"I said this Taoist brother" Yang Xiu didn’t know the name of Gongtian and wanted to call Daoyou, but it was obviously inappropriate for the other party to be a witch, so he called it a secular name when he saw that Gongtian was still young.

"In fact, there is no need for us to fight. The two of us accidentally entered here. There is no other attempt to ask you to tell us to leave here. We promise that Ma Li will not tell anyone about things here."
"if you were me, would you agree?" laughed the sky.
Bai Zhi heard Yang Xiu’s words, but there was a flash of extraordinary splendour in his eyes, but it was fleeting and provocative. "Jie Jie, I said I didn’t know anything. Why do you still say those things? Do you think this vicious guy will let you go out with this secret at ease?"
Because I had long expected this result, I didn’t promise Yang Xiu, and there was nothing to be disappointed. Since there is no possibility of detour, it is World War I.
Moreover, he has already secretly sacrificed the soft fingers, and it can’t be delayed just now. After all, there are magic monks, demons and ghosts on his side who are not really afraid of him.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one WuZuZhen body
"Do it!" Yang Xiu immediately shouted to the magic monk at the same time when he was trapped in the sky with soft fingers.
And the prince of the devils as Yang Xiu micro-motion moment already flick knife split to god.
Day ghost degree, of course, is the fastest, and has repeatedly caught a few claws in the sky.
Everyone didn’t think that Yang Xiu was engraved with a tone of going to discuss, and he had already started his hands for a moment, and he didn’t react yet.
Although there is no carelessness in the sky, it has always been careful and alert, but it has not been prevented from Yang Xiu’s penetrating fingers and soft quilt.
See round fingers soft trapped a total of days Yang Xiu exulting in my heart, but it didn’t last for a few seconds. Yang Xiu has seen how horrible the defense of the witch monks is.
See the sky out a roar body suddenly glittering, although he can’t see the soft fingers, but feel the body tied tightly place directly grasp the meat hand, and then pull Yang Xiu unexpectedly just can’t hold it and get rid of it by the great power of the sky.
And the day ghost bones claws grasp in the sky is to grasp a few pinch of head didn’t produce a little scar.
Also, when the devil king’s ghost sickle flashed, it wiped the white neck, but it also cut a white mark.
Although the Heavenly Ghost and the Ghost King didn’t hurt the Heaven, each blow really hit the Heaven, which still made him suffer.
As the saying goes, losing the opportunity is ravaged.
Just when Gongtian just broke away from the soft fingers, he remembered to fight back. The monk was holding the ice flower in his hand and deceiving him. Suddenly, a layer of thick ice covered the surface of Gongtian’s body and froze him.
This ice flower is called "North Ghost Cold Crystal", which is a magical power of the Godsworn. It can be frozen for thousands of miles to the extreme. Of course, I don’t know how many years have passed since it reached that level, but now the Godsworn has already begun to take effect. Once he is trapped by the North Ghost Cold Crystal, he can decide life and death.
However, although he was frozen by the North Ghost Cold Crystal, there was a sudden "scratching" in his whole body, in which there was a hidden thunder and a sudden surge of thick ice, which was about to burst at any time.
"Quick magic weapon to attack the ice is coming, and he can’t be trapped." Brother Magic Road was interrupted by Yang Xiu in the middle when he just absorbed reiki. Now he has just recovered three or four floors, and he can’t swing out the cold crystal. Therefore, he has to shout to Yang Xiu when he struggled for one or two breaths.
I have seen the horror of the sky just now. Yang Xiu knows that there are not many chances to trap him again. As the saying goes, while he is ill, he will kill him, so he dare not hesitate to greet the ghost king and the ghost. Suddenly, the magic weapon ofuda has been thrown into the sky, and his mind is black and his eyes are shining. His body is unstable, but he just has not broken the defense of the sky.
Since I was in the middle of passive beating for a total of days, I have never waved a magical power, and I can imagine the depression.
The more I thought about it, the more angry I became, and then I roared like a wild animal. The waves were rolling and deafening. A white fog suddenly appeared around him, and his bones were scratching. It was like rain hitting bananas and frying a pot of peas.
See the sky was up to three zhangs to high eyes red head unexpectedly grew a dark big horn was covered with thick brown scales, a closed a drum a huge breath straight to Yang Xiu and others.
Bai Zhi suddenly showed a face of disbelief when he saw the vision of the same sky. He exclaimed, "You actually concise the ancestors! How is it possible? "
I stopped changing in the same day. When I heard Bai Zhi exclaim, I couldn’t help but laugh cruelly. "Gaga, you are the first to see my ancestors. I will eat all your jingxie and dissolve it into my ancestors’ veins."
Before the words were finished, I grabbed the arrows in the quiver behind me and waved them at everyone, which was even more intense than the bow and arrow shooting just now.
Although I don’t know what Zuwu really is, Friar Yang Xiu’s magic Taoist saw Bai Zhi’s shocked expression and now he sees all magic weapons attacking in the same sky, and he reacted a little. Think about Bai Zuwu’s real terror. In the face of this undead mantis, Yang Xiu couldn’t help but retreat.
But thinking that this may be the only chance to get out, if you give up like this, you will really be trapped in this witch tomb all the time.
Yang Xiu heart dispute hands and feet didn’t slow down to see the arrows hit qingluan wings and then appeared behind hiding behind the ghost king and the ghost day far away to attack the sky, ready to sneak immediately when the situation is wrong.
However, Godsworn Mo did it more directly, and there was not much aura left in his body, so he never dared to try his best. Now, seeing that he has been attacked for so long, nothing has happened, but it has become more fierce, and this is also the case that the other side has not come to fight back effectively. Therefore, he still dares to see him play an aura in the direction of the sky, and a flicker will shoot out of the channel.
At this moment, Yang Xiu, besides cursing the Godsworn’s shame in his heart, hesitated to take out a handful of ofuda, no matter what it was, and immediately threw it into the sky. Of course, he didn’t expect these ofuda to hurt him, but he could stop the sky for a moment and let Yang Xiu have a chance to escape.
However, at this moment, I saw Bai Zhi’s body suddenly explode and the flesh and blood were scattered. Among them, a vague and elegant figure quickly floated in the direction of Yang Xiu.
Yang Xiu saw that the figure was the soul of the old man who had been tortured by the method of poison and could not move. He didn’t think that he could blow himself up and escape from the soul.
However, when the soul just leaves the body, it is very fragile without being condensed, and it will dissipate with a little damage.
Yang Xiu saw that he was coming directly to himself, which dared to let him chop his melee hand in the past, but he didn’t want to hear a faint gossamer sound suddenly, which made Yang Xiu immediately stop and hit a gesture.
"Taoist friends help me. I know that if I leave this witch tomb."
Yang Xiu, although he was fascinated by what he said, did not dare to put him beside him. Who knows what magical powers will be caught if they are not careful?
Yang Xiu mind move with a wave of his hand, the ghost king behind him took Bai Zhi soul in his hand, and Yang Xiudu was not affected at all or flew to the channel.
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Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Retreat
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In fact, things have given birth to so many things, but it’s just a moment from the sudden departure of the Taoist priest, Bai Zhi’s explosive body and Yang Xiu’s order to the ghost king to seize Bai Zhi’s soul.