"What do you want? It’s only until 12 o’clock tonight. Of course, I will be honored if you want to sign a long-term contract. "Lin Feng is now a grandmother staring at Little Red Riding Hood Wolf with a full expression.

But little red riding hood doesn’t have the sinister heart of grandma wolf. "Yeah, what are you thinking?" Don’t you really want to try a love feeling? Don’t you envy those girls who are in love? The boy in front of me is handsome and funny. The most important thing is that he has a lonely heart like you. What are you hesitating about? It’s just a night. Let two lonely people spend this common birthday together. "Chu Yu felt that the sound in his heart was getting louder and louder.
Finally, I looked forward to Chuyu in windson and gently but firmly said, "Okay, I promise you that you will be my boyfriend before 12 o’clock tonight …"
Chapter V Birthday Gifts
The setting sun has set and they have come out of the bar. They decided to find a place to fill their stomachs and discuss activities one after another.
So in a corner of the "West Fix" western restaurant, there is a faint candlelight and beautiful sogeum, and the harmonious atmosphere in golden couple leads the surrounding gentlemen and ladies to secretly look at this corner from time to time.
"how about it? The food here is not bad, is it? "Lin Fengduan smiled and said to Chu Yu that candlelight reflected the beauty and looked so quiet and beautiful.
"Well, it’s good. I haven’t been in the mood for a meal for a long time."
"That is, don’t look at who you are with. Can I have such a handsome temporary boyfriend to accompany you?" Windson teasing way
"Don’t flatter yourself. You have a good environment here and you don’t." Chu Yu enjoys flirting with Lin Feng and feels very warm and relaxed. "If only he were really his boyfriend." Chu Yu suddenly felt this idea in his heart, but suddenly his face turned dark. "Can his marriage really be his own decision?"
"What’s the matter with you?" Windson noticed her expression.
"Nothing suddenly reminded me of something not on my mind." The pudding in the dish in front of Chuyu suddenly became a punching bag, and soon it was dismembered into ten thousand pieces.
Lin Feng looked at the dead chocolate pudding and secretly lost his heart. Who said that girls have no talent for violence? At present, this beautiful woman definitely has this tendency. Look at her gorgeous way of waving a knife and you will know that practice makes perfect.
"Today is the birthday of both of us. What are you thinking about? Where are we going to play if we are drunk today? " Windson hurriedly bifurcation topic.
"You’re right. You don’t want to drink today and get drunk tomorrow." Chu Yu soon recovered from Lin Feng’s comfort. "Before going shopping with me, I envied those girls who had boyfriends to take care of them. It’s good to have company today."
When it comes to shopping, Chu Yu is very happy at once, but Lin Feng secretly complains that it is a terrible thing for a man to accompany a woman shopping, but at this time Lin Feng has to pretend to be happy and readily agree.
Look at the dinner. It seems that after Lin Feng paid the bill, he gently took Chu Yu’s hand and walked out of the restaurant. The "heart" shopping trip didn’t resist at the moment when he was holding hands. It seems that there is a stream coming to my heart. This feeling can’t be said!
Out of the restaurant, Chu Yu is like a bird out of the cage, happily pulling Lin Feng around, usually used to seeing the scenery, tired of shopping malls, and somehow full of charm at this time
Although Lin Feng doesn’t like shopping as much as most men, he doesn’t feel impatient at this time because Chu Yu just doesn’t buy it, so Lin Feng doesn’t have to carry things. Maybe she wants to feel the feeling of shopping with her boyfriend, and it feels good to be held by Chu Yu’s warm little hand.
"How about Lin Feng?" Chu Yu pointed to a wallet in front of the men’s counter in a fashion mall and asked.
"Very good, but why do you ask this? This is a man. Do you want to give it away? " Windson surprised and asked
"Don’t worry about me and ask if you like it?"
It’s black, and it’s also made of shark skin, a specialty of Tianlingxing. The purse is generous, simple, exquisite and luxurious, and there is not much extra decoration. There is a small platinum sign on the right foot of the wallet, and you don’t need to ask the price. When you see this sign, you will know that this wallet must be of great value. However, although this brand is expensive, people who know how to do it know that it is definitely worth it.
Windson looked at it carefully before he nodded and said, "It’s really nice. I like it very much."
"It’s good that you like it." Chu Yu seems to be very satisfied with his eyes. He smiled and asked the young lady to wrap this wallet and then carry a small intelligent terminal to pay for it.
"You don’t want to give it to me, do you?" Windson not stupid people have guessed a little ChuYu meaning.
Sure enough, Chu Yuma replied, "Yes, don’t forget that today is our common birthday and our first or last date. Isn’t it appropriate to give you a gift on this memorable day?"
"Well, you girls are careful. I forgot this. Then I’m welcome. Thank you, Chu Yu." Lin Feng is not a man. Even if this wallet is of great value, Lin Feng calmly accepted the gift bag from the young lady after thanking him.
"Why? Say thank you and it’s over? " Chuyu pretend dissatisfaction said
Lin Feng, of course, said with a busy smile, "Hehe, it seems that I have to prepare a gift for you, too. Go ahead. What do you want?"
"Why? Look at your tone. Do you give me anything I want? Then I’m welcome, "said ChuYu deliberately sinister.
Lin Feng immediately regretted not giving himself a big mouth, although he was not short of money, but Chu Yu, a noble girl of harmony, knew at a glance that ordinary things from a rich family were definitely invisible, and things were not cheap, just like the wallet just now. Although Lin Feng really liked it, he didn’t care much about external objects, and he would never spend so much money to buy it.
However, the words have been exported, and Lin Feng has died, so he pretended not to care and said, "Yes, I will buy you anything you want within my ability." Although the words are hard, they still add conditions to show weakness.
Chuyu seems to know all about windson’s ghost thoughts and hurriedly said, "Hey hey, right? Then let’s go to the jewelry counter. You should know that girls have no infection with beautiful jewelry, and I am no exception. "
"Oh my god … jewelry counter! It doesn’t make people live. "Lin Feng secretly has some" heartbreaking "feelings. If she wants so much money to look at her wallet, then Lin Feng dare not think about it and quickly said," Ah Yu, actually, you don’t need to dress up in jewelry. You are more attractive and poor. "
ChuYu shook his head and said, "Who said that? People want clothes, Buddha wants gold, and I, Cinderella, of course want to buy some jewelry to dress up. Why? Are you reluctant to buy it for me? "
"Where where how could I loathe to give up? Let’s go and see "windson quickly denied it, but muttered to himself," If you are Cinderella, there will be few princesses. "
Chapter VI Love Guardian Stone
Looking at the colorful jewelry in the counter, Chu Yu was so excited that he pulled Lin Feng to look at the counters one by one. When he liked it, he also let the salesgirl take it out and try it on from time to time, while Lin Feng looked at the price tag of these jewelry, which was a little nerve-racking.
Chu Yu can see that it is really not ordinary stuff, whether it is brand or material. It is conceivable that this price is also top-notch, but I don’t know if it is because Chu Yu’s eyes are too high. Although I have tried on several pieces, I have never said that I like them very much.
Just when Lin Feng was a little impatient, they came to a counter selling crystal ornaments.
Chu Yu suddenly said, "A Feng, do you know what I like best among all pearls and gems?"
Windson stared at the glittering and translucent crystal ornaments in the counter and replied, "It won’t be crystal."
"Yes, my favorite is crystal, especially amethyst! Do you know that?/You know what? Amethyst is the most beautiful and noble member of the crystal family, also known as Feng Shui Stone. Moreover, all crystals have spirituality and all kinds of energy. Amethyst has high energy, which can not only help wisdom, help thinking, focus on the mind, increase memory ability, but also increase the vitality of brain cells and brain operation.
Amethyst is also a social stone, but this socialization is not like the popularity brought by pink crystal, but belongs to the convergence of the heart and the attraction of the edge. Wearing it often helps to increase the wit, high intuition and shallow consciousness of the nobles who often meet. "Chu Yu seems to really like Amethyst very much. As soon as he talks about it, he will gush.
Just as Lin Feng listened with relish, the salesgirl at the counter came over and said with a little smile, "This lady seems to have a good knowledge of amethyst. You are absolutely right. Amethyst is not only intelligent, but it is also said that amethyst in the west represents the’ guardian stone’ that can give couples deep love, chastity, honesty and courage.
In ancient Greek teachings, amethyst is the symbol of the mysterious’ sexual vitality’ of the god of fertility-Bahus. It is said that it can transform vitality, and spiritual vitality can also exert great power in solving problems and finding suitable objects. You two seem to know that you are a loving couple. If you have such a’ guardian stone’ to protect your love, I believe you will be together forever. "
There is no denying that the salesgirl’s professional quality is really admirable. What she said about Lin Fengjue’s not buying such an amethyst for Chu Yu is really unreasonable. So he smiled and said to Chu Yu, "According to this statement, it seems that I want to send you an amethyst to protect our love for what’ sexual vitality’ …"
In fact, Chu Yu, who has a deep knowledge of amethyst, also knows that the girl’s face is tender and she is embarrassed to say it. When she heard the salesgirl’s introduction, she blushed a little. At this time, when she saw Lin Feng’s coy expression, she couldn’t help but give him a big shame and said, "You big pervert! Who has love with you? "
Windson almost couldn’t help but want to hold Chuyu in his arms and have a good comfort. However, Windson is a veteran of flowers, and she has seen a lot of stunning beauties. Take Hanyu as an example. Hanyu’s mature and beautiful lady style is not as good as Chuyu’s flattery, so Windson quickly settled down to pull Chuyu and said, "Okay, no kidding, since you like amethyst so much, let’s choose one here."
Chu Yu stared at him again before he bowed his head and carefully selected the amethyst ornaments on the counter. The salesgirl also gave her some advice from time to time. It took Chu Yu a long time to pick out an amethyst brooch and an amethyst pendant.
The brooch is made of platinum and inlaid with a small and beautiful amethyst. The phoenix is simple and beautiful. It is a diamond amethyst the size of a little finger, but the whole crystal is full of flaws. It looks so mysterious and noble when it is illuminated by light purple. It is definitely an aa-class amethyst.
Windson saw that she tossed and turned the two ornaments in her hand. It seemed that she was hesitant to gather together in the past. When she saw it, she vaguely understood the idea of Chu Yu and said to the salesgirl, "Okay, wrap these two things."
Although these two ornaments are valuable, they are finally within the range that Lin Feng can afford. Even if they are a little dreary, sometimes they can’t be a hero in front of beautiful women. What’s more, it is still a question whether beautiful women will accept them.
Sure enough, as soon as Lin Feng’s words were exported, Chu Yu cried, "No, I just want one!" Then I looked at the two ornaments in my hand for a long time before gritting my teeth and handing the amethyst brooch to the salesgirl and saying, "Help me wrap this up, but don’t want that pendant."
The salesgirl is obviously very white. Although she took the brooch, she didn’t immediately pack it, but looked at Windson and waited for Windson to decide.
Lin Feng laughed. Chu Yu was really cute. She was wet behind the ears and did everything with seven emotions. The original Lin Feng had some white thoughts. Now, when I see Chu Yu’s performance, I don’t know what she really thinks. The key is the price of these two ornaments. Chu Yu obviously likes that pendant. The price is five times that of a brooch, and it will be 20% higher if it is matched with a necklace.
Obviously, it is just a piece of cake to buy all these two ornaments from Chu Yu’s financial resources, but it is different if Lin Feng sends a message.
In Chu Yu’s view, Lin Feng is an ordinary student. Although his parents have left a little property, it is estimated that there is not much money left over these years. Therefore, the price of this gift should be carefully considered. Although Chu Yu was born in a rich family, she was a kind girl. Good tutoring made her understand that others considered and did not contaminate those rich and unruly habits.
"Miss, please put this brooch back. We want the crystal pendant to be matched with a necklace without packaging the direct ticket." Isn’t it just an amethyst pendant? Although it is expensive, it will be back for Lin Feng to play more games in the "Fighter".
"Windson you …" ChuYu some accident.