji was relieved to see the Jade Qing reality come out. He was really afraid that something had happened to Shi Min here. Although Shi Min would not suffer in the end, he was afraid that it would not be conducive to Shi Min’s future development.
And in the periphery of the crowd, Chen Changsheng, the guards in disguise, all pressed their weapons. If Chuxuan did anything wrong, they would be executed on the spot!
See jade qing reality announced a number "quantity! Two friends, my view of Bie Yun is a clean world, not a place where you fight. If you have to choose a high place, you can go elsewhere. "
Chuxuan smell speech can’t help blushing. "The real junior knows that I am wrong, but for a reason, the younger generation wants to get the real one. Nai, this fellow doesn’t give face to face! Please forgive me for being abrupt! "
"Don’t worry," said Jade Qing, a real person, blowing dust in his hand. "Chu You Laodao already knows what you’re doing. Chu You and that friend over there can you give Laodao a face?"
"Please ask real people to make decisions"
Chu Xuan didn’t dare to offend the jade Qing real person. After all, the jade Qing real person is very famous in Yingchuan. He knows how to read geography and calculate divination. He also knows how to look at people and know how to rejuvenate many people. Even those noble families have to sell his meager sensibilities. Naturally, he dare not blame Yu Qing. What a pity!
Shi Min naturally thought of this and replied, "It’s up to the real person!"
"That … RanYou over there can go to the wing first, which is slightly equal to ChuYou can take the number ticket first and enter the temple with the road to calculate a divination for you."
"Thank you for being a real person!"
Chuxuan smell speech immediately smile directly grabbed the Shi Min hand number ticket swaggering to the hall.
Yu Shimin is not too angry.
Let Zhi, but it’s not necessarily who laughs last!
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Chapter 266 Divination
Please follow me. "
Wait until the crowd dispersed Shi Min before they appeared a female Taoist child.
This Taoist girl looks like an eleven-or twelve-year-old girl, but her face is as red as an egg white, which makes people want to touch her. She is very cute, her big eyes are flickering, and she wears a pair of ponytails that don’t fit her. What makes people feel very much …
Of course, Shi Min is not something that lolicon can barely resist and follow the female Taoist child.
"Hey, what’s your name?" Female Taoist child cocked his head and asked a.
Shi Min smiled and said "Ran Min".
"Oh, oh, brother Ran, why didn’t you just give the number ticket directly to the bad guy? That bad guy is dead, and Hu Fei, the evil servant around him, is not a good thing at first sight! He paid 100 yuan for the number ticket in your hand. Why don’t you sell it? "
Wen Yan Shi Min touched the stubble and said, "Do I look like a person who is short of money?"