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I was not surprised and discouraged by Lin Feng’s silence, but I tried another way. "But boss, you have a good eye. There are Qin Xinyu’s names in the top ten school flowers just released this year, and they are in 3A. Oh, they are absolutely handsome and handsome. How do you know Qin’s sister?"

If it is an ordinary person, he may be flattered by Wang Dao, and then he will suddenly come to the forefront. But who is Lin Feng? This trick is worthless in front of him. If he is in a good mood, he may even talk nonsense with Wang Dao. But now Lin Feng is in a bad mood, which meeting will ignore him?
I don’t know how to kiss up to the king. There is nothing to provoke. "Maybe I was wrong. Just Qin mm should have sand in her eyes. So is it. How can a stunning beauty like this look at ordinary people casually? Boss, don’t you think so? "
Lin Fenghuo laughed and said, "Do you really want to know what Qin and I are talking about?"
Wang Dao didn’t realize the impending disaster, but Lin Feng was ecstatic and said, "Yes, yes …"
Windson didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence. He pointed his finger at his throat and gently ordered a king. He immediately felt a numbness in his throat, and he couldn’t say a word. The frightened king hurriedly handed over and bowed to Windson for mercy.
"As usual, you can talk in two hours. There is absolutely no sequela. Now you should be quiet," said Lin Feng lightly.
Wang Dao regretted it at this time. I knew this guy had used diabolical means to provoke him. For Wang Dao, being unable to speak for two hours was like killing him. However, he didn’t make a fuss about Lin Feng, the most mysterious acupuncturist in ancient Chinese theory. In today’s society, some people say that ancient martial arts have been excavated by a willing heart and proved to be effective, including acupuncturism. What’s more, Wang Dao has not been recruited for the first time.
Looking at scratching their heads and jumping around, Wang Dao felt quiet, and Lin Feng was in a good mood. Many turned and walked in the direction of the Fighting Association. Although Wang Dao just ate a boring loss, he still stayed behind Lin Feng and prepared to go sightseeing. Of course, there were a long list of good people behind them.
On the way to the Fighting Association, Lin Feng remembered the scene last summer vacation.
In today’s high-tech society, one week after the college entrance examination, you can know your scores and get into the school. Therefore, when Qin Xinyu learned that he had been admitted to the dream university as he wished, he immediately had to wait to come to Shencheng and live in Windson to buy a nest outside the school.
Just at that time, Lin Fengcai’s mending technique came to the key, and the sudden arrival of Xinyu made Lin Feng feel very inconvenient. However, in the depths of Lin Fengxin’s heart, Xinyu was his favorite woman, so Lin Feng was unwilling to let Xinyu live outside alone.
When Xinyu came in, the result was doomed. Even if Lin Feng concealed it, he couldn’t explain why he would often stay out at night. Although Lin Feng made up all kinds of lies every time he went out, he didn’t know that he smelled of women perfume from time to time after he got home, but he had betrayed him.
At the moment when Qin Xinyu could bear it and had a showdown, Lin Fengcai knew that his flaw lies could not stand scrutiny in front of Qin Xinyu. At that time, Qin Xinyu still had the last glimmer of hope. She gave Lin Feng an opportunity to explain, but she was still eloquent at ordinary times, but Lin Feng was stupid at this key.
Windson really don’t know how to explain it. Do you honestly say that you are looking for a woman to practice? Regardless of this seemingly ridiculous statement, will Qin Xinyu believe that it is what she will think of herself after she believes it? Can she accept the practice by herself, which is regarded as very evil by many people? Lin Feng dare not gamble! If you don’t explain it, Qin Xinyu thinks that he may be able to become friends after things such as empathy are forgotten, but if you tell the truth, it is very likely that you will not be able to be friends.
So at the moment when Lin Feng chose silence, things became a foregone conclusion. In Lin Feng’s earnest efforts to retain Qin Xinyu, they didn’t move out immediately. They silently finished the remaining half of the summer vacation.
After learning Qin Xinyu, they lived in the student dormitory, so no one in the dream university knew that they were childhood lovers. After seeing Qin Xinyu today, Lin Feng knew that she had not forgotten that she was still looking forward to her explanation …
Longmen Zun made a grand debut, wishing all lovers will be well!
Windson asked, "When will I have my heart back? Valentine’s day also let me masturbate alone. I’m so poor … "
Turn a deaf ear to Longmen
Lin Fengnai said, "Please give me some tickets to comfort the poor man who lives alone in the boudoir …"
Chapter 22 Meeting
Walking along the dream sea to the west, after passing through the outdoor stadium of Dream University, there is a 50-story high-rise building. All the clubs of Dream University are in this building, and the fighting association is on the ground floor of this building.
When Lin Feng and Wang Dao led a bunch of followers to the door of the fighting association, they were surprised that Zhao Rulong, the president of the fighting association, led a group of people waiting at the door.
Zhao Rulong was greeted immediately after seeing Lin Feng’s appearance and said happily, "Lin Feng didn’t expect you to come. Welcome."
Windson smiled modestly and replied, "It’s kind of the president’s adult to meet me in person, which really makes me generous."
"Where where as early as more than an hour ago, I heard the news that you would also come to participate in the fighting competition to select our fighting association. It was like frying the pot …"
"Well, don’t be polite, you two. I really don’t understand why you Chinese people like to do this. Let’s go ahead and talk about it." Zhao Rulong was interrupted by a man behind him before he finished.
Lin Feng has long seen several people coming behind Zhao Rulong, two of whom are Kate King and Situliu, who are also called "the Four Fantasies" by Lin Feng Zhao Rulong.
Windson gave Zhao Rulong a wry smile and turned to the two men and said, "Kate Stuart, haven’t you already got the competition? What are you doing here? "
"Of course, it’s you. You’re the most mysterious among our’ Four Jies’. You’re also going to participate in the fighting competition. Of course we’re coming to pay tribute," Kate said naturally
Situliu smiled slightly and nodded in agreement.
"Okay, okay, I was just talking about it. Now I’m chattering about windson so much." Zhao Rulong laughed.
The four of them are talking at the gate of the fighting association, and the fans around them are going crazy. They have never seen Lin Feng since they fought against the gang together last year. Although Kate and Situliu are also fighting enthusiasts, they are not very interested in the level of the school fighting association. Except for Zhao Rulong, there are few decent masters in the fighting association, so neither of them has participated in the fighting association. In fact, Zhao Rulong does not want to participate, let alone become the president. However, because his family hopes that he can follow his father’s footsteps and strongly demands that he exercise now, he is reluctant.
Although the four of them were called "Dream Four Masters" by others, they didn’t know each other before they made moves at the same time, and they became friends because of their common interests. However, because of the usual "career" needs, Lin Feng is the most mysterious one among the four of them and rarely gets together with them. This time, I heard that Lin Feng will also come to the fighting association to participate in the selection. After a long time, Kate and Situliu didn’t meet Lin Feng.
At this time, when the four of them were together, some inquiries came around, and mm’s eyes didn’t know where to look. The four of them were not top handsome guys, otherwise the young masters in the school wouldn’t be in trouble with them.
Zhao Rulong’s height is close to 190 meters, and his tall and straight figure seems to contain poor strength. His face is like a knife and axe, and his lines are scattered in the eyes, which is full of security for some little girls. He is definitely a man among men.
Kate King’s height is similar to Lin Feng’s, her head is elegant and golden as the sea, her blue eyes are wide, her nose is high, her sexy lips belong to a typical western handsome guy, and it is even more rare that Kate seems to have a noble action and is full of gentlemanly demeanor, which is the perfect image of the white horse king in the eyes of little girls.
It seems that Situ Liu can’t be handsome, but he can be said to be handsome. He is 175 meters tall and slender, giving people a feeling that if he doesn’t take the wind, he will feel black and bright, long and simple, and his oval face and facial features will be more delicate than those of girls. Someone in the school once joked that if Situ Liu went to participate in the Miss Asia beauty pageant, he might even get into 3A. All those who have seen Situ Liu are deeply impressed by this, so Situ Liu is not only sought after by girls in school, but even some male "comrades" are drooling over him, which makes Situ Liu feel
And windson looks, of course, no less than the three of them. If Kate King is a typical western handsome guy, windson is a typical oriental handsome guy, elegant and gentle, giving people a mysterious feeling, which makes many girls itch in their hearts and want to find out, and finally fell in love like a moth to a flame.
Four people, four top handsome guys, four different flavors, how can these girls not be blinded? One moment, I feel that I need to find a boyfriend who feels safe, another moment, I feel that there is still a white horse king as my boyfriend, the most romantic moment, the most interesting moment, and then perhaps the boy who is full of mystery attracts me the most.
Just when these girls glance left and right, windson followed Zhao Rulong and others into the fighting association.
Before the Earth Federation entered the Galactic Alliance, fighting in the Earth Federation had already declined. Although human beings had a long life of more than 3oo years at that time, fragility was still not an advanced high-tech weapon, and martial arts training was not an overnight event. It took a lot of trials and tribulations to achieve something. The road to success had long been accustomed to a comfortable and comfortable life, and human beings refused to practice these fighting skills in kung fu at that time.
However, when the Earth Federation entered the Galactic Alliance and came into contact with all kinds of intelligent life, human beings were now advanced. All kinds of individual weapons were simply worthless in the face of some alien intelligent life. The incredible abilities made the Earth Federation’s individual weapons at that time extremely powerful. When the Earth Federation and the locust star people competed for Huang Yuanxing, they suffered a big loss. The ground troops were almost wiped out.
Fortunately, then the Earth Federation combined with various alien technologies to develop a powerful individual fighter armor, which finally enabled the Earth Federation’s individual combat capability to occupy a place in the Galactic Major League.
However, for an excellent mecha operator, skilled fighting skills of the earth are the most basic thing. Therefore, young people who yearn to become mecha operators are pushing ancient fighting to become popular again in the Earth Federation. Various fighting skills emerge in an endless stream, and various venues can also be seen everywhere.
In today’s Earth Federation, the popularity of top fighters is absolutely not inferior to those movie and television superstars, which is one of the reasons why windson four people will be noticed by so many people in Dream University.
I don’t know who put an old tape recorder at the gate of the Fighting Association, but the familiar monotonous tone kept saying "Ticket Collection Ticket Collection …"
Couples in front of the girls’ dormitory were surprised to see a famous prostitute in a dream university sneaking around the dormitory holding several 999 colored roses.
Chapter 23 Who will come first?
Although Lin Feng and Zhao Rulong are friends, it is also the first time to come to the Fighting Association. At ordinary times, when the four of them learn from each other, they just find a place to deal with it.
The conditions of the fighting association look very good. At least 700 square meters are divided into two halves by a huge glass curtain wall. At the door is a big bar. There are a few portraits of famous federal fighters hanging behind the bar. A path should lead to the dressing room at the back.
At this time, the bar is full of people, not only the fighting association, but also many students who rushed to the scene. Many students crowded the elegant bar into a vegetable market.
After seeing Lin Feng enter the bar, some mm screamed like crazy, so the vegetable market directly upgraded the concert scene.
Windson and couldn’t help but gave a wry smile to fans more crazy reaction "windson! Lin Feng! " Calling Lin Feng’s name sounds are endless, but it also caused Zhao Rulong’s three fans’ dissatisfaction, so these fans inevitably fought in the ring and called for four people’s name sounds, which could almost overturn the ceiling of the fighting association.
Before windson was surprised, he also knew that his popularity in school seemed good, but because he often skipped classes at ordinary times and didn’t have much time in school, he didn’t know what his popularity was until now that he really felt his prestige in school.
Zhao Rulong saw Lin Feng’s surprised expression and wry smile. "It’s strange that it’s not so crazy at ordinary times. I don’t know what happened today. Maybe Lin Feng has too many fans."