"Well, I hate it."

"Well, I’m the bad guy."
He gently coaxed Gu Yiyin as intoxicating as good wine.
Until Gu Yi lost his mind and fell into a dark and sweet sleep contentedly.
Mo Jun watched her sleep at night without drunkenness, and her face slowly appeared slightly tipsy.
She must hate him, right?
He will change everything that doesn’t make her hate. No, he will cheer.
Two figures in the big bed in the room fell asleep quietly.
The next day, I had a splitting headache
Waiting for her to struggle out of bed and just sit there.
What happened after yesterday?
She rubbed her hair as if that Chen Sanshao wanted to be malicious to her, and then
Then Gu Yi suddenly saw a figure in his heart.
Her eyes suddenly widened and she sat there thinking for a long time.
There are several fragments gushing out of my mind, each of which wants to make her cry!
She, she touched Mojun night?
No, no, no, that’s not her. That’s not.
So she wasn’t dreaming yesterday?
Gu Yi is going crazy, and her impatience has made her never calm down and become more anxious.
This man! He didn’t leave before he fell asleep?
What did he do later?
Gu Yi jumped out of bed and she was going to ask a question.
What coincidence? What happens? Where in the world can there be such a coincidence? Who are you fooling?
Gu Yi was full of courage and rushed directly to the opposite Mojun night room to bang the door.
She filmed it for a long time, but there was no response inside.
"What can I do for you, this guest?"
The hotel staff came to ask Gu Yi, "I’m looking for someone."
Sorry, the guest, the tenant, has checked out.
Gu Yizheng checked out there?
She just lost her confidence again. Is he really here for something? What a coincidence last night?
Gu meaning blankly silently returned to his room.
But was that gentle look at one of our own last night really Mojun night?
He showed up when he had the biggest headache. What did he do?
Gu Yi’s mobile phone suddenly rings at the moment.
She took it slowly to answer "hello?"
☆ Chapter 167 A good man can catch up with a good woman.
"little meaning"
"Aunt Qin"
"It’s your father’s birthday in three days, and we’re going to Xishan Hot Springs for a holiday to celebrate your arrangement."
After three days, I can come at the moment.