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Kate has been puzzled by the crazy scene in the fighting association, but Stuart Liu is very calm and said lightly, "People are blind animals. I think they are all so crazy when they are around the environment."

Fortunately, most of the students in Dream University are guys who think highly of themselves at ordinary times. Although they are called crazy at this time, they still control themselves. No one has thought of hugging them and picking something to commemorate them in Windson. In fact, no one really thought of this, but if they want to be such a person, they will first weigh their own weight. Don’t forget what Windson four of them are famous for.
Lin Feng didn’t enter the bar area, but slowly walked to the front of the glass curtain wall. Through the glass, you can see that the training ground inside is a little lower than the bar outside. There are a thin layer of mats and some sandbags and training equipment neatly placed on three walls. There are hundreds of students in uniform fighting training ground who are doing all kinds of training. Seeing that they are absent-minded, you will know that they have not focused on training one by one. If several coaches are not trying to restrain themselves, I am afraid they would have rushed out.
Lin Fengsi looked at the training ground now, but something seemed to be missing when he was trying to think, but Zhao Rulong pulled it into the training ground.
Just after taking off his shoes on the sidelines, Lin Feng was surrounded and brought to the training ground. In the middle of the field, the training students stopped with the acquiescence of several coaches. Outside the glass wall, several fighting associations were keeping order and blocking some students who were not fighting societies. After these attempts to fish in troubled waters and enter the training ground failed, the students could give up and look inside the glass curtain wall.
After Lin Fengding, he smiled at Zhao Rulong and said, "President’s adult, I must have come here today. You should have known about it. Come on, if you have any means."
Zhao Rulong knew that Lin Feng was joking and replied with a smile, "Don’t worry, today will definitely make you happy."
Kate also booed, "Yes, yes, hehe, Lin Feng, you can’t leave here."
A few words made the people around you burst into laughter.
After all the people laughed, Zhao Rulong put away his smiling face and said seriously, "We all know that you came here today, but you should also know that if it weren’t for you, Kate and Stuart, three people, intervened on behalf of the school to participate in the fighting competition, they should all be our fighting association people, that is to say, you three people robbed our fighting association." Speaking of this, Zhao Rulong stopped to look at Lin Feng.
Windson knew that Zhao Rulong was telling the truth and that he had something to say, and there was no excitement. Instead, he motioned Zhao Rulong to continue.
Zhao Rulong nodded and was satisfied with Lin Feng’s composure, so he continued, "But you are not wrong. After all, participating in the Universiade is also a glory for the school. Of course, you should choose the strongest player to participate. Although I know your strength, people in our association don’t know much about it. What I want to say is that if you want to win the competition, you must show your strength to satisfy everyone in our association!"
Before coming here, Lin Feng knew that he was going to show up in the fighting association today, so he didn’t care to smell the words and asked casually, "Have you confirmed the five places for Lao Zhao to participate in the monthly fighting competition on behalf of the school?"
"We haven’t finished determining that our fighting association is going to hold a formal audition in the day. I didn’t expect you three guys to come first, but Stuart and Kate’s fighting skills have made our association’s hearts beat. They have already won the competition. If Lin Feng wants to get the competition, don’t hide anything." Zhao Rulong said with a smile.
Lin Feng bowed his head and said, "Well, then I will definitely play against Lao Zhao on behalf of the Fighting Association. That is to say, three of the five places have been confirmed. Can I compete for the remaining two places?"
"That’s right!" Zhao Rulong said firmly
"Well, I don’t know what you mean. I want to see if I have the strength to participate in the fighting competition on behalf of the school. Come on, I’ll follow you one by one!"
Zhao Rulong smiled with satisfaction, waved and led the crowd back several steps, leaving Lin Feng alone in the middle of the training ground. When Lin Feng was very surprised, he felt that his feet seemed to be rising slowly. In a short time, a round standard fighting platform with a diameter of 25 meters and a half meters appeared in the training ground. Lin Feng looked at the foot fighting platform and remembered that the fighting association was missing. How could the fighting association not have a fighting ring?
The rules of the University Games Fighting Competition are the same as those of the top-level fighting competition in the Earth Federation. There is no weight level, regardless of whether men or women are mixed together. Every game will be played for 30 minutes without rest. Except that both sides must wear necessary protective gear and cannot hit their opponents’ heads or bite people, whatever fighting skills you want, whichever side can’t afford to fall to the ground will surrender automatically or drop the ring, even if it is negative. If the two sides have not yet won the game, the referee will judge the outcome according to their performance in the game.
Protective gear, including tooth protection, neck protection and crotch protection, and crotch protection are all made of reinforced light alloy, which can effectively protect the key points without affecting the action. When women and men play, women have to wear the same bra specially made of reinforced light alloy, mainly not to protect but to prevent sexual harassment, and also to dispel the concerns of male players, because this special crotch protection and bra will not feel "wonderful" to both sides.
However, these protective devices are specially made according to each human body shape. Lin Feng has never participated in similar competitions in reality. Of course, there are no such things, and Lin Feng is very confident in his own strength. Even if he did, he would not necessarily wear them. Therefore, he took off his coat and revealed a generous and simple long-sleeved white shirt and a pair of washed white jeans. He held out his right hand and pointed to the crowd and said, "Which one of you will come first?"
Is still a boring tape recorder sound "vote collection vote collection …"
I don’t know how to call it for so long, but it hasn’t stopped. It is estimated that someone has quietly changed the pool.
Chapter XXIV World War III
Lin Feng’s domineering attitude in Taiwan has aroused the excitement of the students around him.
In a piece of "forest air! Lin Feng! " In the call, Zhao Rulong asked, "Who wants to play against windson? Put your hands up! "
After all looked at each other for a while, no one raised their hands, which made Zhao Rulong feel very confused.
At ordinary times, every member of this gang can blow his manners, except Zhao Rulong, and he doesn’t take Lin Feng and the three of them seriously. He always blames himself for his bad luck and didn’t touch the gang. Otherwise, they are famous now, and what makes Zhao Rulong even more puzzled is that when Stuart Liu and Kate came here two days ago, these guys were still in high spirits. Although they all lost miserably, their attitudes were good and they all said that they were angry. How can they all be timid when they touched Lin Feng today?
Zhao Rulong didn’t know that they were so arrogant at ordinary times because they didn’t really see Lin Feng’s strength. Now Situliu and Kate have given them a vision. It is conceivable that they can be on par with Kate. Lin Feng is definitely not a soft persimmon.
Although they all looked like bachelors after losing two days ago, it was a shameful thing after all. What’s worse, so many people and so many beautiful mm came again today. If they lose miserably again, they will be humiliated and lost home. Besides, Lin Feng was famous for his mystery and terminating in the "Dream Four Masters". At the beginning, more than a dozen young masters were abruptly interrupted by him and thrown into the dream sea. In case Lin Feng lost control after the game, members of the Fighting Association felt that their limbs were a little cold.
Zhao Rulong waited for a long time and didn’t see anyone raise their hands and say, "Since no one raised their hands, I think so. The original five places have been confirmed, and there are two places left. Our fighting association will send two people to compete with Lin Feng. If Lin Feng can win, he will get the competition. What do you think?"
Everyone in the Taiwan Fighting Association looked at each other, but no one dared to fight. In fact, they all knew that if Lin Feng’s fighting level was similar to Kate’s, he would definitely win the competition. Then Zhao Rulong, the first master of the Taiwan Fighting Association, would definitely occupy four places, and they would also be able to compete for the only place left. All these guys felt that it was better not to lose face and reserve the strength to compete with the preparation department. If Lin Feng’s performance in Taiwan was not worthy of the name, it would not be too late to pick up the cheap again.
Zhao Rulong is a little disappointed with the performance of these members. It is a dream of every fighting enthusiast to be able to play against real masters. These guys have wasted their faces. It is really stupid to be able to improve themselves.
Just when the situation was deadlocked, a voice came not far away, "You cowards don’t deserve to be real fighters!"
Hearing this sentence, Zhao Rulong didn’t look back, but Lin Feng saw that his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. Obviously, he recognized the sound master and the members of the Taiwan Fighting Association also showed angry expressions.
Windson turned to look and saw a young man dressed in white fighting slowly coming from the locker room.
When he came to the platform, he easily jumped off the fighting platform and said to Lin Feng, "You are Lin Feng’s classmate, right? I just transferred here this year. Ichiro, the big dog, just joined the fighting association two days ago. I just came to school and heard that you’ve always wanted to learn something about the’ Dream Four Masters’. But I didn’t come to the association two days ago and missed the opportunity to learn from Stuart and Kate. Today, I heard that Lin Feng’s classmate was coming to the association to compete for the competition. I came here specially to meet Lin Feng’s classmate. I didn’t expect Stuart and Kate
Big dog Ichiro’s words seem to be very polite, but the arrogance in the words is also obvious. There is no regard for Lin Feng’s four people, and Stuart Liu and Kate’s eyes also take up cold light.
Windson staring at this guy is not frowned big dog Ichiro-listen to the name will know that this guy is all Chinese people hate people in the race, but not Chinese people hate the earth. Most people in the Federation have no opinion of this race.
At the beginning of the 22nd century, a large area of energy crisis and economic crisis broke out in the world. Many capitalist countries experienced a sharp economic recession, and the unemployment rate reached a record high. The serious economic crisis also led to a political crisis, which passed on the economic and political crisis of the country. A right-wing organization in an island country re-established a dictatorship, took the old fascist road and provoked wars in neighboring countries.
This war soon swept the world and exploded the Third World War, which lasted for more than half a century.
In the middle of the war, some countries that killed their eyes used powerful nuclear weapons, which killed several people and caused great damage to the earth’s environment. At that time, when everyone was about to die together, the two most powerful countries in the world, the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America, had to join hands to quell the war and strive to cooperate with the two major powers in the war, and finally the Earth Federation was established.
In the third world war, an island country was suppressed by most countries in the war because it took the lead in provoking the war. At the end of the war, the country went crazy and used anti-human chemical and biological weapons, causing numerous tragedies around the world, countless families, displaced wives and separated.
Then it happened that a strong earthquake suddenly occurred in the island country shortly after the exposure of biological and chemical weapons, which constituted the smallest island in the country. In the earthquake, the tsunami caused by the 6-sinking earthquake will also leave several islands submerged, and after the seawater receded, the population of the island country will be greatly reduced and the economy will go backwards for hundreds of years.
Because there was no warning at the time of the earthquake, many people thought that the earthquake in the island country was caused by its actions of moving chemical and biological weapons, which angered God and reduced the scourge. However, after the war, some weapons experts thought that a country detonated a large-equivalent crustal deformation bomb in the country, but no country recognized this statement at that time. It is still a mystery how the earthquake happened today.
After the foundation of the Earth Federation, the country has been completely reduced to a minority because of the huge population loss in the war, but the arrogance of people in this race has not changed, so it is also hated by most races.
I don’t know who smashed the old tape recorder in front of the Fighting Association, leaving a wreckage and the monotony that still lingers in people’s minds. "Vote collection, vote collection …"
Chapter 25 From falling all over the place to falling all over the place
Ichiro, the big dog, is about 1.7 meters tall, and his eyebrows are fine and his figure is well-proportioned. However, his brow always shows a cruel look, which makes people feel uncomfortable.
"If Lin Feng chooses a day and doesn’t hit the sun, let’s learn from each other first. The competition is reserved for powerful people!" Big dog Ichiro saw that Lin Feng didn’t speak. Lin Feng became timid and spoke more and more presumptuous.
Windson is too lazy to talk nonsense with such people, and the middle finger of the right hand is put up.
Big dog Ichiro was so angry that he leaned slightly and made a fighting ceremony. No matter whether Windson was ready to salute or not, he stepped forward with his fist and roared straight to Windson alongside of.seem.
Windson sneer at a left hand casually to a heard "bang" after a crowd surprised now big dog did not move windson was his one punch back two steps.
The big dog Ichiro won’t let people smile again, but his hands and feet are so sharp that he can’t beat Lin Feng back. Everyone can’t help but get nervous when they see Lin Feng in distress.
Although windson looked like a mess, he didn’t panic. He wanted to clean up this guy, so he didn’t intend to move the real yuan. He didn’t even close the gravity ring that had been transferred to 3g.
I didn’t expect the big dog Ichiro’s boxing strength to contain a strange energy, which seems to have cultivated some unknown achievement method to make windson snacks lose a little bit. However, the big dog’s energy is not strong, even if windson doesn’t move, Zhenyuan will be able to cope with it with his own strength and high fighting skills. At this time, windson is hesitant to move Zhenyuan to settle the big dog Ichiro cleanly.
Just as Lin Feng hesitated, Ichiro the big dog sneered at the left foot, forced his left foot to the waist and kicked his right foot through a strange arc at Lin Feng’s head and flew to Taiwan to watch the game. Everyone involuntarily exclaimed.
Originally, when the two men met, they didn’t salute each other 5 meters apart in the middle of the fighting table as in the regular game. After the game just met, Lin Feng pulled over and was on the verge of falling off the fighting table after resisting several attacks by big dogs.
Big dog Ichiro’s face reveals a smirk, so much for the "four fantastic heroes". In his view, Lin Feng now has three choices, either to automatically retreat from the fighting platform or to block himself from being shocked by the fighting platform. The result of these two choices is the same, that is, the only way to lose Lin Feng’s life is to cross over from himself with a short body. Although this way of avoiding is very normal in fighting competitions, for Big dog Ichiro, looking at this man who is more than 10 centimeters taller than himself, he will feel unspeakable satisfaction, and even worse, he will have another way to kill himself later.
Windson looked at the big dog’s smug face and snorted in his heart, but his feet leaned back like nails. When the big dog’s right foot passed in front of him, Windson’s body kept leaning back and suddenly turned extremely strange for 1o degrees. When he stabilized, he was already behind the big dog Ichiro.
Ichiro, the big dog, now that Lin Feng suddenly disappeared in front of his face, his fighting skills were good. He immediately judged that Lin Feng should be behind him and quickly turned to prepare for defense, but it was too late. Ichiro, the big dog, did not think that Lin Feng could avoid his attack in this strange way, so his back was so unguarded at this time.
Windson didn’t give him a chance. Before he turned to defend himself, one foot was extremely nonstandard and insulting. It was kicked in the big dog Ichiro’s ass. Pang Dazhen yuan flooded into the big dog Ichiro like a flood, and his body was instantly recovered. Even the big dog himself didn’t feel that he was kicked by Windson. After that, his body seemed to lose control for a moment, and then in a burst of laughter, a seemingly called dog eats shit and fell to the ground.