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for a long time

Yuan Heng, who was already filled with small blue and transparent bricks, finally stopped to feel a little sleepy and rubbed his temples.
"It’s a pity that I should study when I am a mixed sage …"
It’s a pity that Yuan Heng’s promotion was too hasty after all, even though Yuan Heng’s accumulation was strong at that time, even though he was in the right place at the right time and could jump several steps in succession, he still took out his glorious master’s background and many things didn’t come to study Yuan Heng’s long sigh, "Isn’t it better to find a needle in a haystack?"
As the saying goes, seeing mountains is not seeing mountains and water is not water. Now he can peep into the world’s most profound mystery at a glance, but because of this …
Yuan Heng is so sighing!
Although he took advantage of the unique opportunity to ascend to heaven in one step, the realm was inscrutable, and he dumped the ordinary Taoist several steps, but he hasn’t studied some details and basic aspects yet!
For example ….. The four great achievements of the universe are integrated!
This is something that should be introduced in the realm of mixed yuan saints. Now Yuan Heng is hard to find an opportunity because he looks too high, too far away and too powerful.
Now Yuan Heng has just finished his work. Even if he can, he can’t help but feel a little tired after a long time.
In fact, this is the reason why Yuan Heng’s estimation that once he stepped into the ancestral realm, he would directly step into the immortal half step …
Unless his glorious Lord wants to get stuck in this little "half step" from now on!
A weak foundation is like a castle in the middle.
After things came to an end, Yuan Heng finally turned his attention to other places. Now violet, this little guy, is frowning in the tribe and can’t help but smile.
Leisurely sighed, "Still too young, too little experience and a little tender …"
"hey! Crossover? Ha ha … "
Violet this little tomato □▽☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆97
Of course, it’s all an illusion
I’m afraid he would have died many times long ago if he didn’t take advantage of his foresight to feel the superiority of the "traveler" and seize opportunities everywhere.
He Yuan’s constant development of Daoxing world is also an outsider who can take advantage of Daoxing source.
If it weren’t for the original Nu Wa’s hand, I’m afraid that his special member would have been finished long ago. Even if Yuan Heng didn’t notice Dao Xing’s world, he would be directly wiped out!
Now, after meeting Yuan Heng in this mountain and sea world, it seems that I have fallen into the aura of "crossing people". Sometimes it is not a good thing to know too much without being high enough.
"Dear Lord □ Tomato ☆☆☆☆☆"
Snow-white uh guano seems to shine with qi shui breathing. Generally, qi shui long ling appears in front of Yuan Heng. Looking at Yuan Heng’s eyes, there is a trace of awe. "There seems to be a strange situation at the other end of the main mountain range …"
Qi Shuilong paused as if he didn’t say anything. White hands pointed in one direction and continued, "There were more than a dozen strange people who seemed to suddenly appear and their body energy fluctuations seemed to be out of place in our mountains and seas …"
Although he is a dragon spirit, in fact, this mountain range is also attached to him and he is in charge. What happens here is hard to hide from him.
"Hey!" Yuan Hengwen looked in the direction pointed by Qi Shuiling and immediately frowned. "Where are these guys from?"
At this time, Wei Li, the Lord God of the dimension, has just evacuated from these halls and members of the Lord God of the dimension are settling in. Suddenly, strange words and deeds are quite out of place, and the scene is caught by Qi Shuilong Ling.
These guys naturally don’t know that after they just came to this strange world, all their words and deeds were printed by the earth gods.
For the gods, it’s only a hundred miles. Is that distance?
The true god’s eyes swept away and Yuan Heng was sure to confirm that these people were not branded by the mountains and seas.
In fact, this is another form of ID card, which belongs to "all worlds". Once creatures in many worlds break through the world restrictions and enter the heavens, they can get this brand. For creatures, this is the sublimation of life quality. The so-called "fairy pool" in those small worlds is actually this principle.
And the new world of Shanhaijie naturally has the qualification to put an "ID card"
After gazing at Yuan Heng silently for a moment, the corners of his mouth drew a trace of radian. These strange people probably wouldn’t have thought that they would be caught red-handed when they first appeared, and they were talking about the "Tianheng True God" without scruple …
"Is it interesting to regard Zun as a Boss?"
Yuan Heng smiled softly, and a wonderful bad taste suddenly rose from his heart. "The Temple of the Second Dimension God is really an interesting place …"
As soon as Yuan Heng turned his head, he suddenly understood the origin of the gang. Of course, his heart was actually very clear. I’m afraid it was those great powers behind these people who deliberately focused on their eyes.
Then there will be hehe
Yuan Heng studied the secrets revealed by these guys with great interest, especially the operation mechanism of the dimensional god, which really amazed him.
Now at this time, even out-of-bounds respect has failed to put its eyes into it. Now, a little bit of this means, gee …
Anyway, Yuan Heng doesn’t think that his half-hanging cross-border practice can surpass these experienced ancestors.
Unfortunately, the branding of the dimensional god on the body foundation has put an end to the possibility of Yuan Heng directly peeping into these little guys’ memories and obtaining information-unless he makes up his mind to turn against the dimensional god palace.
"Send someone to come over and put them under the eyelids …" Yuan Heng nodded thoughtfully and smiled more and more. "However, if you are so respectful, be my Boss. Hehehe …"