Windson sneered at nothing, but looked at Chu Yu’s maglev coaster rising gradually until it disappeared into the distant sky and sighed, "So it’s over!"

Chapter playing pp
"Xiao pang will stop my car at the hotel and come over" ordered Lin Feng after watching the Chuyu coaster disappear in the sky.
In today’s society, the function of intelligent navigation, positioning and automatic driving has been very perfect. Xiaopang is a signal that the forest air speed will come automatically in the past.
While waiting for the bus, Lin Feng felt a little agitated. He simply lit a cigarette and looked at the light smoke floating in his fingers. For a while, he thought of Chu Yu’s pretty face, and then he thought of her mind fluctuating.
"That’s the kid who let him get away!"
Suddenly, shouting and footsteps woke Lin Feng up. Looking up, I didn’t know when a large maglev coaster stopped. More than a dozen big men ran from the car with steel pipe knives and rushed towards Lin Fengchong.
Windson coldly looking at these people still watching them surrounded by themselves.
"Yes, that’s him." A big man with a scar on his face looked at his own intelligent terminal and said to him.
"What can I do for you?" Windson asked lightly, but there was some white in my heart. It should be that the man who came to meet Chuyu called someone. I didn’t expect him to move so fast. It seems that there are still some forces.
"What’s the matter? You know in your heart who made you move and shouldn’t be moving."
"Oh, really? Then what do you want? " Windson still looked as cool as a cucumber, and he didn’t panic at all because he was surrounded by a bunch of fierce men.
Although Scarface was a little surprised at windson’s attitude, she said with a grimace of a grin that "it’s nothing, but it’s just to teach you a lesson and break your legs." Maybe Scarface couldn’t help laughing because she thought her words were very interesting.
"Ha ha, yes, it’s just a little lesson for you. Don’t be too nervous."
"That’s right. It’s no big deal if your leg is broken. Haha!" Small potato around also follow to laugh.
When they all finished laughing, Lin Fengcai said callously, "I’m in a bad mood today. Go away and leave me alone."
"Uh …" Scarface seemed to hear something incredible, but after a short stay, she burst out laughing with her hands. "He told us to go away. Haha, that’s interesting."
"Yeah, yeah, interesting."
"This gigolo is not a fool, is it?"
"Is it funny?" Windson suddenly strange asked
Lin Feng’s vivid expression makes Scarface and his hands suddenly feel like a group of clowns. Scarface can’t help but become angry from embarrassment and put away his smiling face and scold, "I think you are impatient to live. I will become you today and let him enjoy it."
"By being so arrogant, I killed this bitch and raised a small white face." A small potato rushed up with a steel pipe first.
Hearing this sentence, Lin Feng has always been very calm. Suddenly, it seems like a different person. A flash of cold light in his eyes coldly squeezed out two words from his teeth: "Die!"
The little white face in front of the leader suddenly disappeared. "It won’t be a ghost, will it?" Just as the idea surged in my heart, I felt that my chest seemed to be hit by a huge force, and I snorted and threw it back involuntarily. However, before he fell to the ground, his arm seemed to be caught by something. I heard a "click", which tore my heart and hurt my lungs. The unlucky little potato couldn’t help but scream, but his nightmare was not over yet.
Scarface was shocked to see the scene before him and forgot to come here for a while. He saw the small white face across the street suddenly move, and when everyone didn’t react, he punched his hand "long tongue" and then quickly grabbed the long tongue and turned around him like a ghost, and then came from the long tongue. Four clear and audible bones were broken.
Windson looked at the guy again coldly and said, "Don’t be so dirty after your mouth, remember to brush your teeth before you come out." Then, with a long tongue, your body drew a wonderful arc, leaped over the riverside guardrail and fell into the cold Huangpu River.
The sound of a long tongue falling into the water woke Scarface, who was in dementia, and his hands looked at him lightly and broke other people’s limbs. He also looked indifferent. Scarface gasped and thought that he might have kicked the iron plate today, but now he must not back down, so Scarface gritted his teeth and shouted, "Go to two and get the long tongue and others to join me!"
Two people near the river looked at each other "plop" and "plop" and jumped out of the Huangpu River. The others embraced Lin Feng.
Windson cold snorted and took the initiative to meet them. Everyone was invincible like a tiger in a flock. No one could stop him from being hit. The figure was thrown around and the crisp fracture kept ringing, and the shrill cry broke out one after another.
After windson stopped, there was no one around who could land and lay full of groans, which made windson even more majestic.
After solving these big guys, Lin Feng lit a cigarette leisurely to see that his flying car had not come yet, so he slowly walked to the river and watched with interest two people who had just jumped into the river to catch people there.
"Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap,
Windson looked up from the car, and it was a delicate girl of about seventeen years old, with a beautiful face dyed golden, beautiful features and a beautiful nose. She also wore a shiny metal small ring, a small white tight vest, a bright red skirt, a large white pink waist, and a lovely navel with a red gem. She looked at Windson with a hint of ponder and looked at the image of a little witch.
It’s a pity that Lin Feng doesn’t catch a cold about this type of beauty. Why should a good girl dress up like this? But Lin Feng feels a little wary. It’s that the little witch’s slender and delicate hands are wearing two metal gloves and shining with cold light.
"Nice skill. Are you interested in hanging out with the young lady?" The little witch looked at windson like a kitten saw a delicious fresh fish.
Windson didn’t talk, and he saw his flying car finally coming, so he bypassed the little witch and walked towards his flying car, as if he didn’t see the people in front of him or hear anything.
"live!" Be regarded as little witch angry stretched out his hand and stopped windson way.
"What can I do for you?" Windson as if just now someone light asked.
The little witch was shaken by Lin Feng’s lukewarm attitude and said, "You hit me so easily that you want to leave?"
"oh? Is the garbage yours? Then what do you want? " Windson is impatient, and being in trouble one after another, and being angry with good people will be worse. Lin Fenggen is not a good crop.
"Not so good, I want to teach you a lesson!" The little witch couldn’t stand it anymore. Suddenly, she stepped in the previous step and ran to the forest air alongside of.seem with a roaring wind.
Windson one side easily escaped the little hag fist threatened, "Little girl, don’t be shameless. Don’t blame me if you start work again." This is also the ultimatum that Windson said if the other side is a girl. If the opposite side is a big man, it is estimated that he has fallen to the ground screaming like his companions.
Who knows that the little witch root is ungrateful, but the more angry she is, she quickly turned to Lin Fengshen, who is a sultry foot and shouted, "Who are you calling my little girl, smelly little girl?" I won’t teach you a lesson today, and I’ll take your last name. "
Windson is also on fire. Although the fighting level of the little witch is really good, it hasn’t been taken seriously by Windson, and a dozen moves have been dealt with casually. In a flash, the little witch once poked her throat and passed her by. Windson’s left hand quickly passed behind the little witch and went around to her front to embrace her bare pink waist. At the same time, her left arm was tight and pressed against the little witch’s appetite. Her arms were firmly locked by Windson, and she was bent up by Windson the side, showing black pants and two pieces of white tender meat.
"Let me go!" Feel their humiliation posture little witch ashamed and resentful heart cried
Windson didn’t answer, but watched the beautiful scenery in front of him. The black-and-white interaction reflected the temptation of words, which made Windson swallow a mouthful of saliva.
"Let me go!" The little witch’s voice has brought a little into tears unconsciously.
Lin Feng came to her senses and hit the little witch Xiao pp hard for three times before letting her go and said coldly, "This is a little lesson for you!"
The little witch’s ass got three times, as if her strength had been drained and she could no longer support a soft fall to the ground.
Windson no longer ignored her and went to her flying car. Youzi remembered the wonderful touch of the palm when it came into contact with the pink buttocks, and felt that she was in a better mood at the same time.
At the moment when Lin Feng took off, a little witch came behind her hysterically and shouted, "You wait for me and I will not let you go. I will kill you!"
Lin Feng: "Xiao Pang, you don’t seem to care much about converging beams. Why are there so many friends who have voted for the collection?"
Xiao pang "I can’t help it. Now the individual armor is too advanced. I can’t get through the converging beam."
Windson "it seems that I did it myself"
Xiao Pang "What do you want to do?"
Lin Feng "don’t vote, don’t collect, grab pp!"
Xiao pang "…"
Chapter 9 Mysterious Parcel
Windson returned home in a good mood, and he didn’t take it to heart for the previous fight and the last threat from the little witch.
Just after hitting the door of the house, the barrel-shaped family intelligence manager, who is more than one and a half people high, greeted him and said to Lin Feng strangely, "Master, are you back?"
"Well, I’m back, Tinker Bell. How was your day?" Although the face is an inanimate robot, although it is intelligent, it has just reached the level of a 2-year-old child, but Lin Feng will still say hello politely and jingle every day. After all, people have feelings for jingle. It has been a hundred years since the Lins’ family. In fact, now the world has a more intelligent, more beautiful and more realistic housekeeper, but Lin Feng still has no idea of eliminating jingle.
"I had a good day today. Thank you, young master. By the way, a man delivered a package at noon and I left it on the table."
"Oh, really? Who sent it? " Windson listened to very curious.
"A middle-aged man asked me to give you this package and then turned around and left."
Windson is even more strange. Who is so mysterious?