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Such as windson wake up from pranayama is already 3 o’ clock in the morning.

Lin Feng is very satisfied with his progress in repairing during this period. However, he has a faint feeling like a liquid. According to the description of the famous achievement method, he should be on the eve of knot Dan. To tell the truth, Han Yu is really a good tripod furnace. Lin Feng can always feel that he has made great progress in repairing, but unfortunately, in today’s materialistic society, there are very few women like Han Yu and Chu Yu whose center of mass is determined.
Since the cultivation of the famous achievement method, Lin Feng has also consulted the information about the achievement method in the virtual network and guessed that he may be practicing the truth in the middle. According to the practice of the truth in the middle, he did not have a panacea to wash tendons, cut pulp and consolidate culture. Second, he did not have the guidance of the teacher to protect the dharma. It was indeed a great achievement to practice silently in the early days of Dan in just 13 years.
Actually, it’s not surprising that Lin Fengyou has made such an achievement. It’s only after thousands of years that he found the ring on his hand that he knows that Lin Feng’s talent and intelligence are once in a thousand years. What’s more, his practice of fame and achievement is also the best, but he doesn’t know it.
At the beginning, Lin Feng struggled for 10 years to achieve a great foundation. In fact, he entered the innate nature from the day after tomorrow, and then he felt that he had made great progress in practice in the next three years. If he refused to get involved in his feelings easily, he would not care about the indiscriminate use of skills, otherwise the realm would be much higher than it is now.
Gently spit out the last mouthful of polluted air, and Lin Feng felt refreshed and comfortable.
It’s time to inject the life fluid. Order Dingdang to bring the syringe containing the life fluid. After a pause, Lin Fengding pressed the injection button on his left arm.
With the sound of "Snow", Lin Feng felt that the arm was slightly numb and the liquid in the syringe was instantly penetrated into the skin by huge pressure.
Put the syringe back in the secret box and let Dingdang carefully hide it. After that, Lin Feng closed his eyes and mobilized Zhenyuan to welcome the life fluid into the body. He wanted to transport Zhenyuan and drive the life fluid to every part of the body to achieve the best absorption effect.
However, at the moment when the real life liquid wants to contact, it suddenly changes!
Zhenyuan’s contact with life fluid is like gasoline on fire! "Bang" a violent expansion to shock windson stuffy hum a feel meridians pain splitting! Frightened, I didn’t want to think much. I quickly mobilized my body and wanted to force the life fluid out of the body
However, Lin Feng soon regretted what was called adding fuel to the fire. Here it is!
The surge and the true element didn’t play a role, but the violent feeling of expansion quickly spread to the body along the forest air meridians with the countercurrent of the true element’s flow direction.
Lin Feng soon lost control of the body and Zhenyuan, and the meridians of the body seemed to be heartbroken by acupuncture and fire, while Zhenyuan in Dantian became the only pure land because of the previous urgent transfer.
At this time, Lin Feng felt that he was being pierced by several steel needles, and Venus was in a rash position in front of him, but his spirit was better than waking up and biting his teeth silently.
"Won’t be grandpa sun deliberately hurt me? Replaced the life fluid with poison? " The idea flashed in windson’s mind and was quickly denied by himself. "Impossible Grandpa would never do that. Worse, there is no motive. Is there a conflict between life fluid and his own practice achievement method? This is a great possibility. "
At this moment, windson can constantly entertain foolish ideas and prevent his spirit from returning to his body for fear of collapse and falling into perdition.
I don’t know how long it took before the pain gradually disappeared and replaced by paralysis. I couldn’t even move a finger, and I couldn’t feel my body.
Windson once again sees that all meridians except the abdomen are filled with a strange energy generated by the fusion of life fluid with the true element. This kind of energy is huge compared with blocking the windson vein like a solid, and there is no possibility of flow.
Windson dumbfounded for this kind of situation so? Although this strange energy is very powerful, if the real element can’t flow, no matter how strong the energy is, it will be useless.
Do you want to fall short today after 13 years of penance? No, I can’t. My parents are still waiting for their own rescue!
Windson tried to mobilize the powerful energy of the body, but now the roots can’t be blocked by meridians, and it is impossible to move.
If you want to transfer, you must have a … A … Where is it? Windson spirit mind in the body over and over again patrol all meridians are blocked without a spark missing.
Wait, this is …
By the way, dantian! Due to windson’s previous urgent mobilization of Zhenyuan, he wanted to fight against the life fluid entering the body. Therefore, after the birth and change, Dantian was swinging without being affected by waves.
After finding Ruyedantian, Lin Feng’s spirit was greatly stimulated, and he kept shuttling through the meridians around dantian, trying to transfer the energy here into dantian to form a cycle.
Unexpectedly, the energy blocking meridians would produce huge amounts, just like reinforced concrete masonry, and windson still failed to mobilize even the slightest effort.
"Isn’t this way also not line? Impossible, I can’t believe this "windson some angry natural obstinacy let him unwilling so resigned.
After a pause, Lin Feng took a deep breath and shuttled back and forth with the meridian passage in the abdomen, hoping to transport the solidified energy into the abdomen. After half an hour, Lin Feng’s mind was almost exhausted, and his spirit was extremely weak and his headache was splitting. However, his efforts were not in vain. After tens of millions of thoughts were carried, the energy in the abdomen finally got a little loose, and a little tiny energy slowly flowed into the abdomen like gravel falling from a concrete wall.
Lin Feng’s heart is full of joy, regardless of the extreme lack of spirit, and he takes a deep breath and continues to work like a foolish old man moving mountains.
Thousands of miles of embankment collapsed in the ant nest!
In Lin Feng’s continuous efforts to enter the abdomen, more and more energy is flowing from a little bit to a trickle. At the end of the day, Lin Feng has no need to control the mind, and more and more huge energy is automatically pouring into the abdomen.
Lin Feng just breathed a sigh of relief when the horse felt something was wrong again. A bad thing about the influx of such huge energy into the abdomen was the fate of blasting and dying.
Frightened windson quickly mobilized the remaining spirit to prevent the influx of energy.
However, windson’s resistance in the face of huge energy seems to be like a gladiator, and even the waves are not turned up, so it is washed away by the rushing energy!
So much energy pours into the abdomen, but when it can’t be obtained, it forms a whirlpool. With the continuous influx of energy, the vortex turns faster and faster, and the suction is getting bigger and bigger. With the energy entering the abdomen, there is more and more vicious circle. Windson has no control possibility.
Now windson simply regardless of the eyes closed broken broken falls in god’s hands!
Soon Lin Fengdan has reached its limit. However, in the powerful suction meridians of the energy vortex, the energy still keeps pouring into the abdomen. Gradually, Lin Fengtian’s mind has become confused and he feels that his body is expanding like a balloon.
Don’t know how long it was before windson seemed to hear a "bang" in a shock mouth one mouthful blood jet was completely lost in the darkness …
Chapter 13 Picking up Then
It’s as if Lin Feng’s mind gradually rose from the bottom of the sea.
When I opened my eyes, I saw a snow-white nose and smelled a peculiar smell of the hospital.
Windson immediately woke up and knew that he should be in the hospital, and the family intelligent housekeeper would be set before leaving the factory. Once the master was in danger and fell into a coma, he must immediately call the police. He must have "jingled" and informed the police that he was wrong and sent himself to the hospital.
White now situation windson forced not to stay depending on the spirit force in the meridians hastily a search windson stunned meridians such as also not a spark of true yuan in the trace.
"Is it just a waste?" Windson suddenly despair.
After 13 years of hard practice, it turned out to be worse. How can Lin Feng stand such a blow when his desire to find and rescue his parents has not been fulfilled?