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Lin Feng interrupted her words and said, "Ah Yu, I know you prefer this pendant, and you can rest assured that there is no problem."

Chuyu is also an ice-snow girl who knows that her mind has been seen through by Lin Feng. She feels very embarrassed about Lin Feng’s move, and she smiles from her heart, which also makes Lin Feng feel that this pendant is very worthwhile.
Amethyst doesn’t need much other decoration because of its unique noble characteristics, so a simple platinum necklace is enough.
Windson took the amethyst necklace after crossing the account and gently said to Chu Yu, "Ah Yu, let me help you bring it."
"Well …" ChuYu shyly bowed his head and let windson slowly put this noble and beautiful necklace on his neck.
Looking at the mysterious amethyst reflecting the faint light on Chu Yu’s chest, Lin Feng couldn’t help but lean away and kiss her lips in Chu Yu’s bright red.
It seems to have stopped at this moment.
Chapter VII goodbyekiss
After shopping, both of them felt a little tired. At windson, they decided to go to a movie like many lovers on their first date.
Chu Yu, holding popcorn in the cinema box, unconsciously snuggled up in Lin Feng’s arms. It’s so good to feel in love when I watch the very much in love movie go to the lonely sky long ago!
Although Lin Feng is dismissive of this kind of rotten romantic film, it is also very interesting to hold the fragrant soft and charming body in the dim light and look ugly.
After the film was over, the two men held hands and discussed the plot in the film while strolling on the famous Bund in Shencheng, feeling the cool night wind blowing from Huangpu River and being fascinated, hoping to stay at this moment forever.
However, it is doomed to be futile to try to stop the time. The 12-bell bell bell in the distance means that the old day has left and the new day has arrived.
At the moment when the bell rang, Lin Feng and Chu Yu seemed to think of something, and their hands were unconsciously loose.
Just like Cinderella will be beaten back to her original shape after 12 o’clock, according to what I said in the bar before, the two are no longer lovers at 12 o’clock.
Although I feel very good about each other, although I was very happy with each other before, this unexpected moment made them think of something disappointing.
For Lin Feng, the old emotional scars haven’t been healed yet, and he really doesn’t have the courage to try again. His parents are still waiting for their rescue in a distant corner of the universe. At this time, he doesn’t pursue emotional qualifications at all, and there is another one in his heart …
And Chu Yu? Although she is withdrawn, she is not crazy. Tell her that there is no result between her and Lin Feng, and her family will never allow herself to marry an ordinary person. So it may be a good thing for both of them to let go early before reaching the point of inseparable.
In fact, golden couple, who met occasionally, had already anticipated this result. Otherwise, Lin Feng wouldn’t have highlighted Tang as a lover for a day, and Chu Yu wouldn’t have agreed to this absurd suggestion. In the previous conversation, both of them were very tacit and didn’t ask each other for details. Maybe they just wanted to find someone to accompany them through this lonely day.
After a long silence, Chu Yu said "I’m leaving" lightly, but the calm words revealed the sadness of parting.
Lin Feng gave a dry smile and said, "Do you want me to drive you?"
"No, I have just informed my family that a driver will pick me up later." Chu Yushen’s small intelligent terminal is definitely a top-notch product, so it doesn’t need voice input. With brainwaves, it is very convenient to send signals. Now almost all portable small intelligent terminals have ball positioning function, so Chu Yushen’s family can easily know her current position and send a flying car to pick her up.
While waiting for the flying car, both of them were silent and didn’t know what to say.
After a while, Lin Feng seemed to think of something and suddenly said, "Although it’s past 12 o’clock in the rain, our previous agreement has been abolished, but since we have been lovers for a while, how can we have an end?"
Chuyu didn’t come out, but looked at windson in confusion and didn’t know what he meant.
"I mean, a complete date, we still have one step to complete when we part."
"There will be a step? What is it? "
"That’s …" Here, Lin Feng deliberately dragged a long tone to tune up Chu Yu’s curiosity before slowly picking up "goodbyekiss!"
Before ChuYu react windson thrust her into his arms to promote the unexpected ChuYu startled and struggled violently.
Lin Fengzao was prepared and still hugged her tightly until Chu Yu understood the meaning of Lin Feng’s words. He slowly calmed down and looked at Lin Feng’s affectionate eyes. Chu Yu secretly sighed in his heart, slowly closed his eyes, lifted up his pretty face and trembled slightly.
Windson slowly bowed their heads and kissed the delicate and charming red lips.
"Well …" Chuyu gently breathed as if he had ignited the flame in windson’s heart, and easily pried the defense line created by Chuyujie’s white teeth, which was intertwined with that warm, fragrant, satiny and soft.
In windson sophisticated tease ChuYu feel whole body more and more hot mind more and more confused know constantly responding to the windson rest for physical strength are exhausted in this moment completely fall into the us a kiss …
"What are you doing!"
I don’t know how long it took for a sudden sound to wake up the kissing couple. At the same time, golden couple felt that his right arm was rudely pulled, which made him feel weak and almost fell to the ground.
Windson great anger turned his head.
I don’t know when a luxury maglev coaster stopped beside them. A young man in a suit and tie glared at him at Lin Feng’s right arm. It seemed that this could not express his anger. The strange young man released Lin Feng’s arm and wanted to grab his collar again, while the other hand was clenched into a fist.
Is Lin Feng waiting for someone? Let’s not say that he is a huge and concise real yuan after practicing the famous martial arts. Even in the famous "fighter" in the virtual network, he is also a top five-star fighter. If such a person is easily caught by others, will he be caught by his collar?
Without two words, windson dumped the young man’s hand with a wave of his right arm, and left hand held Chuyu Sandy’s waist and dodged him.
The young man saw that he didn’t catch Lin Fengchong with a face of jealousy and adamant4.
Windson saw his look and guessed that he and Chuyu were annoyed at his entanglement. He couldn’t help but have eyebrows and cold eyes flashing!
"Stop fighting!"
Just then, being baffled by a series of sudden events, Chu Yu finally woke up and quickly stopped the two men and shouted
Although the strange man heard Chu Yu’s words, he was already untenable. He ran straight into Chu Yu’s feminine body and it was not until now that Chu Yu felt a little bad and opened his mouth to scream.
Before she could call the exit, Lin Feng took her out of her belt, gently turned around and passed the man in a thrilling way. Just in this short moment, Lin Feng didn’t forget that his right foot quietly reached the other side, and then watched the unlucky guy take a plane once. Cool!
This estimate is not light. The strange man struggled for several times before he got up, but I’m afraid he also knew that Lin Feng was not easy to mess with and didn’t rush in. He stared at Lin Feng with a full face of resentment and muttered something in his mouth.
Windson ignored him and took a careful look at Chuyu for fear that she would have any opinions on his line just now.
I didn’t expect Chu Yu to turn a blind eye to Lin Feng’s plot against that guy. In her eyes, Lin Feng also saw a trace of satisfaction.
When that guy got up, Chu Yuli broke free from the arms of Lin Feng and took a deep look at Lin Feng, revealing a bitter smile and saying, "I’m leaving!" Say that finish also didn’t wait for Lin Fengyou reaction resolutely go back to the magnetic levitation coaster parked on the side.
Windson did not respond, and he didn’t know how to react, so he silently watched ChuYu get into the coaster.
The strange man limped after seeing Chu Yu get into the flying car and passed Lin Feng’s side. He said, "Wait for me, I won’t let you go!"