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Rush to pull to pull Lin Fenghong eyes left hand holding a "shadow" right hand holding a "water blue" devils shouted at the door "who dare not to vote? Who dares not to collect? "
Trail king smile happily on one side to a poor man frightened by windson novel way "no tickets? Without celebrating the grand debut of the solitary king, the solitary king will shoot at 12 o’clock tonight. At that time, all friends who come and vote for the collection will be shot by the essence of the solitary king! "
The poor man took a careful look at Lin Feng and said, "But what should I do now?"
Trail king "now? The lone king can’t help you. You’d better pray that the madman didn’t see you … "
Chapter 17 Galactic Alliance
When it comes to gossip, Wang Dao, this fellow, flying at Lin Feng immediately, said, "Boss, it’s really time for you to come here today. Something really happened at school. If you don’t come today, I’ll call you."
"What the hell happened to Rory?" Windson said impatiently
"Hey, hey, it’s really a big deal." Wang Daoyuan wanted to sell it, but when he saw Lin Feng’s face was a little bad, he said quickly, "So you should know that our school is going to hold the Federal University Games next month, right?"
"Well, it’s a big thing, but I already know that you don’t want to tell me that’s it." Windson is a dead man, although the habitual truant is often not at school, but the school wants to hold such an important event.
"No, it’s not, but it has something to do with it … don’t worry, listen to me slowly," Wang Dao explained quickly for fear that Lin Feng was playing him. "You should also know what is the most eye-catching event in the Federal University Games?"
"Should be a fighting contest" windson light way
Wang Dao nodded and said, "That’s right, I said something about this fighting competition. The day before yesterday, the school fighting association received a notice from the school student union to let them select personnel to prepare for the monthly fighting competition as soon as possible."
"Is this a big deal?" Windson frowned. I want to teach Wang Dao a lesson if I have a big ignition.
"Boss, please hear me out." Wang Dao saw something bad and quickly broke the news. "Kate King rushed to the Fighting Association to participate in the fighting competition on behalf of the school after receiving the notice the day before yesterday afternoon. I heard that he had single several fighting association experts and finally won the competition."
"Kate king? That guy is also tempted? "
"Yes, yes, more than that." Wang Daojian aroused Lin Feng’s interest and proudly continued. "Then it was yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, Situliu also went to the fighting association and also won the competition. Think about it and be sure that Zhao Rulong, the president of the fighting association, will be here except you. Think again. Isn’t it a big deal to see those three freaks so enthusiastic about participating in school activities for the first time? Of course, if you add the boss, hey hey …’ Dream Four Jies’ will play together, which is definitely one of the most important events in Dream University this year. "
Wang Dao was alone for a long time before he remembered that Gen hadn’t asked Lin Feng what he meant, so he quickly asked, "Boss, are you going?"
Lin Feng rolled his eyes and didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he asked, "Oh, I remember that every college student was specially recruited by the military before the fighting competition, right?"
"That’s right! This is a good opportunity to join the army, but for my poor strength, I would like to join it, "Wang Dao sighed." Imagine how exciting it is to command a huge interstellar fleet in the vast universe to wipe out the locusts. "
Wang Dao wanted to join the army for a reason.
In 3o79 AD, the Earth Federation was successfully colonized by aliens. When all earthlings were celebrating the victory, it was said that the aliens appeared in public and invited the Earth Federation to join the Galactic Alliance. At this moment, the earth people realized that their every move was monitored by extraterrestrial intelligent life.
After joining the Galactic Alliance, the earth’s talents have turned out to be wonderful in the outside world, and the outside world is also very nai. There are hundreds of intelligent races and thousands of countries or federations in a single galaxy.
Of course, these hundreds of intelligent races have high or low literacy levels. The Galactic Alliance stipulates that all alliance members can monitor and not interfere with the low-level literacy. When an intelligent race steps out of its home planet by its own strength, it will be considered as admission to the Galactic Alliance. At this time, the Galactic Alliance will send "people" to contact and guide it to join the Grand Alliance.
It’s ridiculous that people on earth didn’t know that they were sitting on their hands until now, but the brilliant achievements of science and technology were not worth mentioning in the Galactic Alliance.
Fortunately, human beings can be regarded as the cleverest race in the universe and have the greatest potential. After realizing their own shortcomings, the Earth Federation has finally United and struggled to catch up. In less than a thousand years, through private spying and looting and official learning, trade and commerce have been greatly improved, both in science, technology, economy and cultural and military aspects. Up to now, the strength of the Earth Federation has been at the average level of all the documents in the Galactic Alliance.
However, the Galactic Alliance Department is not calm. On Earth, there is a saying that where there are good people, there will be struggles. What about the Galactic Alliance, a huge combination of interests that includes hundreds of races, thousands of books, wisdom and life?
In 3239 AD, just after interstellar colonization, the Earth Federation fought for the same celestial locust star with a colonial star called Huang Yuanxing, and a war broke out. Although the war was quickly mediated by the major leagues, at that time, the weak Earth Federation suffered a big loss, and a large number of pioneers were led to slaughter by the celestial locust star people.
Since then, the earth Federation has formed a deadly enemy with the locust star people. Small-scale conflicts between the two races have emerged endlessly. At that time, the earth Federation always loses more than it wins. However, with the continuous flight of federal technology, the locust star people have been afraid to take the initiative to provoke conflicts in the last hundred years.
The morale of the earth’s Federation is changing, and the army is looking forward to rising. Most young people have joined the army, and the glory is getting worse. Not long ago, it was reported that the federal level is raising funds to prepare for a large-scale counterattack against Huang Yuanxing, so even some aristocratic brothers who didn’t want to join the army recently are scrambling to drill into the army. After all, joining the army is a shortcut to a higher position in today’s situation.
Windson, regardless of Wang Dao, is alone there daydreaming and thinking about his own business.
It happened that the original Lin Feng was going to take an examination of the Federal Military Academy after graduating from college. Of course, Lin Feng’s motivation for joining the army would never be success, nor would it be a pure-hearted national. Now he has a goal to find his parents as soon as possible.
But if you want to find your parents, you need a spaceship that can sail in the space, otherwise you can’t get through even if you find the hiding place of the anti-federal organization, but it is conceivable that the price of a most common spaceship is definitely not affordable now, and even with a spaceship, you can’t recruit a crew. That’s a huge sum of money.
This road is blocked, Lin Feng has another way, and adding troops is a good choice.
There is no doubt that the military department must know the anti-federal organization activity area, and it will definitely send people to carry out various activities in the past. If you join the army, you can find a way to get the qualification to go to the anti-federal organization activity area, so you can find your parents by the way.
This fighting competition is a good opportunity to join the army. If you seize this opportunity, you can save two years. When you find your parents, your hope is much greater. How can Lin Feng give up?