They all know that the virtual venerable died that year. It is said that he was greedy for a powerful treasure, but he eventually died.

If it’s true that as Xia Qi said, the Golden Dragon Venerable went there and got that powerful treasure, I’m afraid they’re really running out.
"What you said is true?"
White crow demon statue asked somberly.
"If I lie to you, can I make up such a good reason?"
Xia qi asked
"Then do you know where the virtual venerable died that year?"
White crow demon statue mouth again his eyes riveted on Xia Qi very shortness of breath.
Chapter one thousand and forty Emerald Lake
Chapter one thousand and forty Emerald Lake
The fall of the virtual venerable caused great fluctuations in the celestial world, which made several major venerable people in the celestial world trace the truth of the fall of the virtual venerable person in that year.
Although they don’t know the specific information of the virtual honour person’s fall in the end, they can be sure that the virtual honour person definitely encountered a treasure before it accidentally fell.
At the moment, I heard that Xia Qi knew where the virtual honour person fell in those years, and that the Golden Dragon honour person had already rushed to Wanshu bodhi old zu, and several people could not bear it.
The eyes of the five venerable persons are fixed on Xia Qi’s eyes full of expectations.
"The location is on the third day."
Xia qi didn’t hide directly said
"The third day!"
"In the third day?"
Exclaimed one after another.
The five venerable persons were surprised than never thought that the place where the virtual venerable person fell would be in the third day.
"The Golden Dragon Venerable has already arrived. If we don’t want to fall into the hands of the Golden Dragon Venerable, we need to get there at once, otherwise it is likely to come or not."
Xia qi somberly way
If he always gets such information, he will explore it himself anyway. It is absolutely impossible to let everyone know it so simply.
But now the situation is dangerous, and the Golden Dragon Venerable has already arrived. If the treasure there falls into the hands of the Golden Dragon Venerable, let alone plotting the treasure, it means that your life will be at stake.
A line of more than a dozen people headed for the third day.
Xia Qi is at the front, on his left are the Emperor of Heaven, the Emperor of Five Elements and others, and on his right are the five great deities.
"Father, wait for you to be careful. If you can ensure that the treasure does not fall into the hands of the Golden Dragon Venerable Master, the situation can destroy the five Venerable Masters to get the treasure. Otherwise, once the five Venerable Masters control the situation, they will definitely kill us like the Golden Dragon Venerable Master now."
Xia Qi quietly wakes up the strong in the celestial world while rushing along.
Now, they don’t even know what the treasure is, but even the Golden Dragon Honour Person is so attached to it that they dare not be careless to make all preparations.
The party is not slow, but before they enter the third day, they just met a little trouble when they arrived at the gate of the third day.
"Someone is in front!"
Wanshu bodhi old zu across the third heaven entrance and far away then frown and say
If it’s an ordinary person, the bodhi old zu will naturally not, but since he frowns, let’s say that he sensed that people were not ordinary.
The speed of a group of people surged, but after approaching the entrance of the third heaven, they saw a figure just like a flash to escape!
"It’s the night king!"
White crow demon statue exclaimed sullenly.
This person is impressively following the Golden Dragon Venerable Night King.
Seeing the night king made them both happy and worried.
There is no doubt that the night king is here, and Xia Qi’s statement is not a lie, but letting the night king go will inevitably reveal their whereabouts.
This will prepare the Golden Dragon Venerable.
What worries them even more is that they don’t know if the Golden Dragon Venerable has succeeded before coming!
A line of people speed to the fastest speed.
The place where the virtual venerable fell in the past was a remote and extremely steep place on the third day. The peaks stood like several swords with their tips pointing to the sky.
"What a magnificent view!"
Arrived at this place with many peaks to see this situation beside Xia Qi Jingjing low shout a.
Xia Qi drove all the way to the virtual sky and the three girls followed him and did not leave.
But obviously, except Jingjing, the others didn’t have the heart to appreciate the beautiful scenery here, and the figure swept away and went straight to the depths.
"I feel the breath of the golden dragon!"
Wanshu bodhi old zu somberly mouth wake everyone.
His senses are very keen, and he has already sensed the breath of the Golden Dragon Venerable from a long distance.