夜网 约茶

Shi Min in Xuchang harvested hundreds of millions of money and grain, which was enough for the national treasury to spend several years. Shi Min was in a happy mood and didn’t want to sit in the office or receive visitors. He changed into a regular Mulan and went on a private visit.

Although Shi Min’s bodyguard is in charge of Chen Changsheng, he is still used to taking Mulan to the people to make unannounced visits.
Mulan is a beauty, on the one hand, and on the other hand, Chen Changsheng and E Lai are too outstanding to be provoked at first glance.
Of course, running around like a fly, this is not Shi Minfeng. Shi Min didn’t want to stay in Xuchang for long. He is a busy prime minister, and his eyes are busy with politics. He has been supported by so many prominent families in Yingchuan, and a large number of money and food have been credited to Shi Min, but he has to arrange some younger brothers in his family to become officials.
How to arrange it depends on Shi Min.
In order to avoid a lot of flowers, Shi Min found a place to communicate with Xun Ji, but he didn’t think about it. Xun Ji also brought a young man.
Well, Shi Min can see that this is a beautiful woman dressed in disguise, dressed as a man, wearing a simple white dress, with elegant hair and small boots hanging around Yu Pei’s waist, and wearing a sword engraved with family imprint, she looks like a ranger.
"Da … Gong, this is my sister Xun Lihua. I don’t want to take her out, but why does she have to follow her out?"
Xunji a face of nai color obviously Xunji adults to oneself this sister is very spoil.
Xun Lihua, who was still young in her second year, couldn’t help but spit out her tongue when she heard her brother say so.
Shi Min said with the wave "hinder"
"Thank you, Gong"
When I went out to the street, I was still very reserved. Xun Lihua kept staring at Shi Min, making the latter recognize if there was anything dirty on his face. Otherwise, Xun Lihua, what is this?
"Er, Miss Xun, is there something dirty on my face?"
"No" Xun Lihua lovingly shook her head.
"Then why are you staring at my face like that?" It’s Shi Min’s turn to be curious.
Xun Lihua said with a smile, "Hee hee, I want to see if Wang Wei is as fierce, green-faced and fangs as he heard, and has a big mouth and three heads and six arms!"
"Lihua! Not polite! " Xun Ji scolded Xun Lihua with a straight face.
Shi Min with the wave.
"So you see the real person now? How does it feel? "
Smell speech Xun Lihua cocked his head and pointed at the pink lips in meditation.
"Now, I think it’s all about the wind coming from the cave. You’re just like an ordinary person, Wang Wei, with two eyes, one nose and one mouth."
Shi Minnai smiled and said, "am I that terrible?"
"Hee hee, you are not terrible at all. You are a good-looking man. Although you are worse than my brother, you look good …"
"Lihua is not polite!" Xun Ji quickly called a will Xun Lihua to stop.
Then Xun Ji apologized to Shi Min. "I don’t know what you mean, but please forgive me."
"Ha ha ha ha! Obstruct "Shi Min with the wave" your sister is outspoken, I like it very much "
With that, Shi Min walked on and didn’t forget to take a deep look at Xun Ji and Xun Lihua before he left.
Xun Ji hurriedly pulled to follow Xun Lihua. "Lihua, how can you be so polite?"
"Brother, where am I? The king of Wei didn’t scold me! " Xun Lihua stamped her foot to show her anger.
Xun Ji can’t see his old sister like this, but he can hold Xun Lihua’s arm and say, "Lihua, listen to me. Now is a great opportunity for you and for the Xun family in Yingchuan. It can be said that you are carrying forward the responsibility of my Xun family now!"
"Wang Wei is a dragon! How many people want to climb with him? When you talk to Wang Wei, you must be reserved, and then you must be reserved. Do you know? " Xinyi m1zw
"I know, I know," replied Xun Lihua absently, which was very perfunctory.
When he saw Xun Ji, he opened his mouth and wanted to say more, but in the end he didn’t have a mouth. I hope this old girl can save herself snacks.
On the other side, Mulan saw Xun Ji’s brother and sister cooing there, wondering what to say and wondering.
"Don’t you want to know what the Xun brothers and sisters are whispering?"
"I can guess" Shi Min corners of the mouth hung a mysterious smile.
Xuchang is still less public security, on the surface.
Shi Min, a busy downtown and a remote alley in a wine shop, has been there. Although they have seen many beggars begging along the street, Shi Min has not shown any anger.
Beggars seem to be a profession that can’t be stopped because of official roots!
The number of beggars in Xuchang is less than that in Yecheng, at least it is still acceptable in Shimin.
After a long time, Shi Min and others found a restaurant to sit in.
"Lingda (Xunji word) Xuchang deserves to be once the last emperor of the Han Dynasty. The capital is very rich and prosperous, and it still has the king’s atmosphere. Now we will give the solitary king a land and seal it to the solitary king. The name of’ Wei’ has been established, but I don’t know its capital. Ling Daru? "
Smell speech Xun Ji immediately Bai Shimin this southern tour.
The first should be to inspect the local government and observe the people’s feelings. The second is to find a local capital of Wei!