Although I didn’t know what specific benefits I could get from practicing this achievement method at the beginning, according to the words, it is certain that I will practice this achievement method and become stronger, so I have always wanted to find the desire to save my parents and let Lin Feng throw himself into the achievement method practice without hesitation.

When it took Lin Fengcai 1o years to complete the basic cultivation of famous achievement method, Lin Fengcai could never practice this achievement method if he practiced it according to the normal method now. For some reason, Reiki is pitiful on the earth.
Lin Feng, after thinking twice, simply put his mind into a minor method-picking and mending to take the strange energy generated when men and women have intercourse instead of the increasingly scarce aura of the earth, so he has to continue to practice.
Mining and mending requires a very high degree of spiritual fit between the two sides, so that they can have strong strength to find their parents as soon as possible. At the age of one, Lin Feng was ruined in various entertainment places and constantly searched for a good tripod to cultivate a special career.
In today’s era, the social atmosphere has changed greatly, and the sex is much more relaxed than before. However, if you want to know more girls and find more cauldrons to practice martial arts, you still need some very important conditions, such as appearance, career and money.
Speaking of appearance, Lin Feng is not bad, but it can be said that he is very good. Now he is 13 meters tall, slender, knife-shaped eyebrows, sharp eyes, thin nose and a quite sexy dimple on the left corner of his mouth, which is not much better than the first-class film and television actor.
In the cause and money, the Lins had already declined. Although the wealth was borne by the sky, the mother just didn’t agree with Lin Feng’s mother to marry his father. After the mother disappeared, she was even more angry at the Lins. Except for a few people, other people didn’t associate with Lin Feng. Those few people who made good friends with Lin Feng’s mother didn’t dare to get in touch with Lin Feng’s pride. Lin Feng never asked them for help.
Therefore, after the disappearance of Lin Feng’s parents, Lin Feng didn’t have anything else except that his parents left him a suite in his hometown and some governments filled solatium. But now Lin Feng is not short of money. He has at least 100,000 federal currency income every month in the popular federal virtual fighting game "Fighter".
Although with Lin Feng’s handsome appearance and high income, he did find a few good cauldrons at the beginning of practice, but he also suffered serious emotional trauma. Only then did he understand that he repeatedly emphasized the word "before practice-having desire" for a simple teenager, is it so simple to do it?
At that time, Lin Feng once stopped practicing until he came to the most famous "one-night stand" member club in Shanghai by accident, so that he could find his way in confusion. Sex without emotional burden like this is indeed the best choice for Lin Feng.
In order to prevent one thousand windson or the science of uniting the famous achievement method to change the appearance and alias "lobule" before entering this one.
However, although "Ambiguity" is a large membership club, it is still a mixture of dragons and snakes. Some famous cowherd and socialite in Shencheng are also full of principles. Lin Feng will never accept those female gifts in "Ambiguity" unless it is necessary. This is well known in "Ambiguity", which is why he had some doubts about Hanyu’s gift-giving line.
Xiao pang "Lin Feng, according to statistics, some people didn’t recommend the collection after browsing!"
Lin Feng frowned. "What should I do?"
Xiao pang "converged beam ready to shoot …"
The third chapter Qin Yin sends love
Unconsciously, Lin Feng has already drunk half a bottle of wine. At ordinary times, his capacity for liquor is not bad. He may actually feel a little dizzy and a little trance because of his mood, but this kind of half-drunk and half-awake feeling is very wonderful. Originally, some depressed mood is much better.
At this time, there was a soothing and elegant piano in my ear. Lin Fengduan turned his glass towards the piano and looked out. There was a circular platform in the middle of the bar, surrounded by a circle of small fountains, spraying water and scattering colorful halos on the spotlights, which set off the beautiful women sitting on the platform playing the piano.
Windson closed his eyes and listened carefully to the melody of a modern piano music, with a hint of loneliness, a hint of nai and a hint of arrogance, which actually matched with Windson’s mood at this time.
In the resonance of music, the spirit of Lin Feng slowly extended and wrapped around the player, dancing with her spirit in the music.
Until a song is finished, the music is lost, and the two people dance together with the music. At the same time, the woman who plays the piano seems to feel something bright and looks at the forest air. She smiles and nods to the woman.
A beautiful encounter is about to give birth to windson, but the opposite woman is startled. After seeing his smile, it is polite to bend the corner of her mouth and reveal an extremely reluctant cold smile. Then she turned her head and got up and walked to the high platform.
At that time, Lin Feng hesitated. Just now, the spirit of the two people was in the moment of music and dance. Lin Feng actually turned out to be a rare furnace tripod for himself.
In Lin Feng’s powerful psychic scanning, it is easy to see that this female spirit not only fits her own spirit very well, but more importantly, she is still a place. You should know that the psionic power released at the moment when a woman is broken is dozens of times behind her body, which is definitely a great temptation for Lin Feng, but unfortunately, it is impossible to have a one-night stand. Lin Feng hesitated to think that she might get into trouble in the future.
In the process of forest air hesitation, the beautiful woman passed by him with a ray of elegant fragrance and came to a chair by the window. There was a red wine and several dishes of snacks on the table, which turned out to be a guest.
"Forget it, there’s nothing to hesitate about. Anyway, she hasn’t gone through it for a while." We can’t make up our minds. Windson just doesn’t want to.
Throw away the random thoughts in my mind. Windson turned to look at the high platform. How many years have you not played the piano in a trance? Knowing how to practice, practicing, practicing again, no friends, no entertainment, except that he can feel a moment of pleasure at the peak of the leak. Usually, he is just a walking corpse.
If there is sleepwalking, Lin Feng slowly got up and walked towards the high platform and the piano.
After trying a few times, Lin Feng integrated his mind into the prelude of the fingerboard, and some heavy melodies floated in the bar immediately.
After listening to a few short paragraphs, the guests suddenly felt a little startled, not because of the poor performance of forest air, but because no one would have thought that someone would play such a heavy piano music that was incompatible with the surrounding environment in this relaxed and pleasant leisure place.
From that kind of despair and sadness to that kind of sadness and pain, the flying melody is full of feelings, tenderness and worries, which touches the hearts of every customer in the bar. It’s not that Lin Feng’s playing level is good, but that Lin Feng completely integrates his mind into the piano music. Unconsciously, the powerful spirit permeates the whole bar and attracts the hearts of all customers in the air.
This is an unknown piano music, which was expressed by a famous composer after the Third World War. He missed his lost relatives in the war, lived alone and looked forward to the reunion of his relatives in the future. This is also Lin Feng’s favorite music. The composer finally found his relatives.
The bar was silent after a song, and it took a long time for people to come to their senses. This kind of devotion forgot all the music and made them applaud.
At this time, Lin Feng has returned to his seat and ignored those surprised and admiring eyes. He dumped the wine in the cup and felt depressed. After just now, he drained a lot.
Calm down, Lin Feng naturally turned her eyes to the woman who attracted him. This time, she looked very carefully and saw that she was wearing a fitted sky blue dress in her twenties. Her long eyes were like stars and eyebrows, and her nose was beautiful. Her sexy lips were white and crystal clear, and her fingers were shaking slightly in front of her with a glass of red wine. Her eyes were mellow and clear, and she looked out of the window without focal length. The golden sunset fell on her beautiful face, and she dressed up like an out-of-touch fireworks fairy, which made Lin Feng’s mind tremble involuntarily.
Feel her beauty. From time to time, some people accost handsome men, but it seems that no one can attract her attention. No one can hear her voice because she just sits there alone, immersed in her own world, ignoring every man who used to accost.
Windson watched for a long time and became more and more interested in that woman. She also sneaked into the past to feel her mental state at this time.
Not the kui is a forest air mind extremely inseparable spirit force just come into contact with her as if she felt turned to look at the forest air.
Lin Fengchao smiled at her and closed her eyes, feeling her mental confusion and loneliness, just like when Lin Feng just stepped into the bar, which made Lin Feng very curious about how a very beautiful woman like her could feel lonely.
Windson now also can not consider those messy thoughts in his heart. At this time, he wants to get to know this beautiful fairy.
Another young man dressed as a successful person retreated awkwardly without her response. Lin Fengxiao smiled and picked up the cup and bottle. He walked beside her and didn’t talk, so he sat down opposite her.
Chapter 4 Be my girlfriend today
After sitting, Lin Feng just looked at the beautiful woman in front of him and didn’t talk for a long time. Instead, this woman couldn’t sit still. Although her eyes were still looking out of the window, her delicate eyebrows were slightly frowning, which made Lin Feng snigger. "I let you pretend!"
"Do you know?" Knowing what is enough, Lin Feng finally said, "Today is my birthday, but I can’t find a bosom friend to celebrate."
Opposite the female slightly one leng estimation is didn’t expect windson absent-minded to say such a word, but soon she looked surprised as if she heard something incredible.
This time, instead, Lin Feng froze his words, just trying to get her attention. Why did she have such a surprised expression?
"You know what? Today is also my birthday, but I can’t find a bosom friend to celebrate. "Fairy finally spoke as if Oriole’s first cry was crisp and sweet."
Lin Feng was puzzled by what she said exactly like herself. "Are you kidding me?"
Looking at the man in front of him with a puzzled look, Chu Yu doesn’t know how to be a little funny. Although it’s the first time we met, the boy impressed her very well. The handsome face, deep eyes and light dimples are even more strange. It seems that he and I have an unknown spirit. We can easily feel the sadness, loneliness and hesitation in his heart when playing the piano. How much this fits with our mood when playing the piano, and what he just said … Is there really such a coincidence in this world?
"Are you … are you telling the truth?" Windson asked
"I never joke" ChuYu cold way with a straight face.
"Ha ha that we really decree by destiny" Lin Fengxiao smiled and held out his hand and said "hello, I’m Lin Feng"
Chu Yu looked at Lin Feng and stretched out his slender crystal right hand, but he still held out his hand and said, "Hello, I’m Chu Yu."
See two people move while those who are ready to watch the drama lost glasses all over the floor and had to feel heartfelt admiration for windson.
Two equally slender glittering and translucent hands hold together, and at the same time, two people tremble gently. It seems that there is a stream that instantly hits themselves, making people feel uneasy.
"Maybe it’s really predestined relationship with her (him)." The same idea came to their minds.
Since they all have a good impression on each other, it is natural that the two will soon warm up. In windson’s skillful conversation, they will soon explain most of their situation clearly.
Chu Yu was born in a wealthy family, but her parents were away from home for many years because of work, and she didn’t have time to look after her. Because of family reasons, before college, her study was always taken care of by a tutor, and Chu Yu didn’t have the opportunity to meet her friends of the same age, and she didn’t have any sisters and brothers. Her long-term lonely life gradually developed her withdrawn character.
After entering the university, she can’t make friends because of this personality. Even now she has entered the family business, but because of her personality, she always feels that she is so out of place with her surroundings and can’t fit in.
It happens that today is indeed Chu Yu’s birthday. In previous years, her parents will take time out of their busy schedules to celebrate with her. But this morning, although Chu Yu received a birthday present from her parents in a distant alien, she was also told that she could not come back to celebrate her birthday this year.
So I felt lonely and wronged, so Chu Yu walked the street alone and wandered around until I felt tired, then I found a bar and sat down at random, and then I met Lin Feng. Maybe it was fate …
Later, Lin Feng also talked a little about himself. Of course, he said that he was an orphan whose parents had disappeared since childhood, and now he is a sophomore, living mainly on his parents leaving a lot of property.
The similar lonely experience of the two people still makes their feelings slowly pass away when they are inadvertently warming up, and the sun has sunk to the horizon in the twilight. At the beginning of the lights, the neon flashes outside the window, and a faint mist ripples in the night of Shencheng, which is mysterious and unusual under the colorful lights.
"Forest air, you know? I met you very much today. "Before I knew it, a bottle of red wine was already raining, and my eyes were blurred, and my pink cheeks were flushed and radiant."
Although Lin Feng also gave up his bottle of O, perhaps he was in a better mood. Looking at Chu Yu’s unique beauty, Lin Feng smiled and said, "I’m glad that Chu Yu can meet you. By the way, how are you going to celebrate your birthday when it’s a long time before 12 o’clock?"
"Hehe, it seems that today is also your birthday. Do you have any good suggestions?"
Windson was silent for a moment and looked up at Chuyu with great meaning until Chuyu looked unnatural. He said softly, "Will Chuyu be my girlfriend? Today! Let us two lonely people spend this wonderful day together. "
Chu Yu was shocked. I didn’t expect to meet him just now. According to Chu Yu’s usual habits, I will definitely refuse without hesitation. But today, what is the feeling of stirring? It seems that a voice keeps calling "promise him, promise him"