If someone else is there, you will be surprised that Lin Feng seems to have changed a little after smiling in the mirror. The handsome face of the original 25-year-old suddenly became younger for several years, and a faint dimple appeared on the left corner of his mouth, which softened the face like a knife and axe carving. Although the overall change is not great, almost no one will recognize that the two faces that appear in the mirror in succession belong to one person …

Chapter I Ultra-small Intelligent Terminal
"Has it passed in ten years?"
"Father and mother, where the hell are you?"
"Do you know Xiaofeng really misses you?"
Lin Feng told himself in the mirror that his sadness and hesitation were all on his face.
Took a deep breath, and Lin Feng calmed down. He went to the bed and lay down. He picked up Han Yu’s birthday present for him. He came into view as a generous and simple man’s watch. The dial made of dark blue alloy was polished with natural diamonds, and the black watch was represented by 12 expensive fairy crystal particles and 3 dazzling gold hands. All this shows that this is an extraordinary treasure.
In fact, Lin Feng can’t tell all the materials of this watch, but he happened to see this thing. It’s not really an ancient watch, but a small artificial intelligence terminal like Han Yushou’s bracelet that can emit little angel projection.
In today’s high-tech society, almost everyone will carry a small intelligent terminal to help people deal with some daily chores, and even some people will implant intelligent terminals.
Windson, of course, also has these intelligent terminals. The advanced degree is reflected in the terminal intelligence to a great extent. Windson is now carrying this small intelligent terminal, which is as intelligent as most people in society. He passively accepts some voice commands and cannot communicate with messengers like a real human.
It is said that this is the most advanced small intelligent terminal, which is very humanized and has some special functions. Now it belongs to the laboratory and is produced in the world without circulation.
Windson saw the introduction in the virtual network, and he was drooling at that time. I didn’t expect Hanyu to send one to him today, but it seems that according to the introduction of the virtual network, this product is led by Hanyu, and it is no wonder that Hanyu can give it away.
It took Lin Feng a long time to put this small artificial intelligence terminal on his left hand. According to the startup method of other intelligent terminals, he pressed his right thumb on the surface of the watch. Immediately, there was a fat man who jumped out like the projection of Cupid’s little angel in the western saying. "The initialization of as2 artificial intelligence terminal … 10 seconds countdown … 9 … 321 initialization was completed! Excuse me, is there any authentication setting? "
Windson saw the chubby slightly one leng how is an angel? Han Yu is so grown up, why do you like little angels so much? Her own little love is a female angel. I didn’t expect to give it to myself. This is actually a male angel. Han Yu, a woman likes this cute little thing, but Lin Feng, a big man, is really not interested in such an information projection. Let’s see if it can be changed.
As windson leng when the little angel asked again, "the initial transformation has been completed! Excuse me, is there any authentication setting? "
Windson recovered quickly replied "immediately"
After saying his word, Lin Feng felt a slight pain in his wrist and knew that this small intelligent terminal was taking its own dna sample. After setting other body data, he had his own talent to make it.
After the data was collected, Lin Feng looked at this chubby projection similar to Cupid’s little angel and gave it a name called Xiao Pang at random. Then Lin Feng picked up his original small intelligent terminal and ordered, "Xiao Pang, now you read all the information in this intelligent terminal!"
"Good master, 1o seconds countdown in data reading … 9 … 321 data reading finished"
Lin Fengnai shook his head and said, "Don’t call my master after Xiao Pang, just call me Lin Feng, and don’t make any countdown. When you hear the command, just say that you know it and you’re done."
"Know the forest air"
It was the top laboratory that made windson very satisfied.
After all the information and settings are done, Lin Feng knows its special functions from Xiao Pang’s mouth.
It’s worthy to be together with the military to produce chubby. It’s not only a small intelligent terminal, but also an advanced weapon integrating attack and defense. It can protect the owner’s light energy shield, attack aggregate beam, and even develop new research. The light therapy wave can simply stop bleeding and disinfect and promote cell regeneration. Although the light energy shield and aggregate beam attack and defense are nothing compared with some individual military energy shields and particle weapons, it is good because it is exquisite, compact and extremely convenient to carry, and it may be able to save lives when it is dangerous.
However, it is a pity that the energy source of Xiao Pang’s daily coping system is different from that of the weapon therapy system. The mini-perpetual energy polymerization system can maintain the daily coping without recharging, but the energy of the weapon therapy system comes from the dial, and the 12 fairy crystals and the self-flushing mini-pool can respond to the weapon therapy system automatically and slowly after a short time due to the size limitation, while the fairy crystal is an emergency energy reserve, and one will be scrapped at a time.
Fairy crystal is the latest energy ore in the Earth Federation. The biggest advantage is that it contains huge energy, and one fist can be used to form a small-sized warship. Unfortunately, the output of fairy crystal is extremely scarce and the existing energy in the Federation should be unified. The positive and negative matter power furnaces are not inferior to fairy crystal in other aspects except that the energy output is more dangerous than fairy crystal, so fairy crystal should not be widely used in the Earth Federation.
Get a general idea of what Xiao Pang did after everything. Windson got dressed and strolled out of the hotel.
Chapter II Special Cultivation
Strolling in the crowded bustling streets, Lin Feng was a little confused and didn’t know where to go home for a while. Do you call a place home without your parents?
After the disappearance of his parents, Lin Feng has been taken care of by Zhong Shu, a housekeeper at home, and he has always treated him as his own son, but it makes Lin Feng miss his biological parents more.
Since childhood, I have been concentrating on practicing Lin Feng and have not made any friends. Even though I entered the dream university two years ago, Lin Feng was alienated from all my classmates because I needed to hang out in various entertainment places. He didn’t feel anything wrong when he was used to loneliness.
Until just now, Han Yu’s happy birthday made Lin Fengxian really fail. In a blink of an eye, he was 20 years old and could not find a bosom friend to celebrate his birthday.
Dumped her head and cultivated her peace of mind for many years, which made Lin Feng quickly stop these puzzling thoughts and walked into a well-decorated bar on the street at will, sat down and ordered a bottle of O as a celebration of her birthday.
While waiting for the raw wine, Lin Feng looked at the surrounding environment, elegant and simple decoration, and the guests were well dressed and elegant.
After a while, the young man came over with the wine and humbly asked, "Sir, do you want the wine now?"
"Well" windson nodded his head.
Looking at the crystal wine slowly flowing into the cup and touching the magic ring worn on the middle finger of the right hand, Lin Feng’s thoughts drifted slowly in this warm afternoon.
Today is Lin Feng 2o’s birthday. He was born in an ancient family, but now there are only three people left, Lin Feng and his parents. Lin Feng’s mother is also from a family background, so she was cut off because her family didn’t agree with her to marry the declining Lins.
Lin Feng’s parents are the top weapons experts of the Earth Federation. When Lin Feng was 7 years old, he went to an alien to attend a scientific and technological exchange meeting. On the way back, the spaceship was kidnapped by the anti-federal organization. Although Lin Feng’s mother’s family paid a large ransom to the anti-federal organization, his parents were not put back and trained from then on. Although the head of the Federation told Lin Feng that his parents were estimated to be running out, Lin Feng always believed that the top weapons experts must have been detained by the anti-federal organization, and now they must be silently waiting for his rescue in the distant universe.
When Lin Feng was born, his parents held an ancient baptism for generations. To everyone’s surprise, he didn’t choose someone else’s treasure from the back. A mysterious ring suddenly flew to Lin Feng’s right hand and middle finger and disappeared instantly. Unless Lin Feng wanted to, no one could see it again.
It was not until after Lin Fengcai’s parents disappeared that the mystery of the ring was revealed in an accident.
It turns out that this is a ring, which seems to contain many strange things, but it is impossible for Lin Feng to take these things out of the ring now.
When the spirit of forest air reaches a fixed frequency and resonates with the ring, it also feels that there is a mysterious achievement method in the ring.