I walked quickly to the front of the table and a green package landed on the table.

I looked at it carefully and even looked at a forest wind. Now there is no danger, so I don’t just guess at it. This package is not big. Inside it is a silver box with a length of 25 cm, a width of 15 cm and a height of about 5 cm. There is a row of words printed on the right foot-Federal Academy of Science and Technology.
See this row of words windson finally guessed who sent this package.
"It turned out to be Grandpa Sun. Hehe, it should be a birthday present for me. What would it be a good thing to put it in a small box?" Windson muttered as she picked up the box and rummaged through it.
If you want to play a small secret box, you must find the identification device, and then put your finger on it. The identification device will collect a series of complicated data including fingerprints, dna, neural flow, etc. If it matches the data preset in the box, the box will play. If the data is wrong or you want to forcibly play, the things in the box will be instantly incinerated.
Windson easily reached the box like a fingernail size recognition device, and then he felt his fingers slightly numb. After a few seconds, the box "snapped" a dozen.
The first thing you see is a palm-sized silver pistol, which is made of high-strength transparent glass in the barrel. There are some mysterious liquids with ever-changing colors in the glass. At this moment, it is red, and at the same time it becomes blue, which is changeable and even different colors from different angles.
"What is this? What a strange color! "Windson didn’t understand what it was, but it was obvious that it looked like a small pistol and was a high-pressure syringe.
In addition to this high-pressure syringe with strange liquid, there is also a delicate dagger and a marble-sized disposable projector in the box.
Since there is a disposable projector, the mysterious liquid data in the high-pressure syringe should also be in it, so Lin Feng didn’t think much about picking up the dagger that was less than 1 foot long. No, it shouldn’t be said that although it was short, it was a dagger with two edges.
The shape of the whole dagger is very simple and smooth, and the handle is dark blue sheath, which is made of an unknown brown leather but has a metallic texture, but it is very light as if it has no weight.
Windson gently pulled the dagger out of its sheath, revealing the water-blue blade. The material of the blade looks very strange. It doesn’t seem to be very reflective, very cold and sharp. Because it gently touched a blade, Windson’s finger was unconsciously scratched. It’s so sharp! Lin feng thought
Holding the dagger in your hand, you drew two strokes. Lin Feng’s heart moved to inject the real yuan into it. Strange things gave birth to the dagger. Suddenly, it shook gently, and some of the gas in the blade was gradually distorted. However, Lin Feng’s gods soon realized that it was not the dagger that was vibrating, but the gas that clung to the dagger was vibrating, and even Lin Feng’s powerful mind could not keep up with this vibration rate.
"Is this a high-frequency magnetic shock?" Windson was taken aback.
In fact, it is not unheard of in high-frequency magnetic oscillation. As early as hundreds of years ago, this theory was put forward. It is not through various means to magnetize the component and oscillate in a very short time and in a very small range, so as to obtain extremely powerful cutting ability. Unfortunately, although the theory has been in existence for hundreds of years, there has been no research achievement that can reach the required level. The most difficult thing is that no metal or alloy in all metal alloys can withstand such hundreds of millions of oscillations per second.
However, looking at the dagger in his hand, Lin Feng has to doubt that the Federal Institute of Science and Technology has successfully developed a practical production based on the theory of high-frequency magnetic oscillation, but why is this dagger driven by real force? Windson don’t understand again.
Both the dagger and the mysterious liquid in the syringe made Lin Feng feel that his brain seemed to be insufficient, so he simply stopped thinking about it and picked up the disposable projector. Surely there should be an answer in it.
Finger gently press a healthy old man’s breath projection to flash out and say with a smile, "How’s Xiao Feng recently?" You haven’t joined grandpa for a long time. "
Windson saw the old man feel a warm current surge in his heart when he heard his words, followed by a wry smile and said to himself, "I also want to say hello to your family often, but you can hide in the Federal Academy of Science and Technology, the most confidential place in the earth every day, and do research on where I want to connect."
Grandpa Sun in Lin Fengkou is now the old man in the projection before him.
Although this old man looks ordinary, he is not ordinary. He is Professor Sun Jingchang, the famous president of the Federal Academy of Science and Technology of the Earth Federation.
Lin Feng’s parents used to be Professor Sun, who loved me and loved me. Professor Wu Sun also loved Lin Feng very much and recognized that he had done it. After Sun Feng’s parents were kidnapped and disappeared, Professor Sun was also very sad and repeatedly asked Lin Feng to move in and live with him, but the stubborn Lin Feng never agreed. So Professor Sun helped Lin Feng to do some things before he was assured that he lived with the housekeeper Zhong Bo, so Lin Feng has always been very grateful to the old man.
Lin Fenghuang shook his head and calmed down. Listening to the projector, Professor Sun continued, "Are you surprised how I remembered to send you something? Hehe, it’s like this. Recently, my research on a new generation of life fluid has been completed. After calculation, the basic performance of the new life fluid has increased by 5o%, which means that the effect of each injection has been extended from the original 1oo year to the present 15o years. Do you know what exciting news this is? This means that from now on, the average life of human beings can be extended from 3oo years old to 45o years old … "
Chapter 10 Life Fluid
After nearly a thousand years’ research, the Federal Institute of Science and Technology in 3oo1 AD finally successfully developed an epoch-making product in the prehistoric history of human evolution-life fluid, which raised the average life span of human beings to 300 years in one fell swoop.
However, due to the low technology and scarce materials at that time, the production level of life fluid was low and only a few people in the Federal Ministry of the Earth could obtain it.
However, at present, everyone who has reached the age of 2o12o22o can get the standard life fluid from the local government for three times because the effect of each standard life fluid can last for 100 years, and the Federal Institute of Science and Technology can inject life fluid three times in a lifetime after long-term research. Too many injections will not prolong life, but will be counterproductive.
It is precisely because of the emergence of life fluid that the life span of human beings has been greatly extended, which has led to a series of major changes in science, technology, culture, society and ideology, and since then, human beings have witnessed a large-scale planetary colonization movement
By the end of this year, it has been officially announced that there are six planets controlled by human beings, not including those controlled by anti-federal organizations and interstellar pirates.
Therefore, 3oo1 AD was also called the first year of the universe by some people.
When the master talks about his research results, he is excited to dance and talk about Lin Feng’s dizziness, but he can’t help but listen. After all, this is a disposable projector. If you miss any important information, will you regret it?
After a long detour, the master finally got back to the topic. "… although the new product has come out, after research, it is estimated that it will be impossible to mass-produce this new product in the next few decades due to various conditions. Of course, I quietly detained a batch and prepared a copy for you. I originally wanted to give it to you later, but suddenly I remembered that it seems that today is your 2o birthday, and I will make life fluid these days, so I just send it directly to you as a birthday gift, so you can go to the government to get those junk."
Hearing this, Lin Feng was deeply moved. His lordship really treated himself as his relative. He didn’t forget to leave him a copy of anything good. Moreover, this birthday gift came at an extraordinary time. Lin Feng really planned to smoke the government to receive the standard life fluid in these two days.
Although it has been said in Lin Feng’s famous achievement method that if the practice is successful, people’s life span can be immortal and the universe can’t be shared, Lin Feng has some doubts about this exaggeration, and he doesn’t know to what extent it is considered to be successful in practice, so the situation is not good in the future. Of course, it would be better to make the life fluid if the achievement method is telling the truth, but if it is bragging, I will not suffer. Besides, if I can live a little longer, I will be confident in practicing.
Thought of here, Lin Feng couldn’t help but be glad that he didn’t reach the age of 20 like some people in society, and whether or not he had his birthday, he had to wait for the government to receive the life fluid, as if it were late. If Lin Feng received the injection as early as they did, he wouldn’t give birth to this new product for the time being, and his life might be reduced by 5 years.
However, it’s funny what your lordship said. Just now, we have just worked out whether it is a new product or a laboratory product. Now most people in society are making the standard life fluid turn into garbage in his mouth.
While thinking about windson, I continued to listen to my master’s words.
"This time, I gave you a birthday present. Besides the newly-developed life fluid, I believe you also saw this dagger. It was your third uncle who was in an alien relic when he was exploring. Now I have studied it. It should be an alien life with higher intelligence.
In addition to the sharpness ratio, if you inject energy into the dagger, the air on the surface of the dagger can vibrate at high frequency, so that the dagger can be stronger than the cutting ability. I know that you have the health-preserving skills of a practitioner, which should make the scientific and technological content of this dagger not too high, but it is very clever. Unlike our human high-frequency magnetic oscillation theory, it does not focus on magnetizing and vibrating the metal components that make up the weapon, but makes some special means to magnetize and vibrate the air components that are close to the surface of the dagger. In the absence of air, the energy particles injected into the dagger can cover itself on the surface of the dagger to replace the air components for magnetiz
This technology has given me a great enlightenment. I believe that it won’t be long before we humans can develop weapons similar to high-frequency magnetic oscillation. However, this method of high-frequency magnetic oscillation by aliens also requires high materials. The material of the dagger is very strange. Humans have not seen this material so far, so it is necessary to find a substitute as soon as possible … "
"Here we go again!" Windson could not help but lament.
But this time, it’s okay. It took less than 10 minutes for the master to say that he realized that he was digressing again. He smiled and said, "Hehe, it’s digressing again. Who told you not to come to play with me often? Well, not much to say. On the whole, this dagger is still very good. I know that you like fighting at ordinary times. Plus, I have studied it almost. Just give it to you for fun.
By the way, you should also know why I want a disposable projector to tell you these things without talking. I said that many of these things are top federal secrets. I know you don’t like to talk, but you should be careful not to let the cat out of the bag.
All right, let’s not talk about it. Remember what difficulties Grandpa Duolian has. Don’t fight it yourself. If you can’t find me for a while, go to the next time. I told you that those people will help you solve it. Finally, I said a little wind, Happy birthday to you! "
As soon as the words sound just fell, the projection disappeared in a twist, and at the same time, the disposable projector the size of a marble also gave off an unpleasant smell. Windson knew that the data stored in the projector department had turned to ashes and could never be restored.
Chapter 11 Gravity Ring
Get rid of the disposable projector that has been scrapped. Lin Feng fondle admiringly picked up the alien dagger and made several strokes. He felt very satisfied. Then Lin Feng handed the dagger to his left hand and his right hand, and a dagger appeared again. Lin Feng put the two daggers together and compared them. The size and shape are not very different. Of course, the material and function are far from perfect.
Lin Feng’s own dagger is also the ancestor of the mysterious ring. It has a strange name called "Shadow", but compared with the ring, the dagger looks a little ordinary. It is an ordinary dagger made of fine steel. It is neither particularly sharp nor has any special advantages. The only commendable place is that it has been maintained by the Lins for generations. If you don’t tell you the truth, you can’t imagine that this dagger has a history of thousands of years.
Shadow, like a ring, has been with Lin Feng since childhood. With the progress of medical treatment and first aid system, ordinary cold weapons are no longer called "controlled knives" and have been confiscated. Therefore, most young people in modern society like to carry one or two "controlled knives" or defend themselves or show off for various reasons.
It is out of habit for Lin Feng to take the "shadow" with him. Without it, he will feel less uncomfortable than Lin Feng in equipment fighting. It is this dagger that Lin Feng feels that he has the same spiritual connection with this dagger, and this connection becomes clearer as Lin Feng grows up.
However, Lin Feng is now considering whether the dagger with alien technology should be eliminated, but the idea is fleeting. Apart from the wonderful connection between him and the "shadow", it is not surprising that Lin Feng is a nostalgic person who is still running happily in the Lins with a hundred-year-old intelligent housekeeper.
Then windson gave it a name called "water blue" according to the color of the alien dagger. After putting the "water blue" away, windson didn’t move the life fluid, and now it’s not time to inject it.
At home, in the fitness area, Lin Feng took off his clothes one by one, and finally left a pair of close-fitting pants, showing a well-balanced and smooth body without a trace of proud flesh, but it seemed to be full of poor strength muscles, giving people a pleasing feeling. Then Lin Feng pulled out the belt from the outer pants and put it around his waist again.
This is not an ordinary belt, but a necessary piece of equipment for all officials of the space fleet-gravity ring, which can produce o1~5g gravity effect under the condition that there is a magnetic field outside according to the principle that like poles repel and opposite poles attract.
Speaking of gravity rings, there is another interesting story.
Before the Earth Federation was established, Melijian United States spent a huge sum of money to take the lead in developing a simulated gravity system in the space ship, which solved the problem of astronauts losing weight in space. However, at the beginning, the gravity system simulated by Melijian United States needed about 20% of the energy of the whole space ship, and it was very unstable, and various failures often occurred. Even so, Melijian still hid it as a treasure to limit the outflow.
When the People’s Republic of China later announced that it would also be unified, Melijian was anxious to criticize the People’s Republic of China for stealing other secrets in the international arena, and exhibited a new round of spy cleaning in the national exhibition. It was not until more than ten years later that the simulated gravity system of the People’s Republic of China was different from them in terms of cost performance, so he was able to apologize to the People’s Republic of China and urged to communicate with the People’s Republic of China in the simulated gravity system, which caused an international joke.
In fact, when the Chinese Republic successfully simulated the gravity system, it was very ambassador to the gravity ring of the same country. If this system is to set a magnetic field environment at the bottom of the spacecraft, all the officers and men of the spacecraft can obtain the same gravity effect as the earth, and the energy needed to set a magnetic field environment accounts for a very small part of the energy needed by the entire spacecraft, which is almost negligible.
Of course, the gravity ring is irreplaceable in the daily life of the earth besides being widely used in the space fleet. For example, the gravity ring is almost an anti-gravity device when it produces the o1g gravity effect, but it takes a lot of energy to obtain the 1g gravity effect, that is, the anti-gravity effect. When the gravity ring can support itself for more than ten seconds, it can save a life. For example, in some large passenger planes, the gravity ring is regarded as a high emergency device to protect human beings from falling from death.
Of course, the gravity ring is a good strength training equipment because it can double the gravity effect.
However, it is a pity that although the gravity ring is wonderful and poor, due to the scarcity of materials and the complicated process of manufacturing the gravity ring, the gravity ring is still controlled by the army and rarely circulated among the people.
However, it is normal for windson to have a gravity ring, and I don’t want to think about who his grandfather is. Even the life fluid that has just been developed can be given him a small gravity ring. Moreover, windson’s gravity ring is still a military field commander to make advanced goods out of the gravity barrier to protect the owner.
Like fighting, the gravity ring that Lin Feng wants is of course to exercise himself. What’s worse, the famous martial arts he practices are also very particular about exercise. Now Lin Feng can move freely in the 25g gravity environment without moving the real element. Besides sleeping, taking a shower and doing some special "sports", he will take off the gravity ring and wear it in his daily life to keep himself in a high gravity environment all the time.
Put forest air in the fitness area and adjust the gravity ring to 35g, which is a compulsory course every day.
First, I did a set of warm-up exercises, then I stood up by handstand, followed by 1oo sit-ups, 1oo flips and 1oo leapfrog …
One group rested for 10 minutes after exercise, and then did it again from beginning to end. In this way, the foundation was moved for three times before stopping. This kind of repeated and small training method can not only increase muscle endurance and strength, but also avoid muscle fiber thickening and muscle wrinkles caused by excessive exercise. Of course, this small amount is also for Lin Feng, a pervert.
After the basic movement, Lin Feng attacked a 15okg sandbag on the edge of the fitness area, and the poor sandbag was "banged" and flew messy.
After all the routine homework was finished, Lin Feng took off his gravity ring, took a good bath, and then sat cross-legged naked on the bed. Before meditating, he consciously looked at the big picture of the bedside and sighed.
In the middle of the photo is a man in his twenties and Lin Feng smiles very brightly like a man. A girl with a demure temperament and a beautiful face is nestled in his arms with two pink jade carving children beside her. The boy is naughty and looks like a doll in a pink dress. The girl is shy, with her little head down and her hand clutching the little boy’s clothes and feet as if she were afraid that he would run away …
Chapter 12 Coagulating meridians