Chapter 233 Amnesty Day

In front of Shi Zun’s ministers, Shi Min said, "The case of the assassination of a former minister three days ago, the case of Queen Zhang being poisoned and the case of rebellion by Shi Ning, Shi Kun and Er Zhurong have now come to the bottom."
"Minister, please purport"
Shi Mintang took out a long-drawn-up imperial edict saying, "General Wang Luan, the right-hand general of Wu Wei, helped General Meng Zhun to reverse the case. Twenty-six people involved in the case asked me to destroy Wang Luan and Meng Zhun, so as to set an example for them!"
"positions! I … I am wronged! " This Wang Luan Meng must have panicked and cried for grievances.
Shi Min but no matter how big a wave of his hand, "come! Take it to death row! "
Then several warriors rushed in before the temple and could not help but hold Meng Zhun and drag him out like a dead dog.
"positions! I am wronged! This is all framed by Shi Min! "
"We all do what we are told!"
Shi Zun was very pale. I knew there would be such a thing, but when it really came, Shi Zun was still at a loss.
Shi Min read the imperial edict again, "Another case in which Dr. Guanglu, Shen Bian, Shi Zhongshen poisoned Queen Zhang has conclusive evidence. Please punish his three families as an example!"
Wen Yan Shen Zhong Shen Bian’s father hit a tingle and was so scared that he collapsed and fell to the ground pale.
They know they’re finished. Shen’s family is finished!
Want to add sin and resign?
Shi Min is now determined to eradicate Shi Zun’s power in the DPRK. He is determined to eradicate the Jie people’s power in the DPRK. Just a crime in Luo Zhi, Shi Zun is afraid of death. How can they not die?
Shi Min is better than it is now!
Then every minister whose name was read by Shi Min was taken to death row.
Almost one-third of the ministers in the DPRK were dismissed from office or beheaded with their doors.
After doing this, Shi Min retired and went out when Shi Min, the courtiers, wanted to stop for a while.
"I have something to start!"
"After several wars, the country seriously consumed the first emperor’s reign. When he was militaristic and unsympathetic, he built a palace and watched his own selfish desires regardless of the whole life, which caused my big Zhao people to disperse and rebel, and the common people complained bitterly! Nowadays, the separation of the people from the people is urgent! "
"We should be sympathetic to the people’s efforts to persuade agriculture and mulberry to resume development and achieve the goal of enriching the country and Qiang Bing."
Shi Zun was silent for a while: "You have a good plan to govern the country, but it doesn’t matter."
"Ruling the country in the people’s livelihood, suffering from hard labor and harsh taxes, should be frivolous, and the courtiers should please stop building the second palace in Chang’ an, Luoyang, Lin Yuan, and abolish all labor for three years and no longer levy labor!"
This is obviously directed by Shi Min! He is not good to let the article act as Depth Charge!
"Wang Wei, what do you …?" Shi Zun asked Shi Min instead of Zhang.
Shi Min said, "It’s ridiculous to levy labor for enjoyment unless you have to." I am in favor of Stuart’s advice, please grant me permission. "
"Good" Shi Zun nodded in agreement.
Shi Min added, "In addition, the hard labor should be paid for. Now the state treasury is not short of money (thanks to Shi Hu’s excavation of the tombs of the previous dynasties). The ministers approved the payment of five yuan per person. They traveled home and their wages over the years showed their great sense of justice. The court great kindness! People who die in hard labor should give pensions to their families! "
Wen Yanshi nodded and said, "It’s up to Wang Wei."
"thank you!"
imperial hunting park
Lin Yuan has not been completed, and there is also the mausoleum of Emperor Shi Hu of Wu.
It’s still a hot scene here. The laborers are carrying wood, stones and slurry back and forth, wearing thin clothes in the cold wind. If they are lazy or those who are overwhelmed, they will be whipped and scolded by the supervisors.
I don’t know when this day will end!
Huang Yi is one of the thousands of labors!
Huang Yi was born in Pengcheng, Xuzhou in his early twenties. His mother and wife were born in a poor family. Soon after, he was recruited to work in Lin Yuan three months ago.
It is not easy for laborers to go back alive, and it is even more pitiful if they can still be healthy after going back! This heavy labor is extremely exhausting and exhausting, and if you can’t make up for it after you go back, you will probably die young!
Huang Yi has seen many such people.
"pa!" A whip in Huang Yi back burning pain!
Just absent Huang Yi leng for a while and then glared at the foot soldiers who beat themselves!
"What stare at! What about you! Don’t work as fast as you can if you don’t have food today! "
"hey!" Two lashes again.
Huang Yi’s violent temper and anger are simply unbearable. If you catch the foot soldier whip, you will be rough!
Unexpectedly, a small old man passed by and grabbed his wrist.