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The captain nodded his head with satisfaction and continued, "Now you can go back to the dimensional God in your mind and give you some basic requirements and information about this world."

There is no such thing as a god watch in the temple of the god of the dimension. Every member has the brand of the god of the dimension. This is also their status symbol. They don’t feel that the level is high enough. Look at this brand, the power behind it will also give me a bit of meager sensibilities.
When the new people heard the news, they immediately closed their eyes and accepted these sudden memory information, which was not to their original memory, as if they wanted to see it by popping it out, and they had to look at it page by page as if they were digging it out.
The novice world of mountains and seas (the novice world has a high degree of acceptance and supports most spiritual practices)
Mode novice mode
Ji asked the newcomers to complete the return (note that it is best to choose some kind of spiritual practice to avoid Shou Yuan’s deficiency when crossing too long)
The reward limit is 2 points and the contribution value is 5ooo (note that the reward of novice mode will fluctuate with the performance of novice)
There are not many novices without information, but they are all elites. Now Jidu’s eyes are flashing and they are thinking about their future. They will never be willing to get an ordinary evaluation reward.
The so-called elite is that their basic importance is also white. If you want to get along well in the temple of the dimensional god, you must show your face for the first time!
Several senior people looked at each other and smiled at the state of the new people. They all came here at this stage. Who is not ambitious and struggling?
After the new people came to their senses, the captain Zhan Kui introduced, "The practice of the second dimension god is that the senior people will give you some guidance and help. Now the energy level in this world is too high. If you go out alone, it is almost certain that you will never live to return!"
Cultivating new people is also their senior responsibility. These senior people are equivalent to a guide. This is not only an important way for a team to absorb new blood, but also the only choice for expanding contacts. It is even more important for them to trust and evaluate the captain of the team in the dimensional Lord God. Kratos dare not let these new people die.
"So in the coming period, we will lead you into all fields and wait until you have the initial self-protection before you make a choice."
No one is stupid.
Even though Jun Sha, a succubus girl, is somewhat silent and autistic, she nodded in agreement at this time. She is a member of an ordinary occupied world in the abyss. The strength of the underlying creatures is not too high. It is too dangerous to be alone in such a high-level world as Shanhaijie.
Soon, after looking at the surrounding environment a little, several senior people directly opened a abode of fairies and immortals in a low valley, and several people jointly set up various defensive and hidden methods.
It is not advisable to act blindly in an unknown world. What’s more, they are still carrying so many drag bottles at this time.
They don’t lack the experience of being senior.
After settling down for a while, the captain pondered for a moment and set his sights on Ogura and Xianlan. "The unknown world must first receive information. I must stay and protect the newcomer Mogu. We must try to figure out the operating rules of this world base, so Ogura and Xianlan will go out and explore around."
Ogura has a racial talent, the ability to see the third eye on his forehead, and sometimes even he is envious. He is so strong in detecting and receiving information that he can look directly at unknown threats.
Although Xian Lan’s attack and defense are not top-notch, she can practice Xian Dao, and she is strong in all aspects to cope with all kinds of sudden situations.
"No problem!"
Long-term tacit understanding Xian Lan’s answer was very simple and did not drag Ogura to disappear in situ. Xian Lan turned into a light-hiding and disappeared into the sky.
After the two disappeared, the captain also went to the new people. He himself had to let these new people enter all fields as soon as possible, otherwise they would not even have the basic ability to live without the abode of fairies and immortals.
Qi shui yuan tou
In the snow-capped mountains, the fountainhead of Qi Shui is located, but it seems like heaven and earth are separated around it.
The grass around the spring is green, and the breeze is still blowing with the sunrise.
At this time, Yuan Heng, who was sitting beside the spring, was covered with a thick silver divine light, which was refining something from the spring.
Going …
There seems to be a magnificent wave in the light blue fog; Another example is the touch of blue in the polar ice, which is cold and smart …
This is the innate sunflower water essence, which is inherently portable and has a waterway. A touch of rhyme is mysterious and cold water.
"shape first"
When the silver brilliance flashes, a ray of brilliance will be separated, and it will have a long lasting appeal.
A square, palm-sized thing appears by itself.
"then solidify"
It’s another ray of light with Yuan Heng’s will and blending into things suspended in front of Yuan Heng.
Then a brick, yes, a palm-sized turn was brought into Yuan Heng’s palm.
Pure with a little deep.
Looking at it a little bit, Yuan Heng nodded and put it beside him-there was already a small pile of bricks as small as that.
"The rules of mountain and sea boundary have been established as early as the beginning of creation. Although it is possible to realize Tao and practice in this world, it is necessary to witness the Xuan Huang in the war …"
In a short time, Yuan Heng’s eyes were faint, and now the small branch avenue that he secretly controlled at the beginning of the flood has grown to a considerable extent, and it is even choppy in the source of the flood. Obviously, with the help of it, the mountain and sea community has made great progress, and his bust has become more stable. "If you can swallow the abyss in the future, you can call it-the abyss avenue belongs to the abyss avenue of the flood itself!"
This world can be called Yuan Henggen’s place. In the future, he will not only get a mountain and sea seal, but also take the opportunity to comb the solid foundation of the body and get a glimpse of the achievements!
"Natural congenital sunflower water is just right for blackwater congenital sunflower water refining altar ….."
If the materials are not very suitable, calcium dobesilate capsules will be in a good mood. "In the process of refining the altar, the four kinds of wisdom, mind, Tao and will can be integrated into it. It is time to study the four kinds of integration …"
Wisdom, mind, Tao and will are the four fundamental forces of the wild creatures, and they are also a symbol to measure the potential of a genius.
Different worlds have different roots.
For example, in many powerful worlds, the root strength of their creatures is usually heart, body, qi and god. This hierarchical division often symbolizes that this is a perfect and powerful universe, because these four are actually corresponding to the four hierarchical structures of the universe: consciousness, matter, energy and law.
This is already quite powerful and perfect.
But the wild is different. The roots of the four great creatures in the wild are quite abstract. In fact, this division represents that the wild has taken a small step!
Power Avenue!
The wild is a special power avenue, which actually draws out the mind, body, qi and spirit. This special avenue contains thousands of spirits that control the human body. Therefore, the strong in the wild are often dabbled in specialization, and naturally there is no need to include them in the ranks of the four great powers to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and forty-three People miss two waste young.
? The secret of the complicated rules of the three thousand rules of Honghuang Avenue △ Fan △ eggplant small □ saying network △
However, for Yuan Heng, who has achieved an incredible amount, for those saints who are still wandering in the mixed yuan, his vision has broken through the shackles of the world’s surface, but there is the deepest mystery in the four simple things.
And Yi Yuanheng, the peak figure of the great power of the universe, has pushed these four major forces into the pinnacle, and now it is in front of him …
It is integrated!