When you hear this, stop at once …

Chapter 271 Punishment [Even]
A huge shadow appeared in the sky, and a big hand reached out. Once Liu Kun was caught, he could not move and struggled.
Several other bosses stopped to salute the virtual shadow fuels with respectful form.
Liukun unwilling to take back the sword in the sky after the big hand is loose.
Seeing this scene, Muhai slowly wiped the sweat off his forehead.
Just now LiuKun hit too much pressure on yourself.
Afraid of making the closet collar is not necessarily his opponent.
Fortunately, the shadow of the sky appeared on time, otherwise it would be really hard to be good
"Now it’s interpersonal, and you big deans haven’t reported to me that I made a big mistake in going to the West Hospital privately. Please forgive me this time, and if it’s a second time, you will be severely punished. Do you understand?" Virtual shadow is a natural majesty of Chinese character face.
"Listen to understand" LiuKun three dean nodded.
"LiuKun punish you to cure the injured immediately" virtual shadow said.
Liukun turned around in unwilling wood force roar loud after a burst out of his hand a few green light directly hit the injured person.
Muhai is also alive and kicking in his case when the green light enters Muhai’s body.
Green light seems to be spiritual. After the injury is healed, it will flood into other people.
After the green light entered Zhao Hu’s body, he broke his arms, and the speed visible to the naked eye quickly rose by less than a few breaths.
"Uncle Mu, look, I’m back. It’s great that my arms are stronger than before." Zhao Hu’s eyes are shining and he holds his hands with a smile on his face.
"Ok!" Muhai patted Zhao Hu shoulder a face of smile.
"Boss, it’s so good that you’re all right." Ping Yinghao wept with joy and cried with Muhai.
"A man crying like a bitch" Muhai patted Ping Yinghao.
"Boss, I’m not worried about you." Ping Yinghao’s soft voice made Muhai get goose bumps all over.
Muhai jumps away from Ping Yinghao. "I don’t like being gay. Please keep your distance."
"Eldest brother you …"
Ping Yinghao’s dumb head gushed out a magic thought and flew to Muhai Dantian.
Green light continued. Deng Chong was cured. He stared at his limbs and his face lit up.
Deng Yuanjiu was also cured and alive.
Everyone who is cured first looks happy, and then when they look at the virtual shadow of high school, they look respectful there.
Except for two people who died, everyone instantly recovered.
Remove the wood force Liu Kun turned pale.
Virtual shadow watching everyone recover not nodded slightly.
Then he looked at Wu Yidan.
"Wu Yidan, you committed the crime of sheltering today. You are a master of Dan medicine. The Secret Service College has made great contributions while guarding outstanding talents and giving you 100,000 yuan. Are you satisfied?" Virtual Shadow said.
"Thank you, Dean" Wu Yidan saluted with fuels.