Windson slowly propped up his body and sat up from the bed, but suddenly he felt that he was so smooth from propping up his body to sitting slowly. There was no sign that his skill was wasted, and there seemed to be a warm current rushing through with the moving body.

Thought of a possible windson immediately held her breath and a new round of vision.
Meridians still have no real signs, but they seem to have been broadened and more broad and solid. This time, Lin Feng didn’t lose heart and continued to explore the abdomen slowly.
"God, what is this?" Saw the scene of the abdomen windson could not help but exclaim.
I didn’t imagine that the abdomen was bombed in thousands of holes, and there was a golden ball hanging in the abdomen in good condition. The ball was as big as longan and seemed to contain energy. A huge energy was immediately emitted from the ball, and it was easier to walk in the meridians for a week and a day.
"Does this mean then? How come… What on earth did Grandpa Sun give me? " Lin Feng was stupid again, and his original self was ruined. I didn’t expect that every cloud has a silver lining, instead of being inappropriate, jumped from the early stage of Jiedan to the late stage of the famous achievement method overnight.
This kind of mood ups and downs let windson and lost in confusion …
"Are you awake? What do you think? "
The sudden pleasant sound woke Lin Feng from his confusion.
Windson turned to look at a young female doctor wearing a white doctor’s gown and a pair of rimmed glasses beside his bed.
"Well, it’s not bad. By the way, doctor, what’s wrong with me?" Lin Feng was baffled by the changes in his body, and asked the professionals consciously, but when the words came out, he knew that he was really stupid, and even the practitioners themselves couldn’t figure out their own changes. How could ordinary doctors know?
Sure enough, the young female doctor said, "After the hospital examination, there is nothing wrong with your body. It can be said that health can’t be healthy!"
"Oh, really? Then why am I here?" Now windson can also play the fool to the end.
"Well … according to the fact that the emergency personnel are in your home now, you have perfect fitness equipment and your body was slightly dehydrated when you were just taken to the hospital, I guess you should be doing a lot of exercise before you lose consciousness, right?"
"That’s right … your guess is very accurate." Although Lin Feng did do routine daily homework in the evening, this homework is definitely not a lot of exercise for him, and after exercise, Lin Feng has recovered his body function to the best state through pranayama. The so-called slight dehydration must have injected himself with the inexplicable life fluid, but of course he can’t tell others about this life fluid, so Lin Feng can also follow the words of the female doctor at this time.
"That’s right. It must be that you exercise too much, which leads to the rupture of body capillaries and the ejection of blood, and that you exercise too hard, which makes your brain lack oxygen and vomiting blood, which leads to insufficient blood in your brain, and finally leads to your sudden coma."
"How did this happen … that I’m all right now? Will there be sequelae later? " Windson playing dumb seems to be some addiction.
"You’re all right now, and there won’t be sequelae, but you should pay attention later. Don’t do your own extreme exercise easily. Exercise step by step. Don’t be too hasty or the result will be counterproductive."
Lin Feng looked at the young female doctor in front of him and taught himself a serious lesson. However, after some conversation, Lin Feng finally recovered from the shock and surprise when he just felt his body change, and looked up at the young female doctor out of "professional habits".
Tall and curvy, with a shawl and a long chestnut red, you can see through the lens that she has blue and pure eyes like the sea, high nose, sexy lips and clear facial lines, which should be a hybrid of western descent.
Lin Feng whistled in his mind, "I seem to be really lucky these two days. I’m a beautiful woman and a good cauldron." So Lin Feng couldn’t help asking about the situation again. He smiled and said, "I see. Thank you, doctor. By the way, I didn’t know your name?"
At ordinary times, few girls can resist Lin Feng’s smile offensive. Unfortunately, this time he hit a wall. The beautiful doctor was not moved by his smile and still looked serious. He replied, "My name is Feng. You can call me Dr. Feng. Because there is nothing wrong with your body, we didn’t inform your family. Do you want to stay in the hospital for observation for a while or go through the discharge formalities immediately?"
"This ….." Lin Feng was surprised at the beauty doctor’s indifference, but he still didn’t give up. "I don’t think I have any more questions to leave the hospital. By the way, Dr. Feng, thank you for curing me. Did you have it later? I’d like to invite you to dinner to express my gratitude. "
At present, the beauty doctor estimates that she has no opinion of Lin Feng. For Lin Feng’s sincere invitation to the beauty doctor, she said lightly, "Don’t thank me, doctor. This is my employee’s meal. I’m not used to eating with strangers. Especially, the other person is a man. Well, since you want to leave the hospital, you can go through the discharge formalities immediately." After that, the beauty doctor turned and walked out of the ward without waiting for Lin Feng’s reaction.
Lin Feng was embarrassed, scratching his head and listening to her tone. It is estimated that he has no affection for men. Why? Lin Feng is not interested in knowing so clearly. So he tried to strike up a conversation with her. Since the other party didn’t have a special "movement" with him, it might be scattered.
Dr. Feng: "Actually, that little guy Lin Feng is really good. I don’t want to have dinner with him, but I finally got a chance to play. That little guy Lin Feng hasn’t voted or collected yet. Who will have dinner with him? Let him drink wind and cold water alone!"
Windson "…"
Chapter 14 may be an elixir
It was already noon when I got home.
It’s really strange for Lin Feng to lie in bed and think about his life experience. Who would have thought that yesterday he experienced life and death because of injecting a mysterious liquid, and he was sent to the hospital. At the end of the day, his spiritual realm actually went from the early stage of knot Dan to the late stage of then. The original Lin Feng estimated that it would take at least 20 or 30 years to reach the late stage of then. This is still a quick calculation.
Windson is very curious about the liquid injected by himself, but at the same time, it is faintly suspected that this is definitely not the new life liquid in Grandpa Sun’s mouth. "It seems that I still need to ask Grandpa Sun." Lin Fengxin said.
I just wanted to see if I could connect with Grandpa Sun when I heard Xiao Pang wake up in my mind and said, "Grandpa Lin Fengsun is connecting. Do you want to pick it up?"
Lin Feng was overjoyed when he said that Cao Cao had arrived and hurriedly said, "Take it and show it by projection!"
Before saying a word, President Sun jumped out to see him anxiously and said, "Xiaofeng, are you okay?"
"I’m fine. By the way, Grandpa Sun, what exactly did you give me yesterday?" Windson answered
"It’s good that it’s okay. This time, one of my assistants made a mistake about what I wanted to give you, which almost hurt you." Dean Sun said with a look of terror. "I didn’t say that I gave you that liquid, but you gave it to me to study a Dan medicine."
"Dan medicine? Where did it come from? It seems that the effect is very good. "Windson asked curiously. Is it an elixir? According to the effect, it is really possible.
"The effect is very good? What do you mean? Did it have any effect on you? Then why did you go to the hospital? To know that I made a mistake, I hurried to contact you. Who knows that your smart housekeeper told me that you were suddenly unconscious and sent to the hospital, but it scared me to death. I hurried to contact you. You went to that hospital to ask about the situation. Fortunately, they told me that you had no problem at all, which made me feel at ease. By the way, what is the effect? I just dissolved the Dan medicine and was about to study it. You are quick to tell me about it. "Dean Sun estimated that he was really worried. Lin Feng kept talking, but in the end he turned to his research project.
Windson gave a wry smile and asked him a question, but he didn’t answer it. Grandpa Sun is really a research freak.
"Well, Grandpa Sun, you also know that I’m practicing the Lin family health qigong. After you gave me something yesterday, my practice suddenly improved a lot, which was caused by a sudden coma, that is, my practice suddenly grew and my body didn’t adapt. Now, do you have anything like Grandpa Sun?" Lin Feng’s words are true or not. His Lins do have a kind of home health qigong, but the effect is as pure as the name, and it can’t be compared with the root of health preservation and famous achievement.
"So it seems that it is really an elixir," said Dean Sun with a face of regrets.
"Grandpa sun, you are quick to say where did this thing come from? Do you still have it? " Lin Feng is in a hurry, and there is nothing to be polite about Dean Sun. If this "elixir" has something to say, Lin Feng doesn’t mind doing something. It’s really a good thing.
"Ha ha Xiao Feng, don’t worry. There is this thing, but I can’t give it to you now."
"Do you know where this came from?" Dean Sun smiled and asked.
Their windson turned over and said, "I just don’t know to ask you."
"Ha ha, I won’t tease you. This Dan medicine is returned to you. It was also found by your uncle Sun during the alien exploration, but it was not in the same place. The Dan medicine was found in a fierce rising star. An asteroid is now that there is no atmosphere and the climate is extremely bad. Humans can’t live on the planet without relying on equipment. But it is strange that your uncle Sun has found a stone hut in this asteroid. In addition to the stone bench table, he found a small jade bottle. It is estimated that the owner accidentally lost it."
"Is it a jade bottle with an elixir?" Windson quickly asked
"Yes, there are two so-called’ elixirs’ in the jade bottle. What’s even more strange is that the jade bottle was also carved by Xia Wen in Gu Hua. The name of the elixir should be’ Nine Return Yuan Dan’. At that time, when I got it, I wondered if it was an elixir made by Chinese monks. Now I heard that you made it, and the effect was estimated to be about the same. Is it true that Zhongxiuxian was there? Otherwise, how could someone go to an uninhabitable asteroid? " Dean Sun said doubtfully
When Dean Sun was puzzled, Lin Feng was also thinking to himself. In fact, when he was practicing the famous achievement method, he had some doubts that he was cultivating immortals. It seems that he hasn’t heard of any kung fu that can last forever after practice. At this time, he heard about Uncle Sun’s exploration achievements. Lin Feng was more sure that cultivating immortals should really be in the so-called immortal. What he should do after finding his parents is to witness that it is strong in Chinese saying that it is one of them!
Dean Sun soon came to his senses and said, "Well, after waiting for this immortal to be cultivated, I slowly explored Xiaofeng. Now you should know what I can’t give you this so-called’ elixir’. Hehe, there are two, one of which has been given to you. Of course, let me study the other one carefully. Don’t worry, if I succeed in my research, I will tell you right and wrong things at the first time, and I will resend them to you in these two days. Perhaps because of confidentiality, Dean Sun didn’t receive the" life fluid ".
"Uh-huh" is a little disappointed to hear that there are two windson, but the master said that it really makes sense. If he can develop something, he believes that he can always enjoy it for the first time.
After simply pulling a few words, Lin Feng ended his dialogue with Dean Sun and went back to bed. Lin Feng thought about his future plans.
It seems that the achievement method has been broken, and the life span of the elixir will be greatly extended. After that, life is calculated by chitose. Then this latest life fluid seems to have nothing to do with itself. After all, it is now at the end of the elixir, and it is possible to break through at any time and place.
To tell the truth, Lin Feng was frightened by the changes after this injection, and he felt a little afraid of injecting the so-called "life fluid" again. Taking medicine and injections will kill people.
However, Dean Sun said that he would send the life fluid to him again, and Lin Feng didn’t object to it. However, there are no good things that others want. Even if he doesn’t give it away, Lin Feng couldn’t help laughing when he thought of it. It’s good to be in the golden elixir period, and then he can automatically absorb the aura of heaven and earth. He doesn’t need to continue to practice in such an unorthodox way as mining and mending. Then Lin Feng can be separated from his slutty career, and his other identity-Xiaoye can also retire.
Thought of here, Lin Feng is very heart-warming. Although there are many playboys who like this game very much, it is a kind of suffering for Lin Feng, and even a lot of things have been lost.
Maybe I can live my own life from today, so it’s time to implement the plan of finding my parents!
Chapter 15 Gu Wu Technology