See the magic monk and Yang Xiu want to escape together. Oh, my God, Ken will leave it at that.

And when the fist knocked down the Taoist priest and Yang Xiu threw it to stop the ofuda, it was even more furious to see Bai Zhi’s soul escape.
See his hands a change out of a gimmick hands suddenly pulled out a flash and then pushed to Yang Xiu.
And he himself took up a hurricane with a flash of his body, followed by a fist and hit Yang Xiu alongside of.seem.
Because the passage is so big, Yang Xiu has no place to hide, but seeing the flash and the sky is threatening, I can’t imagine how to get away after being entangled in the sky.
Therefore, so that the ghost king can block the attack from behind, and he himself injects spiritual power into the wings of Qingluan and raises the degree to the extreme.
See the ghost king flying backwards, see the flash and the sky, and the whole body suddenly gushed out with black gas. Two skulls hung in the front ear also fell off and hid themselves in the black gas, grinning at any time.
Flash into the black gas seems to be not stopped at all, and suddenly it swings into a large ghost fog.
When the Ghost King saw it, he immediately commanded two skulls to bite it, while he himself wielded a knife to cut it to the sky.
Seeing the sickle split in the sky, waving a fist instead of hiding or flashing, hitting the blade more quickly. Seeing the sickle, I can’t bear the common meat fist, and it will break up in an instant. I will do a few ghosts from Xinhua and wander in the black gas.
In the same day, after punching and scattering the ghost sickle, the force still keeps coming. Both hands can see the ghosting continuously hitting the ghost king’s body. The ghost king was beaten back repeatedly with backhand force, and his skin was raw. Even that soul seems to be wobbly and crumbling at any time.
And the two skulls greeted Flash with a bite and swallowed Flash into the mouth, and then a thick smoky black gas came out of the skull and wrapped Flash tightly, but the flash didn’t dissipate in the skull’s mouth, or it was "scratching" and the frenzy didn’t just flash and suddenly burst. The two skulls suddenly screamed and looked shaky.
However, the ghost king is busy now, and there is still time to pay attention to the magic weapon. The figure is erratic and moving back and forth, and the soul of the ghost king will be locked in the fire. The ghost king will even be stunned immediately.
Of course, the Ghost King also knows how severe it is to fight in other parts of the body, regardless of whether it is to keep the head and soul from being hit by fire or not. The so-called ghost king can recover slowly even if his body is broken. Therefore, it seems that the ghost king is in an abnormal mess now, and he has no ability to fight back. If it is not for Yang Xiu’s persistent suppression of the ghost king’s soul, the ghost king may have run away long ago and dare not stand in front of him again.
However, with the ghost king blocking Yang Xiu from finally escaping from the belly of the idol, he also happened to see that Brother Magic had flown to the mouth of the idol.
When the disaster strikes, the two of them have their own flying conditions, and Yang Xiu still has a feud. No matter when he flies out of the idol, he goes to the ground to flash away. His idea is that since the witch gods are not strong, they are confident that they can escape from the pursuit of the common sky. Otherwise, they have been pursuing the goal of reaching the common sky with their wings. Secondly, Qingluan wings consume more spiritual power than soil evasion.
At this time, when the zombies and monsters saw Godsworn Magic Road and Yang Xiu coming out of the idol, they came to harass them separately. It was because Yang Xiu was still in the scope of the idol that the monsters were afraid at the moment.
The magic monk is flying out directly. I don’t know what posture he is. There is no magic weapon to fly. It is even faster than Yang Xiu’s qingluan wings. Of course, those zombies immediately followed him.
Yang Xiu stopped on the ground first. At this moment, he just saw that the ghost king was punched by the sky, and Bai Zhi, who was hiding behind the ghost king, was also affected by the wave. The soul was in a trance and I don’t know if it would dissipate.
Although he was beaten away, the ghost king just retreated to Yang Xiu Yang Xiu more quickly through the blow of the same day. Seeing this, he conveniently put the ghost king into the hands of Gan Kun and then quickly fled into the ground to show the soil.
I can’t help but frown when I see Yang Xiu hiding in the ground, but I can’t help but see that Bai Zhi’s soul was taken away together. Where are you willing to just give up and leave it alone? Brother Magic Road just chased Yang Xiu in the direction of hiding.
But after chasing for a moment, I realized that he felt more and more vague about the breath of Yang Xiu, and after a while, he completely lost sight of Yang Xiu
This can’t help but make the big fire like a stone pillar, and the huge legs can’t help but hate stepping on the ground. The ground suddenly breaks around and extends for more than ten feet.
And just when he was going to give up chasing and go back to refining the statue, and then slowly look for these people, he happened to see those monsters who chased Yang Xiu. Because he had been fighting with the ghost king just now, he had been chasing Yang Xiu. He didn’t look closely. Now he noticed that he suddenly recognized these monsters and couldn’t help mumbling in surprise.
"These are’ Yin’s worms’ that have evolved to semi-mature bodies. I heard that they have not appeared for thousands of years. I didn’t expect that there will be a group here, but it is a pity that these Yin’s worms are not easy to domesticate after the larval stage. Otherwise, if they are domesticated into spiritual worms, they will become a great help in the future."
"Wrong" and then the sky immediately thought of what these Yin’s worms flew all the way to the front? And it happened to be the man’s escape direction. When he thought about it carefully, he immediately thought of the key and followed the direction of Yin’s worm.
In fact, he didn’t have to kill Yang Xiu, but Bai Zhi. Although Bai Zhi is now in a state of soul, after all, he has lived for thousands of years. It is difficult for a monster to have such a secret method. If Bai Zhi escapes, it will be the same as releasing the tiger to the wild, which will make the common mind feel at ease!
Yang Xiu is in a hurry to escape, but he can’t help but condescend to chase himself. He doesn’t know that this is because he has been paid for his work.
Because of the critical situation just now, Yang Xiu directly put Bai Zhi’s soul into the hands of Gan Kun and didn’t hide it. At this moment, he couldn’t help but regret that if the secret of Gan Kun’s hand was known by others, he was afraid that it would be in Ningri, so he made up his mind that no matter what the person inside was, he couldn’t let him live away from Gan Kun’s hands.
At this moment, Yang Xiu saw that the man hadn’t chased him. Zhang Chi-hsin finally couldn’t help but relax for a few minutes. While hiding, he separated a trace of mind into the hands of Gan Kun. First, he saw if Bai Zhi’s soul had made any unusual moves in the hands of Gan Kun. Second, of course, he heard Bai Zhi say that he knew the passage from here. Therefore, of course, Yang Xiu should know whether it was true or not. Otherwise, he couldn’t have been fleeing all the time. If he wasn’t chased, he would be exhausted.
Yang Xiu mind into the dry hand at a glance to detect Bai Zhi.
See Bai zhi at the moment a face of surprise with somewhat uneasy with somewhat curious and a look at the dry hand.
Now there are more than 200 square meters of Gankun hands, and during this period of time in Yang Xiu, many monks have been sacrificed. Although the aura content in them is still not high, it is not as thin as it was at first, and several unknown grasses have grown sparsely.
Among them, the most striking fear is that it is like a mountain stone, and the whole set off is shining brightly. At that time, Yang Xiu was in a hurry and didn’t expect to be hidden in the forest and seen by Bai Zhi.
Bai Zhi couldn’t help but be tongue-tied when he saw this pile of Lingshi, especially when he thought of Yang Xiu’s construction period and then combined it with this strange thing, which made him secretly guess Yang Xiu’s identity.
Jiman is lying in a coma now, of course, and is being swallowed up by the cloud-controlled spirit beast. Brother Qiu’s hunchback has lost less than half a circle, but Bai Zhi can’t see these two people now because Yang Xiu hid Jiman and the cloud-controlled spirit beast from each other when he put them in Bai Zhi. Otherwise, if Bai Zhi had any bad heart, it would be a big loss.
But the situation of the Ghost King is not good now. After Yang Xiu burned the purple jade gourd in the cold swamp, it hurt the soul’s vitality. Otherwise, it would not be so troublesome to deal with those monks in the foundation period in water curtain cave.
Now the ghost king has solidified his body and smashed the first two corners, leaving the soul fire in his head intact, which may not be restored in a few years or more.
And the skull on its ear didn’t come back at that time, and the ghost sickle had already returned to the source. The ghost spectre pervaded around the ghost king’s body, and I don’t know how long it would take if I wanted to condense again
The total ghost king has many problems now, so he can’t help Yang Xiu to take part in the battle in a short time. This not only makes Yang Xiuda grieve and sigh, but this time it’s a big loss, which not only makes the ghost king lose his fighting capacity, but also makes him look at Bai Zhi with no good intentions.
Yang Xiu didn’t expect Bai Zhi’s soul to be out of the flesh and to be so energetic after a common pursuit.
Mind micro Yang Xiu no matter what Bai Zhi saw, he controlled the Gankun hand array, so he couldn’t get out of this range by fixing the meter around Bai Zhi.
Yang Xiu did all this without any difficulty. Kun’s hand didn’t collapse. He was the absolute master.
Bai zhilai looked around and suddenly felt that his body was like hitting a permeable wall, but he changed direction, but the result was still the same.
This Bai Zhi can’t help but feel flustered and dare not touch anything banned.
However, Mata felt a horrible breath that made him feel palpitation from the depths of his soul. He spread out in front of him and looked up. I didn’t know when there was a pale flame the size of a fly in front of him. Although the flame was small, Bai Zhi couldn’t help but shudder at the sight of his soul. He was convinced that even a little spark would burn him to the ground.
This flame, of course, is Yang Xiu’s secret derivation of a little chaotic fire. Of course, its power is still far from real chaotic fire. It has not reached the realm of refining everything, but it has been refined at least before, and no fewer than a hundred monks are faint. A little chaotic breath is not what Bai Zhi, who has just left his soul state, can bear.
Seeing that Yang Xiu, who was shocked by Bai Zhi, was no longer delayed, Shiyizheng immediately asked Bai Zhi, "Do you really know how to leave this witch tomb?"
Bai Zhi immediately recognized that this was the monk’s voice. First, after hearing Yang Xiu’s question, he relaxed and then associated it with the present posture of imprisonment and flame. After all, it’s a long-term Johnson, which is not white. What is this? I couldn’t help but say with some shortness.
"I really know how to ask Daoyou to help me recover my body and kill the bully and destroy my ancestors. I not only told Daoyou about another passage away from here, but also looked after Daoyou!"
If it was before, I didn’t pay attention to Yang Xiu’s repairing water for no reason, but now his situation is quite pessimistic. Because he also stayed in the ghost king’s body when he was ravaged by heaven, he was also affected by waves, which is not as good as what Yang Xiu sees now. If Yang Xiuqi now has evil intentions, it is easy to refine his soul, so he has to stabilize Yang Xiu first.
Considering the horse behind the pursuer is coming to Yang Xiu, when there is no time to travel with him, he has made no secret of his murder in his heart and said coldly.
"Hum, it’s my business to destroy the sky. Is it time for you to be conditional? Tell me the way out of here quickly or I’ll leave you? If I lose patience, the horse will refine you! "
Yang Xiu said that he immediately directed the trace of chaotic fire to get closer to Bai Zhi so that Bai Zhi could vaguely feel the burning sensation of chaotic fire on his soul without hurting his roots.
However, Yang Xiu still looked down upon Bai Zhi. Although the chaotic fire made him afraid to move and burned his soul, he didn’t compromise, so he said hard.
"Now that I said after you can’t guarantee my life that I what to say? I have to be you anyway, okay? Besides, I have tasted the taste of poison, and this pain is nothing! If you still have other means, you can use them all to see if I can’t stand it! "
Yang Xiu saw that he also threatened to sound even colder. "Don’t you really dare not? Tell me where the export is quickly, or my horse will feed you to my ghost servant, just as it is now weakened and needs soul tonic. "
But Bai zhi is still a dead duck. It seems that I really don’t care about the so-called way of life and death
"How to choose between you and me is as simple as that, and it doesn’t do you any harm. I think I’m a big fool. I’ve learned a lot of secrets over the years. Although it’s different from your Taoist practice, it will definitely help you. And I’m just like this. Are you afraid that I can do something to you?"
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Yang Xiu rushed to the statue of Laiji people to make sure that the people around him suddenly flew out of the mouth of the statue from the wings of Zhanqingluan.