夜网 约茶

At first, Lin Yu went from ward to ward looking for a suitable body.

But I find my consciousness is getting weaker and weaker, and it will soon disappear, and the call from hell is getting more and more urgent
Lin Yulai didn’t do much thinking. Look at a 20-year-old male vegetable. He suddenly turned into a wisp of white smoke and got into it.
"You can’t escape!"
At the same time, the ear call suddenly turned into a piercing scream, and then Lin Yu lost consciousness.
When Lin Yu woke up again, it took a while to get used to it and looked down at himself lying in the ward.
It worked!
Lin Yu was so excited that he almost cried out and suddenly sat up and looked at his new body. He couldn’t wait to tear off his needle and then jumped out of bed, but his feet stumbled and fell to the ground as soon as they landed.
Perhaps the young man’s muscles have shrunk slightly because of lying down for a long time.
Lin Yu staggered up and looked up at the eye wall calendar and found that it was the second day. Touching the bed and the wall, I felt my hands cold. temperature sense died just like a dream. I didn’t expect to be resurrected today.
A little exercise adapted to this new body, and then he couldn’t wait to rush out of the hospital. One thing on his mind now is to see his mother.
At this time, the bag shop was crowded with people, and a dozen gangsters clamored for Lin Yu’s mother to pay back the money.
In order to operate on Lin Yu, Lin Yu’s mother was forced to borrow hundreds of usury loans. When she learned that Lin Yu was dead, the gangsters were eager to collect debts.
"Don’t worry, I’ll sell the store in the next few days and pay you back the money. Please leave first".
Lin Yu’s mother’s eyes were red and swollen, pleading that she hoped to send them away as soon as possible. She just left, and she didn’t want him to go restless.
"Fuck you, this stupid shop is only worth a few dollars. Your son is dead. If we leave, who cares if we run away?" Leading yellow hair gangsters swearing way
"Don’t worry, I won’t run. I’ll pay you back the horse when I get enough money."
"No, we have to get the money whatever we say today!" Yellow hair is adamant
"But I really don’t have any money now. As you know, all the money for treating my son has been spent."
Lin Yu’s mother’s heart ached with a hint of pleading in her hoarse voice.
"I don’t have money, so you can give us that broken house in your house and pay off your debts." Huang Mao’s eyes turned round and round and said his real purpose
But now that my son is dead, my home will be gone. What’s the point of keeping a house? Paying off my debts will make me feel at ease.
Thought of here, Lin Yu’s mother nodded in despair and was about to promise when the door suddenly came to a huff.
"no! Our house is worth at least millions. You are robbing! "
Then Lin Yu rushed in riding his new body.
"Fuck you, where are you from? You don’t care!" It’s a slap in the face to look at Lin Yu’s sick or where he ran out. Psychopaths rushed over and whisked.
Lin Yu’s consciousness hid, stretched out his hand and pushed the yellow hair, and the whole person flew out instantly, flying for five or six meters, and slammed into the table in the middle of the arc.
"Kill him for the old man!"
Huang Mao screamed at his chest for two times, and then a dozen other gangsters immediately rushed around Lin Yu, kicking Lin Yu and raising my hand to fight back.
Then there was a cry in the bag shop, and the gangsters screamed again and again.
A dozen of them didn’t even meet Lin Yu’s skirts together, and Lin Yu’s fist hit them like being hit by a car
They can’t get up if they need a punch.
Lin Yu himself said that ghosts are physically weak and poor, but it turned out to be true, and these people seemed to be very slow and easy to avoid in his eyes.
"Call the police! Alarm! "
Huang Mao was frightened by what he saw. He had seen how to fight, but he had never seen how to fight like this. It was inhuman.
On hearing the alarm, Lin Yu’s mother rushed over and grabbed Lin Yu’s hand. "Young man, they are going to call the police. Please go. I’ll handle it here."
"Mom, what are you talking about? Where can I throw you?"
Lin Yu is so happy that tears are coming out. It’s great to see my mother alive.
Hearing him call his mother, he looked at him with a puzzled face.
Looking at her mother’s eyes, Lin Yu suddenly realized that she was alive, but she changed her body. Mother didn’t know herself at all.
"Sorry, aunt, when I saw you, I remembered what my mother couldn’t help but blurt out. Don’t mind."
Lin Yu was afraid to tell her true identity and frighten her mother into making up a lie.
"If you don’t have a young man, please go. Our family affairs can’t get you into trouble," said Lin Yu’s mother, pushing him out.
Lin Yu didn’t answer. He touched the chopsticks on the table and threw them at Huang Mao at a rapid speed. With a bang, Huang Mao just pressed the 11 mobile phone and nailed it to the wall.
The yellow hair turned white with fear, and the chopsticks on the wall were only a centimeter away from his ears. If there was a slight deviation, it would be his head nailed to the wall.
"Help! Killed someone! Help! " Yellow hair suddenly screamed with fear. There was no injustice in the voice. They owed themselves money first.
"Stop yelling, I’ll pay back the money for Aunt Qin!"
Lin Yu said coldly that since he was resurrected, these debts should be paid by himself.
"Young man, how can this work? How can I let you pay me back when I first meet you?" Lin Yu’s mother looked puzzled at Lin Yu and didn’t know what this guy gave her a sense of deja vu.
She is not surprised that Lin Yu knows her surname. Many netizens know that her name and contact information have been stripped, and many good people have come to see her off, but she declined.
"Well, this is what you said, so you can give us the money." Huang Maoke can pay back money for others regardless of Lin Yu, and he will be finished if he can get the money.