"I’m not a Lujia child in Jiyu, am I?" Liu Xia’s language is faint. In fact, I already have the answer in my heart. My mother alienated my brother and loved Ning Qingjie beyond ordinary people. All this can be reasonably explained.

But many times she wants to escape, she doesn’t want to be disillusioned with only some hope in her heart, and she doesn’t want to face the bloody pain of hitting the wound.
In the face of Xia Yu’s question, Ji Yu’s face is a little startled, and he always fails to do anything. He doesn’t know how to answer Xia Yu’s question. If it is difficult for him to hurt Xia Yu, he wants to reduce the damage to at least give Xia Yu a psychological buffer.
Looking at Ji Yu’s face, Xia Yu is more convinced of this result, but what will be the result? How can she face it? If she is not Lu Jia’s daughter, who will she be? Who are her parents? It is not impossible. If it is not Lu Jia’s daughter, what father and brother would spoil her so much?
A few things came to my mind as if I had knocked over a sauce bottle, and the summer eyebrows were knotted and sad.
"Let’s eat first, what’s full?" Ji Yu lovingly stroked her smooth face with a limited tenderness.
Xia Yu was upset and left Ji Yu’s hand. Ji Yu knew that she was in a bad mood and didn’t get angry with her.
"You answer my question first." Xia Yu raised his eyes full of sorrow and looked at Ji Yu, hoping to find the answer in Ji Yu’s body.
"Good boy, it’s 2 o’clock now. If you don’t eat, children must always eat." Ji Yu answered irrelevant questions or continued to guide the problem of eating.
"I don’t eat, you answer me first." Xia Yu growled with a full face of anger.
"Liu Xia, you don’t eat, no one talks about you, but don’t forget that you are a mother now." Ji Yu’s face was a little angry and took some scolding.
Xia Yu, who is angry about the season, looks directly at the front.
Ji Yu knew that Xia Yu always had a stubborn temper and didn’t say anything. She asked Oh Ma to bring the food. She sat opposite Xia Yu and ate it by herself. The food was full of fragrance. Now she is pregnant, Xia Yu has a big appetite, and now she is really hungry. She can’t help but swallow her saliva.
Pretending to eat with relish, Ji Yu has a panoramic view of every facial expression in Xia Yu. He got up gracefully and stepped forward to Xia Yu. "No matter how angry you are, do you still want to eat?" He gently pulled up Xia Yu’s hand and walked to the table, not forgetting to serve food carefully.
Being tortured by hunger, Xia Yu didn’t feel angry. He picked up the chopsticks and wolfed them down quickly. After dinner, Xia Yu put the chopsticks on the table and looked at Ji Yu, still continuing the topic "Can you answer me now?"
"Just because you’re full doesn’t mean I’m full." Ji Yu casually spilled this sentence from his mouth.
Acute summer language shook powder boxing in the mind uncomfortable to the extreme, but also can endure to turn over the supercilious look quietly waiting for the season domain satiated with food and drink.
Ji Yu seems to be deliberately doing the right thing with her or eating slowly. Looking at Ji Yu’s appearance, Xia Yu is really angry. After a long time, he finally waited until this tooth was full:
Chapter 41 Cemetery Women
Xia Yu bit his teeth and asked angrily, "Now I’m full."
"I know all about your life experience" Ji Yu’s expression says that he can’t see any emotion in his face.
Xia Yu is very dissatisfied with Ji Yu’s answer. She suspects that the fox is looking for some clues in Ji Yu’s face, but she finds nothing in Ji Yu’s calm expression.
But how can Xia Yu believe what he knows or never give up asking, "How can you not know?" The anxious tone made no secret of her urgency to find an answer.
"How can I possibly know everything?"
"Hello, even if you don’t know, can you help me to investigate?" When Ji Yu was so angry that he was about to get mad, Xia Yu’s temper turned into pleading and his eyes were looking forward to it.
Looking at Xia Yu’s eyes, I really want to refuse, but he still can’t be so rude.
"Well, I promise I can check it for you, but I can’t guarantee what I can find."
I want Ji Yu to promise that everything will be easy to do in A city. Without Ji Yu, things can’t be done. With Ji Yu’s Xia language, it seems to be reassuring, and my face is stretched and my face is sad, and I have lost a lot.
Because I can respond to Xia Yu, I forgot to gently print a mouth on Ji Yu’s handsome face. How can Ji Yu be satisfied with this? Pull Xia Yu into my arms and tightly encircle it. In this way, two sexy lips seem to be tightly bonded together by the positive and negative magnetic fields. They kissed each other.
After staying in the hospital for two days, Ji Yu strongly urged to be discharged from the hospital. First, he was worried that Xia Yu was not very good to his health in this environment, and it would be easy to think if he stayed for a long time. Second, he recovered well and did not need to be hospitalized. So Ji Yu was discharged from the hospital despite the doctor’s opposition.
Come to Wu Junfeng to pick up Jiyu back, but he flatly rejected Jiyu’s steadiness. After the black jee finished, you couldn’t see the injury and the driving direction of the car was not Jijia. Although there were doubts in your heart, Xia Yu chose silence.
The car stopped at a jewelry store gently, and it was considerate of Xia Yu to knock on the door and gently drag Xia Yu’s hand in the palm of his hand. The two of them walked into this arier sa jewelry store together. This brand of jewelry has a 16-year-old history, not only involving jewelry, watches, perfumes, accessories and other unique styles, but also a touching love story behind each diamond ring. Its design concept is hot and romantic, and this theme is also indispensable in love.
The decoration style of the store is quite different from that of ordinary jewelry stores. Every diamond ring is covered by a crystal box and shines brightly in white light.
Ji Shiyu walked into the store with Xia Yu, and soon the manager came out to meet him and respectfully said, "Mr. Ji’s ring is ready. Please sit down for a while and I’ll get it."
It turned out that Ji Yu had planned for a long time, and soon the manager took two chic brocade boxes and saw that they were valuable. As the manager looked for a box, a pair of exquisite diamond rings shone brightly. The female ring was wrapped in a delicate little red, but it gave people a chic feeling, while the male model was simple and generous, with a round arc inlaid with diamonds that were not grandiose and simple without losing domineering.