Cat immediately got up and said, "We don’t want to do nothing! We want to recover our Chinese Rao homeland and revitalize our Chinese Rao Rongguang! "

"Chen Jiazhu is right!" Another middle-aged man got up.
Shi Min, the speaker of this statement, knows that Xunkang, the owner of the Xunshi family in Yingchuan, is the master.
Xunkang stood in awe. "Your Majesty knows the allusions after reading the poems. This is the biggest disaster in China’s life! Hu invasion is not without in history, but there is absolutely no such chaos that even the land left by our ancestors has been seized! In the past, Fu Hao led the army to the west and beheaded more than 20,000 heads! "
"There are dogs Dijon broken pick Beijing, Guanzhong Qi Huangong statue of the king busy yi thing! At that time, Rongdi had ravaged the Central Plains, but it was still defeated by the United vassal States, which finally made Rongdi disappear in the Central Plains! "
Xunkang deserves to be a man who has read a lot of poems and is full of knowledge. It’s really well-organized to quote classics.
The invasion of Hu people has happened many times throughout the ages, just harassing the border and not because there are too many too many to mention.
And Rongdi alone has invaded the hinterland of the Central Plains and threatened the Central Plains Dynasty three times before!
One was the invasion of the western Aryans (Bai Di), one was the invasion of Haojing by the dog Rong, which directly led to the demise of the Western Zhou Dynasty, and the other was the massive invasion of the northern Rong Di during the period of Qi Huangong’s respect for the king and foreign countries!
Among the many outstanding women in ancient China, the Chinese people estimated that Wu Ze, Hua Mulan and so on would be easily answered, but they never imagined that there was a strange woman in the Shang Dynasty in China who could be good at fighting all her life and defeated the Aryans who invaded China with Wu Ding, the king of Shang Dynasty, and also settled the sphere of influence of Qiang people, natives, Ba people and Yi heat, which was regarded as the first female general in China.
In Shang Dynasty, the Aryans, an ancient nomadic people living in cold areas in the north, launched an invasion of southern languages. They recruited another part of India. The Aryans came to Iran and later annexed ancient Babylonian languages to the west. Then the Arabian Peninsula took Evan as a springboard.
There were Aryans who moved eastward into China. At that time, during the Wu Ding period of Shang Dynasty, Fu Hao led the army to defeat the Aryans who moved eastward.
Secondly, it is a dog disaster!
Dog Rong, also known as stubborn, was active in Shaanxi and Gansu in ancient times.
By the end of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the long-term farming and peaceful environment made the king dissolute, the plaything and the bonfire play, and the princes and monarchs softened their character. As a result, Zhou Youwang was attacked and killed by the savage and powerful dog-Rong clan, and the king’s pet princess praised the captive capital, Feng, and the northwest of the axe was occupied by the dog-Rong.
Strong about 300 years, the Western Zhou Dynasty collapsed!
Since then, the dog Rong has become the most terrible enemy of the Chinese nation. Until the Tang Dynasty, the Central Plains people also referred to all the nomadic peoples in the northwest as "dog Rong" and "Rong Di"
At that time, dogs were not completely out of the wolf state as they are now. At that time, white dogs were as fierce as wolves, and they spared totem wolves, but the dogs at home respected them very much, so they were named "Dog Rong"
Finally, there is Qi Huangong’s "respecting the king and resisting foreigners"!
So what does Qi Huangong want to respect the king?
Qi Huangong was the first tyrant in the Spring and Autumn Period, and there was also a regional tyrant like Zheng Zhuanggong before him, but for one thing, after all, the country had limited influence, and for another, it had relatively strong regional strength and had no special achievements.
But Qi Huangong is different. If it is a strong country, the people are rich and the soldiers are well-fed, it is only a strong country, but the "overlord" is actually an "uncle", "Fang Bo" and a vassal.
If you want to be the leader of this vassal, it is not enough to be strong. It will not work in the Spring and Autumn Period, and you have to be a "German"!
If you bully the weak by relying on your own strength, you can’t be the overlord.
Because in the spring and autumn period, no matter how powerful the vassal States were, they could not reach the point of being able to unify.
On the contrary, a vassal state can’t resist a large number of vassal Coalition forces. Under such conditions, it is qualified to be able to pull up this number of vassal Coalition forces before it can be called overlord.
This qualification is not only strong, but also at the moral high ground, Qi Huangong, which is "respecting the king and resisting foreigners"
If such a slogan has no market in the future, what is "respecting the king and resisting foreigners" is just "coercing the princes"! Many people in later generations have done this very smoothly, such as the famous traitor Cao Cao.
However, that was actually the upgrade of "respecting the king" by later generations. On the surface, it was "busy with foreigners", but the real intention was just to prepare for usurpation.
However, in the Spring and Autumn Period, the words "respecting the king and resisting foreigners" have great appeal.
What is this?
This is mainly because the "international" situation in the Spring and Autumn Period was very different from that in later generations.
In the Spring and Autumn Period, the Chinese language was still in its infancy, which was the main body of farming literature in the so-called "Hua Yi Miscellaneous Place" era, and the Chinese people had not completely occupied the advantage in this land. The landmark event in the Spring and Autumn Period was the so-called "Ping Dong Dong Qian"
What did Zhou Pingwang move eastward?
Because of Xiqi’s native land, the law has been established.
What method is based on?
Because Haojing has been breached by the dog Rong.
No matter whether the story of "the bonfire plays princes" is true or not, it is an indisputable fact that Zhou Wang was defeated in the "Xirong" struggle. In addition, Zhou Pingwang’s coming to this throne is suspected of killing his father and his expectations have plummeted
The dilemma faced by Zhou is also the dilemma faced by other princes.
The situation of "the mixture of Chinese and foreigners" determines whether the theories of various vassal States are all threatened by barbarians in the hinterland of the text, which later unified the Central Plains Dynasty, or have been highly different from the original text in the pattern of "four foreigners" and "frontier invasion"
In the face of the wild world, every vassal state is actually weak. Since Zhou Dynasty, we can often see the conflict between Chinese "barbarians". Some vassal States were wiped out by barbarians, and the literature was killed in the bud.
Facing the wilderness alone is full of risks and variables. It is obvious that the first and inevitable choice of all Huaxia people should be to unite and ensure that they can survive in the wild ocean at that time
This requires a leadership core.
Next week is the core of this leadership. In fact, they did the same in the Western Zhou Dynasty.
However, in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, due to the decline of Zhou’s strength, morality was flawed again, and the princes were urged to do so.
However, if such a role has been absent, the whole Chinese language is hovering on the edge of life and death, but it is probably not at all determined by the times that there should be such a person and such a country. The first person to successfully play this role is Qi Huangong.
Look at what Qi Huangong has done. In addition to the crusade of vassal States, he responded to the emergency of Yan State and rescued Yan State from the invasion of Shanrong. Yan Jun was grateful and sent Qi Huangong to Qi.
According to the rites of Zhou, you can’t leave the country. At this time, this kind of ceremony is ambiguous, but Qi Huangong did not hesitate to give the land where Yanjun went to Yan State.
Wei Guo was led by Di Ren and Qi Huangong, and the princes helped Wei Guo quell the war, re-established Wei Jun and rebuilt the city wall.
Chu was a barbarian country in the south, which was a serious threat to the governors of the Central Plains throughout the Spring and Autumn Period. At this time, Qi Huangong led the governors to unite against Chu and curbed the expansion momentum of Chu!
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Chapter 262 Effect render one’s services useless.
Qi Huangong’s practice of conquering everywhere is a national policy of "resisting foreigners". He even decided that he was actually acting as a substitute when he was in trouble.
He got this position not only because Qi was powerful, but also because he made Qi powerful in a "foreign country", which was actually protected by Qi for the vassal countries in the Chinese literary circle.
It is a very good state to have such a boss in the face of common enemy forgiveness.
This is why in the Spring and Autumn Period, the slogan "Respect the king and resist foreigners" was so appealing.
However, whether Aryan Rao invaded the dog’s dijon disaster or Qi Huangong respected the king’s arrogance is not as critical as this time!
Five random China shenzhou land sank in the central plains!
In the previous three foreign invasions, although Rong Di’s army had reached the Central Plains and the Yellow River, the situation was not too critical, because Huaxia Rao needed to unite to resist foreign humiliation, so it was not a problem.
But this time it’s not like this!
At the end of the Han Dynasty, it was not easy for Sima Yan to usurp Wei and establish the unification of the Western Jin Dynasty. However, because the country was too easy to get, it did not cherish it at all and did not know how to manage it well. As a result, the "Wang Rebellion" was greatly weakened and was invaded by Hu Lu.
Going to China depends on strong physique and sharp weapons and equipment. There are different Chinese enemies, and one Han can fight three conference semifinals, which is almost pressing the conference semifinals to fight!
Even in the chaos of the Three Kingdoms era, Wei Shuwu can still play barbarians hanging from all directions!
As far as Shi Min knows.
During the Three Kingdoms period, the alien forces were Xiongnu, Wuhuan, Qiang, Bian, Shanyue and Nanman.
The three kingdoms are in troubled times!