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"I see. I’ll be there on time."

Yin Yueqin smiled. "And I hope it will be better if you tell him. I believe he will be happy if you invite him."
Gu Yi hung up and quickly called Chang Xi.
"Xishan hot spring? Well, actually, I’ve been trying to see you wear a bikini once. I didn’t expect such a good opportunity. "
Chang Xi’s words made Gu Yi laugh "loquacious"
"I’m poor for you. Don’t worry, uncle. I’ve prepared a birthday present early in the morning."
And said a few words, two people hung up the words.
A birthday present?
To be honest, she really forgot if she didn’t always get up.
Now that I’m back at home, should I prepare this birthday present myself?
Gu Yigen doesn’t know what to prepare. She can go back after watching a trip for a day. Let’s see what others are preparing first.
The return plane looked nervously at the seat next to him.
It was a foreign beauty who smiled at her in a friendly way
Gu Yi also smiled and looked back and felt that he was probably crazy.
The plane took off smoothly to the airport, went out and was immediately stuffed with a bunch of flowers.
"Welcome back"
Chang Xi smiled and looked at her with a face of surprise.
"How did you come? I didn’t tell you the frequency. "
Chang Xi took her by the shoulder. "You don’t need to tell me anything, and I will stay until."
He smiled and led her out. "I can’t accompany you on a business trip to pick up the plane. You must not miss it. Let’s go and book a restaurant for you. You will like it."
The two men walked side by side outside the airport, and a figure stood quietly at a distance from them through the crowd.
A true state naturally formed around him, and no one dared to approach it at will.
Mo Jun looked at them side by side at night, and the light flashed in his eyes.
Mojia villa
Mo Tianze immediately ran from the building with a face of expectation when he heard that his father came back.
Mo Jun smiled at night and waved to him.
Azeri jumped over. "Dad, did you catch up with mom?"
Dad went on a business trip for two days at the weekend, saying that he was chasing his mother, Azeri, thinking about it and asking
Mo Jun looked at the black and white eyes and corners of his mouth at night. "Remember your father’s words, chasing women is not just once or twice."
"How many times will that take?" A ze du qi Xiao zui
If he wants to speak out, he can get rid of his mother once, and it will take time and time again
Section 371
"Dad, can you use your head?"
Mo Jun laughed at night. "This has nothing to do with thinking."
Azeri’s eyes rolled twice and his short legs took a step and immediately ran to "Dad, wait for me."
Mo Jun was stunned for a moment when he saw him set off at night.
Just then, before Chen Yu left, "Young Master, would you like another snack?"
"No" Mo Jun sighed at night "Help me make a cup of coffee"
At this time?