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"Rush list! Go to Bangla! Who dares not vote? Who dares not to collect? " Windson still holding a weapon at the door like an evil roar is hoarse.
"Can you stop being hoarse after shouting nonsense for a long time?" Trail king hiding in the side quietly said
Chapter 10 Dream Four Jies
Wang Dao woke up from his crazy psychosexuality again and remembered the previous question. Lin Feng didn’t answer it yet, so he asked, "Boss, are you going or not?"
"What not to go? Wouldn’t it be a pity not to go for such a good opportunity? " Windson certainly replied
"Really? Yeah! Great! " Wang Dao cried with excitement, which led the students around him to turn their heads and look up. Even Professor Li, who was giving a lecture, looked at him.
Wang Dao, who is still in class now, smiled shyly at the professor, but Professor Li didn’t let him go and said, "What makes you so excited about this classmate? Say it out and let everyone share it. "
Wang Dao got up slowly and faltered for a long time, unable to speak.
"Why? I don’t want to say that this can’t be done. If you enjoy good things alone, you will eat your stomach. Oh, come on, let’s be happy together. "Professor Li said with a smile that the funny words caused the students to laugh a little.
Wang Dao can’t hide, and Professor Li is more accommodating among all professors, so he also threw caution to the wind and said in detail, "In fact, nothing happened because Lin Feng just told me that he is also going to participate in the selection of the Federal University Games held in the school next month."
Lin Feng is very disgusted with Wang Dao’s practice of betraying his friends. He secretly stepped on his foot. Poor "Trail King" almost screamed out with pain, and his face turned white.
"Oh, really? It is a glorious thing to represent the school in the Universiade, and it really deserves everyone’s happiness. "Professor Li was not angry but asked Lin Feng with interest." What project are you going to participate in? "
"I’m going to take part in the fighting competition," replied Lin Feng politely.
As soon as this remark came out of the classroom, the students around him were all excited to talk about it
"Did I hear you right? Is Lin Feng going to participate in the fighting competition?"
"Yes, I heard it, too. I just heard that Situliu also went to the Fighting Association yesterday and got the competition. I wonder if Lin Feng can get the competition?"
"Absolutely no problem. Great! The’ Dream Four Jies’ are here! It’s so exciting. "
Gradually, the atmosphere in the classroom is getting warmer and warmer. Some bold mm have even shouted "Come on, Lin Feng, I support you!"
Professor Li was also a little surprised. I didn’t expect Lin Feng to be so popular among my classmates, but now it’s still class time, so I quickly interrupted, "Okay, okay, let’s be quiet. Lin Feng’s idea of winning glory for our school is worth encouraging. I also wish him a good place in the fighting competition, but it’s still in class. Everyone wants Lin Feng to cheer up after class."
After the professor’s words, the classroom gradually became quiet, but the whispers around him were still heard, but fortunately, Professor Li was not bad. When he didn’t hear himself continue to lecture.
After class, Professor Li returned to his office, puzzled by the classroom life, so he couldn’t help asking several teachers around him, "Do any of you know what the" Dream Four Masters "is?"
"Lao li? Why do you suddenly want to pull this face? " Sitting on the edge, Professor Zhang asked curiously
So Professor Li talked about the class again.
After listening, several teachers around said, "Lin Feng, this little boy, will also take part in the fighting competition? Interesting! No wonder those students in your class are so excited. "
"What the hell is going on here?" Professor Li is more confused.
Professor Zhang smiled and said, "Lao Li, don’t worry. You just transferred from Beijing University this semester. I don’t know that these things are normal … and so on. I don’t know what to say." Professor Zhang didn’t know how to explain it for a while. He thought to the only young man in the office and said, "So Xiao Huang, you just graduated last year, you should know more about the four little things about Lin Feng than we do. Please tell Professor Li."
"Good" Xiao Huang, an assistant lecturer who just graduated from graduate school last year, smiled and said, "Let’s talk about these four people, who are called’ Dream Four Masters’ by the colleges. They are the second-grade Lin Feng Situliu and the third-grade Zhao Rulong Kate King. There are two things that make these four little younger brothers famous. As you know, although our Dream University is an elite cloud-level university, there are still many brothers who come to the gold-plated giants in the school. These guys usually don’t study hard and bully civilians everywhere. It’s very annoying, but who makes them backstage hard? Generally,
Professor Li can’t help but nod and sigh when he hears this. "Yes, this society is so cruel. People without strength and background will always be oppressed. But what does this have to do with those four little guys of Lin Feng?"
"Ha ha" Xiao Huang smiled and then said, "There is nothing to blame these non-academic guys for not having long eyes and bullying windson and their heads."
"Oh, is it that Lin Feng and others have provoked these guys?"
"No," Huang denied. "You should also know that those people always hide that others are better than them, and Lin Feng and the four of them are top handsome guys and very popular with girls, so …"
"I got it, so they went to windson for an excuse. They were in trouble, right?" Professor Li suddenly realized.
"That’s right!" Xiao Huang stopped here to drink a mouthful of tea before continuing to say, "Wonderful is coming. It happened that the four little teacher younger brothers Lin Feng filled in their family background in the enrollment registration form …" Speaking of which, Xiao Huang couldn’t help but sell one.
"What happened to the result?" Professor Li is listening happily and quickly asks.
"As a result, I wanted to teach windson, and all of them were taught a lesson by windson, the four of them. It was all a dozen. It was the most malicious thing to beat those dude brothers. I heard that the gang who found windson seemed to insult his parents in words. As a result, more than a dozen people were interrupted by windson and thrown into the dream sea. If it weren’t for hand rescue, it is estimated that they would die. It was a sensational school at that time."
Lin Feng said savagely, "You know I’m amazing, but why don’t you collect votes?"
Chapter 19 Sun Shi family
"Psst ….." Professor Li gasped at the air conditioning and was very shocked. He never thought that windson looked long and gentle, but it was so biting that all that glitters is not gold.
"Yes, yes, at that time, it was a noisy incident. The parents of those who were beaten dude all came to the school to demand that the perpetrators be severely punished. Finally, Lin Feng ate a warning to stop." Professor Zhang was in line with the way.
Sighed for a while, Professor Li seemed to think of something and exclaimed, "What did you say, Lao Zhang? Windson interrupted a dozen students’ limbs and threw them into the dream sea, which almost killed people. It’s good to take a warning. Moreover, all these guys have family background, dude. This … This is too exaggerated. Is it so hard for Lin Feng backstage? "
"That’s right!" Xiao Huang smilingly said, "I didn’t know that Lin Feng’s parents were actually the principal’s younger brother and younger sister until the young master backstage put pressure on the principal. The former famous weapons expert Lin You and Chen Ling were the couple."
"Turns out to be so, but whether it’s the principal or windson’s parents, they are top experts and scholars. It seems that there is nothing too general. The young master background won’t just let it go, "Professor Li wondered again.
"Lao Li, don’t you remember who the headmaster and their teacher were?" While professor Zhang woke up and said
"Oh, by the way, how did I forget President Sun Jingchang of the Federal Institute of Technology?" Professor Li suddenly realized.
"Yeah, regardless of Dean Sun’s own peaches and plums, all his women are not simple people. The eldest son Sun Fu is the chief of staff of the Star Fleet. The second son Sun You, the president of the Federal Inspection Institute, and the third son Sun Bao, the only daughter of the famous federal space explorer, Yu Sun is also the helm of the top ten federal consortia, and Lin Feng turned out to be Dean Sun’s own confession. Do you think about who will dare to bother him? If I had such a dry grandfather, I wouldn’t put the help of young masters in school in my eyes, "said Huang with envy."
Professor Li spent some time listening to it, but he never dreamed that Lin Feng’s backstage was so bad, but the four big families in the Federation are in a terrible situation.
"Although Zhao Rulong’s three backgrounds are not as hard as Lin Feng’s, it is estimated that they are not easy to provoke Kate and Situliu’s background. I don’t know, but Zhao Rulong was born in a fighting family, and his father Zhao Haifeng is the most prosperous president of the Federal Fighting Association. Zhao Rulong once won the federal high school fighting season army before entering the Dream University. From his life experience, Zhao Rulong is one of the strong backgrounds. Anyway, in the end, the beaten dude swallowed his pride after the investigation, so all the bullied civilian students in the school idolized Lin Feng and the four of them.
Xiao Huang said that all the teachers in the office laughed, and they didn’t like these unscrupulous brothers.
"This is one thing. What else will make them famous?" Professor Li asked cheerfully again
"The incident is also very simple. A student in the school doesn’t know how to get rid of a gang outside the school. He can hide in the school and dare not go out. He wants to hide in the school. It is the safest place in Shencheng. No gang dares to make trouble in the dream university. But he didn’t expect that he offended the gang, but he didn’t know where it came from. As a result, dozens of little gangs rushed directly to the school to arrest people. After getting into trouble, of course, they hid, so they couldn’t catch people. The gang was crazy and rampaged in the school.
"It’s too much and arrogant. These people should be exiled after being caught." Professor Li, an upright educator, is particularly reluctant to be a gangster who is bullying in the ivory tower
"Don’t worry, they don’t have a good game." Xiao Huang comforted.
"Is it windson four of them?" Professor Li guessed.
"That’s right. At that time, the scene was just photographed by several students’ small intelligent terminals from all angles. Later, it was placed on the campus virtual network, causing a sensation in the school!"
"It’s true that I also watched those videos. The four little guys of Lin Feng really rushed to the gang with their bare hands. In just 2 minutes, they were tall and strong, holding iron bars, machetes, chains, knives and other weapons. The gang was either lying on the ground with broken hands or broken feet, with the exception of 46 people, and Lin Feng’s four little guys were actually hurt!" Professor Zhang also regrets.
"The four of them are so powerful?" Professor Li can’t believe it. Although I just knew that the four of them can fight more than a dozen times, they were all students at the beginning and they were usually pampered rich brothers. But now Xiao Huang says that they are all gangsters at ordinary times. Compared with those rich brothers, it seems to be the difference between heavyweight and featherweight in ancient boxing matches
Xiao Huang definitely said, "Absolutely right. It is said that after witnessing the incident, there were hundreds of people. I also found out that Zhao Rulong and the three of them were informed that a gang had come to the school to make trouble, while Lin Fengze was hit head-on by a gang when he came to the school to explore the limelight after skipping classes for many days. Anyway, the four of them were famous in the Dream University. Think about it. They are not only handsome, but also strong and have no arrogant fighting level. Of course, such people are very attractive. I like the’ Four Fantasies’ from then on, and there is a strong fan group behind each of them. How can these students not be excited when they hear that the four of them will join hands to participate in the fighting competition again? "
"Xiao Huang, it seems that you are also a supporter of the Dream Four Masters. Otherwise, how can you be so familiar with them?" Professor Li said with a smile.
Xiao Huang smiled shyly and didn’t speak, which was the default.
"Dear big brothers and big sisters, give some tickets!" Screaming for a day, windson has gone, and during the day, he shrank down a peg or two and said, pathetic
Chapter 20 Difficult to destroy flowers
The afternoon class ended with low excitement among the students.
Seeing Professor Li walking out of the classroom quickly, Lin Feng stretched himself, getting ready to go to the fighting association to see the king. Of course, fart Dian fart followed behind Lin Feng. His character was lively and he couldn’t sleep if he didn’t watch the words late.
He was not the only one who had such an idea, and soon Lin Feng followed a group of people behind him. Lin Feng didn’t care so much about taking a high microgravity ladder to the teaching building.
Just out of the teaching building, I saw a lot of people around the gate who didn’t know what they were watching. Lin Feng frowned and was about to turn around and let it go. But at the moment of turning around, I suddenly heard a familiar crisp sound in the crowd. "Wang Wen, how many times have I told you that I won’t like you? Please don’t pester me!"
Windson immediately stopped and went straight to the crowd.